If you are using Pinterest for a while, Then you might have heard about the term “Pinterest Smart Feed.”

Ever Wonder why some bloggers are getting thousands of page views monthly and others are getting only hundreds.

It is just because those bloggers with thousands of page views have cracked the Pinterest Algorithm formula and they know how Pinterest actually works.

It’s not about pinning, creating boards, optimizing for SEO etc (Yes ! they do matter), instead it is about how Pinterest works behind the scene.

You have often notice that whenever you logged onto your dashboard, you are set to see a batch of new pins and if you refresh the page then the new batch of some other pins will come up.

And this happens on almost every social media platform.

  • Let me tell you, Smart feed is actually responsible for this functionality.

So, in this post, I’ll show you how this Pinterest Smart Feed actually works and how you can expect your pins to be shown on those batches most often. But before that let me explain to you,

Why you should learn about Pinterest Smart Feed

If Pinterest is your one of the main source of traffic then it is mandatory (not an option) for you to learn about the ins and outs of the Pinterest (Unless you are willing to pay for some courses who teaches you about Pinterest Algo).

Let me take an example of yourself and make this topic more related to you, let you are interested in blogging and make money stuff on Pinterest and usually pins those type of images, then Pinterest itself begin showing you those stuff more often.

Isn’t it?

So, the same you don’t want your home feed should get filled with cooking and food-related pins because you were less interested and not pinning those pins.

Well, This is what Smart feed work, It connects the Pinterest users to their interest and creates relevancy for better user experiences.

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So, to create more strategically content that your target audience will love, you should learn how the smart feed work.

Pinterest Smart Feed

Pinterest Engineering team has done an incredibly great job by developing this smart feed and have also shown how their smart feed work.

Let me explain this in simple words for you,

pinterest Smart Feed technology divided into 3 main parts (software) i.e. Worker, Generator and Service.

Pin Source is you or any user who pins on Pinterest.

Pinerest Smart Feed tips 2018


How does Pinterest Smart Feed Work

First of all, Pinterest collects the pins from various pins sources and put them in the Smart Feed Worker.

These Collections of pins depend upon three major factors.

That means the collected pins is a group of most related pins and have already got many repins. And Undoubtedly the pins are of user’s interest base too. Look at the image

Pinerest Smart Feed tips 2018

Now at the back-end, the worker is continuously collecting the set of these pins and processing the created pools towards Smart Feed Content Generator.

Smart feed Generator’s main work is to design your home feed layout. I mean Generator decides how to arrange those collected pins and whom to give preference in home feed.

I want to clarify it, that Generator is purely automated software by Pinterest so if you are still not getting traffic from Pinterest then it is not the fault of Pinterest. You might be missing something that I’ll discuss later in this post.

Pinerest Smart Feed tips 2018

So, the preferred set of pins is called as “Chunk“. Hence again these chunks are continuously processed towards, Smart Feed Service part.

Smart Feed Service’s main task is to mix up the old appeared pins (Materialized pins, appeared when you last visited your profile) with newly available chunks.Pinerest Smart Feed tips 2018

As you can see in the above image, Smart feed service gives less preference to materialized pins as new pins are arranged on the top of the smart feed.

That’s where Pinterest’s statement that “They like fresh and popular content” reflects their transparency.

This is how Pinterest works behind the scene.

I have explained this technical part of Pinterest in a digestible format. However, If you want to read more detailed work processor then you can visit Pinterest engineering Blog.

But as a blogger, you should be more aware and care about how to get show your pins on smart feed.

Your ultimate goal should be to rank your pins on smart feed because the majority of your Pins impressions comes from there.

Most of the People who see your pins do not go into your boards and profile to have a look on your pins.

How to get Pinterest Smart Feed Show of your Pins

The answer to this questions is hidden in one of the statements of Pinterest.

It’s especially important that your followers are engaged with your pins. Pinterest recently updated their Best Practices Guide to say:

We distribute your content to your followers first to figure out what’s resonating. From there, we distribute your best-performing Pins to other people who are looking for ideas like yours.

That engagement gives Pinterest a clear signal that the pin is relevant and linked to some quality content. Hence your pin will be distributed to more and more users and will start getting repins over and over.

So your pin can easily get into Smart Feed Worker, That’s what the initial stage of Pinterest smart feed procedure.

In nutshell, if you followers get engaged with your pins it means your pins are fulfilling all the three criteria i.e. your pins are from the following pool, it is related and of your follower’s interest.

For maximum engagement, you should pin your pins exactly when your followers are on the platform, so Pinterest can show your pins to them.Click To Tweet

But how do you get to know the exact time of pinning?

  • The answer is Tailwind (No, I’m not selling it to you). Tailwind’s smart schedule feature records the data of each of its users and their Pinterest profiles. So tailwind knows when your followers are used to be on the platform so when you schedule your pins with smart schedule tool, you will notice sudden jump in terms of traffic, repins, and followers. For sure.!

If you are convinced to give Tailwind a try Then you can Grab your 30 days Free trial in which Tailwind allows you to schedule 400 pins.


So, it’s all depends upon the initial engagement of your pins.

To secure initial engagement you should write related content on your blog so Pinterest can show your content to the targeted audience. But with content, you should focus more and more on designing awesome pins.

As Pinterest has already declared that your pin images should be relevant, text on your pins should promise what is there in your article and your description should be keyword optimized.

I Hope you like this Pinterest Smart feed breakdown, and now I’m sure you will love to scale your growth on Pinterest.

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“So, I hope this Pinterest Smart feed guide has helped you a lot on the way of Pinterest Marketing, Please share this sweet piece of content  with your friends”

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