Which Bluehost Plan to Choose in 2020|(Huge Budget saving guide)

Which Bluehost Plan to choose

Confused about which Bluehost plan to choose? Choosing the right  Hosting plan can bring you fast success in your online business journey. 

After the decision of choosing Bluehost, the next questions popping up in your mind would be,

Which is the best Bluehost Plan? Will that Bluehost hosting plan work for me? Is that affordable? Which is best Bluehost plan for bloggers? etc.”

So to answer all these questions, here is the detailed guide about the Bluehost plans comparison.

Let me tell you in short, Bluehost basic plan should be your choice if you are just starting out or want to host a single website as it is the cheapest ($3.95/month) and the best plan in the market.

You can upgrade your plan anytime if you want to host multisite or if traffic goes up.

From this comparison guide, You can expect to know which Bluehost hosting plan is best for you, Additionally, I’ve shared my secret that How I reduce the cost of Bluehost plans.

Excited ?

Like you, at the moment of choosing a Bluehost hosting plan, I was also having some questions and doubts.

  • To this point, I remember an incident (Let me be personal), When I shared this thing with my friend that I’m going to purchase a Bluehost plan for my blog,

“He replied.! do you know Bluehost will cost you a lot and only major companies purchase their plans.”

I confused with his response. But I have a preset mind that “ I’m the CEO of my blog and I have to choose the best for my blog and at the same time, I was sure that Bluehost can resolve my hosting headache. 

So, after a little research, I have owned a great hosting plan from Bluehost for my blog.

And guess what, Yes.! it was affordable too.

Let’s have a look why I choose Bluehost,

Why Bluehost is so Popular Among Bloggers 

Before Explaining each plan I want to emphasize that Bluehost is reliable, secure and Fast web host.

And also possess numerous qualities like great server response, 99.95% uptime and prompt support to be a leading web hosting provider which powers more than 2M websites.

Which Bluehost Plan to choose-Web Hosting

Check out of the three main features that enforced me to go for Bluehost-

1. Bluehost Uptime Guarantee

To make it easy peasy.! Uptime simply means that your site never goes down with respect to server connectivity.  It is a mandatory part of any web hosting company to assure that their servers are the best of best available in the world. so they can provide the best Uptime.

Bluehost proves to be the best as they claim (And I have experienced this too) 99.95% uptime and that’s guaranteed. So you never bother about the downtime of your blog.

2. Bluehost Ever Ready Support Team

This is one of the best features of Bluehost, that I love personally. 

This is what you should also consider while choosing web hosting.

Because there would be situations that can’t be handled without advanced tech knowledge.

And Bluehost team is super trained to help you out.

I can remember many time I asked (through calling) them to help me in file manager settings, WordPress, email accounts, DNS solutions etc. and the team has proven themselves the best ones.

Bluehost has an extremely dedicated support team and they are ready to help you via almost every contacting mode out there.

You can contact through Live chats, or can email them (by creating tickets of your query), or phone call for an instant solution.

They are available 365 / 24 / 7. They are ready to help you within  a negligible span of time.

3. Bluehost Plans: Super Cheapest

Again this leading giant has proved itself the best.

No matter how many features are offering any company, they can’t sustain in the market unless they have a competitive price tag.

Bluehost offering their plans starting at the super cheapest price tag that is $3.95/month, With 30 days money back Guarantee.

  • Additionally, their one-click WordPress installation gives you an awesome experience of having your website online within moments.

Now let’s check out which Bluehost plan to choose and is perfect for you.

Here in this guide, I will break through every aspect of Bluehost plans and how you can reduce your Bluehost pricing.

  • Yes.! you heard right, you can reduce your cost of hosting plans by not going for unnecessary add-ons.

So, let’s get started without taking your much of time.

Which Bluehost Plan to choose in 2020?

Bluehost mainly offers four types of plans that is Basic, Plus, choice plus and Pro.

(I’m sure that We’ll both figure out that which one will best fit for you),

Keep reading this till the end I’ll show you how to reduce the overall amount on any of the Bluehost’s Hosting plan, that’s my promise.!

So go thoroughly with this Bluehost review guide and Check out this Bluehost pricing plans structure : Bluehost Basic vs Plus vs Choice Plus vs Pro

Which Bluehost Plan to choose- Bluehost plans

Do remember there is a bonus included with every Bluehost plans in the form of a Free Domain,thus you will save $10-15 (normally a domain cost).

Bluehost Plans Comparison: Basic vs Plus vs Choice Plus vs Pro

Bluehost mainly offers four types of Shared web hosting plans for different needs of their customers. Let’s check out what these bluehost plans are and how does each one is distinguish from the other one.

Bluehost Shared web hosting Plans are:

  1. Bluehost Basic Plan
  2. Bluehost Plus Plan
  3. Bluehost Choice Plus Plan
  4. Bluehost Pro Plan

Choosing the right Bluehost plan is completely depends upon your needs that what you want when it comes to web hosting.

Like  how many sites you want to host, how much traffic you are getting or you are just starting out and a lot more.

So to answer, which Bluehost plan to choose? let’s figure out the best Bluehost plan according to your needs and dive into each plans individually:

Bluehost Basic Hosting Plan

This plan is the most cheapest among Bluehost pricing plans that costs only $3.95/month and gives you almost everything to host your one website perfectly.

Bluehost Basic Plan key features:

  • You can host 1 Website
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Standard Performance
  • 1 Included Domain (FREE)
  • 5 Parked Domains
  • You can create 25 Sub Domains eg: if your domain is www[.]yourdomain[.]com then you can create 25 subdomains like support[.][.]yourdomain[.]com, admin[.]yourdomain[.]com etc.
  • Free SSL Certificate (a new SSL costs around $40-$100)(if you apply SSL then your site will open with https instead of http which seems to be secure in Google’s eyes)
  • You can upgrade to any Bluehost plan whenever you want.
  • You also get $200 ads credit to market your business on internet.

Pricing details for Basic Plan:

Before the details about pricing, Allow me to ask you to go with more than 1 year as there are two benefits of this.

First one is, you’ll save more by going for more years the second is, you’re also telling the stability of your business to search enginges.

But ultimately choices are up to you:

  • For 36 months – $3.95/month
  • For 24 months – $4.95/month
  • For 12 months – $5.95/month

Why you should choose Bluehost Basic Plan:

  1. If you’re just starting out and learning the curves of running websites with WordPress or any other platform.
  2. If you’re looking for the cheapest hosting plan.

With 1 FREE domain you can connect your 1 website (storage up to 50GB) and with some basic feature, it is costing $3.95/month if you choose it for 3 years.

Here is the direct sign up link and start your online journey ASAP.

Bluehost Plus Hosting Plan

Bluehost plus plan would be the best if you have or planning to run multiple sites on a single hosting plan.

Think about this if you would have single dashboard to operate all your websites and blogs, how easier the task would be.

Bluehost Basic vs Plus: Bluehost Plus plan comes with all the features included in basic plan but now in Plus plan there is no limit. With almost all the features are set to unlimited this plan cost you around $5.95 /mo with some additional features.

One of the main feature of Bluehost Plus plan is that you are getting a Spam expert to help you kick out spammers. You’re also getting 1-Office 365 mailbox-FREE for 30 days.

Bluehost Plus Plan key features:

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Standard Performance
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Spam Experts
  • 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days
  • You can upgrade to any Bluehost plan whenever you want.
  • You also get $200 ads credit to market your business on internet.

Pricing detail of Plus Plan:

Here are the Bluehost Plus Plan pricing details.

  • For 36 months – $5.95/month
  • For 24 months – $6.95/month
  • For 12 months – $7.95/month

Why you should Choose Bluehost Plus Plan:

  1. If you already know what WordPress is and want to expand your wings.
  2. If you’re planning to create and run multiple sites say 2-5 then this Plus plan would be the best fit for you.
  3. Also it is cost effective because you will get every feature set to unlimited.

Bluehost Choice Plus Hosting Plan

This Bluehost Plan is highly recommended and affordable too. With this plan you’ll get Domain Privacy + Protection and site backup option for FREE.

Bluehost Choice Plus Features:

  • All Features included from Plus Plan
  • Domain Privacy + Protection
  • Site backup with CodeGuard Basic

Pricing details of Choice Plus Plan:

Though the prices of Choice Plus plan is seems to be similar to Plus Plan when you register first time but the renewal price would be the higher than the Plus Plan.

Here are the Bluehost Choice Plus Plan pricing details:

  • For 36 months – $5.95/month
  • For 24 months – $7.45/month
  • For 12 months – $7.95/month

Why you should Choose Bluehost Choice Plus Plan:

  1. For those who knows the ins and outs of WordPress
  2. If you’re websites are in growing phase in terms of traffic and resources
  3. If you like to test different websites and niches occasionally

Bluehost Pro Hosting Plan

Pro hosting plan is the best fit if you are looking to have dedicated IP for your web hosting. You should not go with this plan unless you need a dedicated IP with your web hosting.

(note: Dedicated IP helps provide more stability with respect to security, traffic loads and server responsiveness)

Bluehost Pro Plan Key Features:

  1. All the features from Choice Plus Plan
  2. High performance Shared hosting
  3. 2 spam experts
  4. Dedicated IP
  5. Domain Privacy + Site Backup

Pricing details of Pro Plan:

Here are the Bluehost Pro Plan pricing details.

  • For 36 months – $13.95/month
  • For 24 months – $12.95/month
  • For 12 months – $16.95/month

Let me tell you if you’re choosing Pro Plan then I recommend you to go with 36 months plan rather than 24 months plan. Just because spending a dollar more for the next 12 months will secure you from expensive renewal price.

Why you should choose Bluehost Pro Plan:

  1. If you’re looking for a high performance shared hosting Plan
  2. If you want to have a dedicated IP

Which Bluehost Plan to Choose for Your Business

It is simple if you’re just getting started online choose basic plan, if you are planning to host multiple sites then go with Plus plan, If you are looking for domain privacy with regular site backup choose Choice Plus plan and if your aim is to expand your online business and having a dedicated IP then Pro plan will be the best decision.

Here are my criteria for choosing any hosting package. (I think you also favour me for this criteria):

  • Bluehost Basic Package: Suitable for newbies. Who wants to launch their blog in no time at the extremely affordable price.
  • Bluehost Plus Package: Suitable for well stable bloggers, and who want to spread their wings to more than 1 blog.
  • Bluehost Choice Plus Package: Suits to advanced bloggers, who runs or want to run a couple of blogs (i.e. more than 5).
  • Bluehost Pro Package: best Bluehost plan if you want to have dedicated IP.

So, I personally don’t know what is your case, So I suggest you to analyze yourself that what is your main goal with respect to hosting.

Signing up with Bluehost

Now I’m sure that you have coosen a right and best Bluehost plan for you.

After selection of hosting plan click on the plan then on the next screen you will be asked to select a domain.

If you already have a domain then you can put that one or if you don’t have then as promise Bluehost offers a FREE domain.

Put your desired domain name in a “New Domain” box.

Choose bluehost domain

Bluehost Domain

Check your domain directly from this box:

The next screen will ask you about your personal and billing information (it’s your personal matter :P) so, I’m skipping this.

Now the most important thing comes that is to save more on yearly packages of Bluehost hosting plan.

Save on Bluehost Hosting Plan Upto (63% OFF)

So, I think I have helped you to remove the dust of confusion about plans and Pricing and now you have a clear idea with what plan you should go with.

  • Now, It’s time to go for some real money-saving deals. Fold your sleeves and be ready to do some math.

For making it more easier to understand, I’m choosing the basic plan for my next blog.

So what do I do to save more on this?

  • Pro tips: 
    • If your pocket allows then go for a longer time span like 3-5 years. As Google also see the domain expiry dates as a trustworthy factor.
    • You can have huge money-saving deals if you choose to pick a hosting plan for a longer time (3-5 years). The more year you chose, the more you save.

Check out this image showing the total amount of Bluehost hosting basic plans for 3 years.

Which Bluehost Plan to choose

  • It is billed $3.95/month to $298.60 for 3 years, That means $99.5/year only.
  • If you have billed it annually you would be charged according to $5.95/mo and thus you will have to pay $169.85 more for 3 years.
  • So it’s wise to go for a longer time period.

That’s incredibly cheap. Isn’t it..!

But wait, we can make it more cheaper.

Let’s move ahead,

There are three options given which I have arrowed in the image to highlight them.

These are completely optional and which one is mandatory to have and which one is not. let’s check them out,

  1. SiteLock Security: SiteLock performs a series of vulnerability scans to check for website weakness.

These include checking for cross-site attacks, Checks for database attack, Checks all applications that have been installed (WordPress, Flash, etc.) for vulnerabilities. So, I must go with this.

  1. Code Guard Basic: It takes daily backups and does site monitoring, but you can perform the same with various trusted plugins like Updraft Plus or Wordfence for security. So I don’t go with this.
  2. Bluehost SEO tool: The main task of this option is to submit your site to the search engine and your blog’s weekly report. That’s what you can do at your own also. So I leave it blank.

So, among these three I prefer not to choose Bluehost SEO tool and Code Guard basic. These lower my amount to $35.88/year cost + $107.64/year = $143.52/year.

And therefore I have to pay $298.71 – $131.52 = $167.19 for 3 years, that means $55.73/year.

” Thus You are getting basic Bluehost hosting for only $55.73/year.” Not even $5/month.

So in this way you can reduce the amount and can easily figure out how much you have to pay for a basic plan or for any other Bluehost plans.

In case of Bluehost Choice Plus hosting Plan, I have checked out this and found that it is charged $214.20 (for 3 years).

And guess what, here you are getting a free CodeGuard Basic which we left over. But if it is Free then it is good to go, because in this case, you don’t have to bother for any third-party plugins.

That means you don’t have to pay an extra $2.99/mo that is equal to $107.64. (huge saving in Choice Plus plan)

Which Bluehost Plan to choose Pricing plan

So again it is the best deal, as in Bluehost Choice Plus Plan you are getting unlimited websites and storage along with a spam expert ready to help you at any time from Bluehost. (Click the banner and get your Bluehost Choice Plus plan ASAP)

Bluehost Plans Pros and Cons:


  1. You’ll get FREE Domain with every Bluehost plan
  2. FREE SSL certificate is also provided
  3. Additional benefits with choice plus plan like Domain Privacy and site backup.
  4. Extremely dedicated support team available 24/7/365
  5. 1-click WordPress Installation
  6. $200 ads credit provided to market your business online
  7. 30-day money back guarantee


  1. Renewal prices are bit high (but still competitive from others).
  2. Control Panel is little complex to operate. 

Common FAQs about Bluehost Hosting

Instead of all the explaination, I think You might be having some questions still, so I have listed some of the popular queries here, (if not listed you can ask in comment section)

Q. Why to choose Bluehost Only?

Ans. I have already revealed the main features of Bluehost that are extremely dedicated support, Super reliable, secure and affordable as any student can also afford Bluehost.
It is not the matter of “why Bluehost only” there are alternatives too like Siteground but I personaly found the support of Bluehost outranks the other.

Q. What is Shared Hosting and why should I choose this?

Ans. Shared hosting is a kind of hosting in which a number of blogs and sites are hosted on the same server. Therefore the maintenance cost of the server gets reduced per website. Hence these hosting providers become able to offer at such a lower price.

If you are just starting out, then to save your money I must suggest you to go for Shared Hosting.

Q. Is there any coupon required to avail discounts?

Ans. Actually, there is no coupon available in fact you won’t need that.

But you can have a large discount up to 63% with this Bluehost Link. As we have tied up with Bluehost so there is no need for applying any coupon.

Q. What if I don’t like the services of Bluehost?

Ans. Bluehost has taken care of this aspect with a high approach.

You’ll have 30 days to test their services and If you don’t like the services of Bluehost Hosting, then you can ask for a refund.

“Bluehost offers 30 days Money back guarantee on every hosting plan”

Q. Can I ask for support on phone call from Bluehost?

Ans. Yes.! although This is one of my preferred mode of getting support from Bluehost team. They are available 365 /24/7.

My Bluehost Opinion

So after reading this Bluehost plans review guide, you may have a clear picture about which Bluehost plan to choose in 2020.

To help you, What I had done while making my purchase I have also revealed here.

So, my opinion about Bluehost can be guessed by only this, that I have a network of 2 blogs and an e-commerce store and all those three were hosted on Bluehost.

Now I have more websites and have upgraded to a new host beacues of the more heavy uses.

Apart from this, there are 2 million other blogs and websites worldwide which are also powered by Bluehost.

I recommend you to Choose Bluehost Choice Plus plan as you can host unlimited websites with unlimited storage along with an expert, Domain Privacy, site backup,  $200 ad credit.

“It’s like super cheap bundle offered by Bluehost”

Start your online journey with Bluehost

Now it’s time to pick your Bluehost plan that you’ve choosen.

Still, if you are facing some problem and have some query then please let me know via comment or you can contact me directly at admin {@} selfhostedlife {.} com. I’ll be pleased to help you anytime.

Here are the couple of handy guides that will walk you through setting up WordPress on Bluehost, and further steps to do after installing WordPress.

Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools To instantly Improve Your Google Ranking in 2020

A list of best free SEO tools for entrepreneurs and bloggers 2019

I guess you are researching about Free SEO tools, So to help you I have comprised a list of 10 best free SEO tools to use in 2020.

The best SEO tool is the one that produces the real and correct data and creates easy to digest reports about SEO optimization that a newbie with little SEO knowledge can also understand.

Nowadays there are hundreds or even thousands of SEO tools are available on the Internet but the downside is not all are created equally.

In fact, most of the free SEO tools available online doesn’t produce the correct data and also don’t update their data regularly.

So to help you I have created a list of best free SEO tools.

Moreover, these SEO tools can show you the exact nuts and bolts about your site and suggest you the best search engine optimization to rank higher on the search engine.

Best Free SEO Tools 2019

Actually, there is no need to over think about all the SEO Tools listed below. I have prepared this list keeping newbies in mind that is just entering into the SEO and digital marketing world.

1. Google Search Console – Best SEO Analysis Tool

Yes, Google Search Console is a powerhouse for your SEO whether you know it or not. It is also the best SEO tool that can land you the accurate information about your site pages, links, keywords and it can also inform you whenever any error detected on your blog.

I love using Google search console and you will too because you can easily find out the keywords that you are already ranking for.

To find out what are those keywords just open search console > click on Performance > Queries.

Here is the list of all the keywords that are driving traffic to your site. See image

Free SEO tools online

From the same window, you can find out which post is ranking higher on Google and for what keywords just from sliding the page.

GSC can also show you that data of links pointing to your domain or its subpages. You can find which link is coming from where. It also suggests you the best optimization for any error detected about your site while crawling and indexing.

2. Google Analytics – Best SEO Software

No other analytic tool can even touch the foot of the Google analytics tool.

list of Free SEO Tools Online

If you have not connected your site with Google analytics then I highly recommend you keep this task in your first priority.

Because with the help of GA  you can easily track your traffic, page views, keywords, links, and a lot more.

You can track what are the places that sending traffic to your blog and how readers are behaving on your site (Go to Audience behaviour tab).

You can know how long people are staying on your blog and where they are going from any page.

From the dashboard, you can have a look of traffic stats, demographics, time and day and devices used by your readers and tons of other information.

If you see a drop-down in traffic some day then you can analyze the reason behind it from an analytics dashboard through comparison of the dates when the traffic was high.

And by performing the right action you can have your traffic back. (hopefully.!)

3. SEO Quake- SEO Ranking Tool

This SEO tool can yield you a ton of information for free without even leaving Google.

SEO Quake is a Chrome extension that I’m using from my early days of blogging and digital marketing.

I love this extension just because it can show you all the important information of any website like domain score, trust score, Alexa rank, traffic stats, and the number of backlinks.

Another feature of this tool is Free SEO analysis of any domain and that is without leaving Google. See below image about how SEO Quack is useful for webmasters.

SEO Quake Free SEO Tools

From the domain score metrics, you can also analyze which website is outranking you so you can prepare a better competitive strategy to get a higher rank.

4. Keyword Everywhere- SEO Keyword Tool

Keyword Everywhere (Now it is Paid SEO tool) is also a Chrome extension that can bring you invaluable data about any keyword.

The best part of this free SEO tool is it can bring you all the relevant information about any keyword such as search volume, CPC and competition and that is also without leaving Google.

See the image below for better understanding.

Pro Tip: Keyword Everywhere and SEO Quack are two best SEO software out there.

Using Keyword Everywhere along with SEO Quake Is gold.

Head over to the strategy that I shared in one of my guest posts about how I use these free SEO tools to uncover profitable keywords.

I consider it Just because whenever you search something on Google these two Free SEO tools work exceptionally awesome. SEO Quack shows you domain and SERP related data while the keyword Everywhere shows you keyword related data.

5. MozBar- SEO Checker Tool

Mozbar is a Free SEO tool by moz.com.

free SEO tools for WordPress

You can install MozBar extension from Google store.

MozBar is unique in its category and as a webmaster, you must not avoid this tools. It can show you all the important data about any domain like DA, PA, links and spam score.

You can easily analyze any page by clicking on Page analysis button on top left side.

There you can get all the SEO information about any page or post like title, H1, H2, H3, alt tags keywords, meta description and a lot more.

Apart from this, you can have a look of top pages and links of your competitors by clicking on settings > links explorer

Settings > top pages. See the below image to have a better understanding.

Mozbar SEO software

Learning: you can easily optimize your title, meta description, heading tags by analyzing your competitor’s website.

6. Ahrefs Backlink Checker- Marketing SEO Tools

Ahrefs Backlink Checker is the best and free SEO tool by Ahrefs to check and analyze backlink profile of your blog.

Best SEO Software Ahrefs

Good backlink profile is the backbone of a successful blog.

So how do you acquire strong backlinks that increase your site’s authority and probably will become a source of traffic too?

Building backlinks are hard but with the right tool and proper strategy, it can be easy.
Though Ahrefs backlink checker is a paid tool a free version is enough to explore the backlink opportunity.

Simply put the link of your competitor’s website’s link and this free SEO tool will show you all the links pointing to that domain along with the ratio of DoFollow and NoFollow backlink.

7. Google Trends- Free Marketing SEO Tool

Google Trends is one of the best free SEO tool available online but it is the most underutilized tool also.

It can show you data and trends for a particular query or a keyword.

Free SEO analysis

You can easily get to know where and when the trend is rising for a particular term and when the trend is falling.

If you are willing to start a micro niche blog on a very specific niche or going to start a Shopify store to sell some product online. Then in this condition, you can analyze the trend for that niche or products.

Thus you can easily know whether the niche or the product is worth investing your time or not.

You can also search location wise the trend and demand for your niche from Google Trends.

If you are not using this tool then I suggest you give this tool a try and soon you will be addicted to it.

8. Ubersuggest – Free Keyword Tracking and SEO Tool

Ubersuggest is the best SEO tool online when it comes to research keywords and brainstorming blog post ideas.

Ubersuggest free SEO tools for 2019

Just put your keyword into the search box and this Free SEO tool will show you the search volume along with the keyword difficulty.

Also, this tool will suggest you whether you should go with your keyword or you should try another one based on keyword difficulty.

It also suggests you some more keywords relevant to your search that you can think for. See image for related keywords for online business –

best free SEO tools for 2019

9. Long Tail Pro – Best SEO Software

The best feature of longtail Pro is it shows you keywords that your site can rank for.

Best paid SEO software

Though Long Tail Pro is a paid tool you can grab its 7 days free trial to find some long tail keywords for your existing posts.

If you want to optimize your blog for search engine then you must be knowing that using right keywords can drive a lot of traffic to your blog organically and this SEO tool can help you achieve this goal.

You may hear from many bloggers that use Long tail keywords to easily rank on Google and Thanks to Long Tail Pro SEO Keyword research tool that made keyword research easiest.

In simple words long tail pro is created by keeping long tail keywords in mind using such keywords can rank your blog post faster on Google.

With a little knowledge and practice, you can easily discover high volume and low competitive keywords with this SEO tool.

Using Long Tail Pro you can perform keyword research in three ways

  1. Just put your seed keyword into the search box and have a set of related keywords
  2. Use Competitors keywords (keywords that are already using by your competitors)
  3. Manual Keywords research

I recommend you try LongTail Pro free trial for 7 days and find out some low competition keywords and insert them into your existing posts.

If you like this tool and want to continue with it then you can choose a paid plan also which starts with a tiny price of $25/monthly (when you go annually).

But wait I have a coupon for my readers.

Use coupon “ANNUAL39OFF” For a whopping 39% discount that means for only 15 bucks monthly you can unveil profitable keywords from this popular SEO tool.

10. SEMrush- Advanced SEO Tool

SEMrush undoubtedly one of the best SEO tool out there.

It is a Powerhouse of SEO related information.

You don’t need to have a paid subscription of this tool to perform a Free SEO analysis of any site or blog. (However, you would have some boundations in a free account.

Just head over to SEMRush and register a free account and put your URL or your competitors and it will land you a ton of information like traffic, backlinks, competitors data, organic keywords, indexed pages, referring domains, and endless information just dig and dig deeper.

Many SEO experts use SEMrush to research competitors data and their SEO strategy and this is what made this SEO tools exceptionally unique for SEO purpose.

I recommend you try this SEO tool and generate some Free SEO analysis report of your site.

These SEO tools are great for bloggers who want to increase visibility on Google.Click To Tweet

Recommended SEO Resources-

If you want to learn more about SEO and how to use different SEO tools I recommend reading Ahrefs blog and Moz blog.

Just because of their top-notch content and actionable tips they regularly share which can be implemented by even a new blogger also.

Apart from this try to connect successful bloggers and build your relationships and learn from them. \You will get practical advice from them.

Here I want to give a shout out to some of my friends and fellow bloggers that are doing really great when it comes to SEO and using SEO tools.

Anil Aggarwal, Akshay hallur, Sumit Sao, Pardeep Goyal, Santanu Debnath, Nirmala Santhakumar, these guys are really awesome and writing super helpful SEO related content on their blog.

Where to go From Here-


So you were landed here to find some best free SEO tools online to use in 2019 and I have given you a list of Free SEO tools.

If you have analyzed each and every SEO tool mentioned here then you will get to know that each of them is created with different purposes but with the same motive and that is improving SEO.

I hope you have found this free SEO tools list a super helpful.

Now let me know how do you find these tools helpful and is there any other SEO tool you are using and want me to include in the list?

Please let me know.

If you think this Free SEO tools list is helpful and someone can benefit from it then please help me by sharing this post on social media.

Pin this on Pinterest-

A list of best free SEO tools for entrepreneurs and bloggers 2019