Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It? Do You Really Need It?

Domain Privacy protection is one of the essential key features you should care about while purchasing a domain.

Because this is how you can protect your personal information from spammers. Let’s find out, is Bluehost Domain Privacy protection worth it, or is there an alternative?

Domain Privacy and Protection will be offered to you when you are buying a domain or choosing Bluehost hosting plan.

Before going into detail about Bluehost domain privacy let’s figure out what domain privacy protection or whois guard is.

Bluehost domain privacy protection worth it

Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting providers around the world.

Undoubtedly they provide awesome services when it comes to web hosting and domain registration.

Let’s figure out is domain privacy worth it from Bluehost.

What is domain privacy protection Bluehost?

Domain Privacy (also known as whois guard) is a service that protects your personal information from being visible publicly. This information could be your name, address, phone number, email id, and anything you provided while registering a domain.

Domain privacy protection is a service by Bluehost to protect your information from stolen by anyone. Domain privacy offers by all the domain registration companies out there.

While buying a domain you have to provide your personal information for billing purposes. If somehow you don’t opt for privacy protection then this information will be visible to everyone.

Hence anyone can access your information from the website. Thus not having domain privacy can lead you to get unwanted emails and sells pitches from marketers and spammers.

“” is a Website (similar to directory) to lookup for the personal data of the owner of a certain domain.

  • When you opt for domain privacy then Bluehost or any other company replaces your personal information with their official information. In this way, your information is shielded by Bluehost’s information.

Let me clarify it,

How is it to give fake information for domain privacy?

Honestly, you should not be doing this, if you do then this goes against the ICANN terms. And as a result, your domain registration could be terminated.

ICANN is an NGO that manages and looks after domain name registrations worldwide.

Is domain privacy protection necessary?

Though domain privacy protection is an optional feature I must recommend my readers to go for it.

Tell me, is it good to give your personal information to anyone you don’t trust?

It’s not!

Yes! that’s why It is necessary to opt for domain privacy protection if you really want to protect yourself from being contacted by spammers and advertisers who may contact you to sell their services.

Mostly these spammers are kind web designers or digital service providers, but it is wise to not get caught by them.

Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It or just crap?

Yes! Bluehost Domain Privacy protection really worth it, because when you opt for domain privacy you save yourself from unsolicited emails and calls from spammers.

Also having domain privacy protection from Bluehost ensures that your private information will not be displayed publicly. Hence, domain privacy is totally worth it.

I hope now it is clear to you why domain privacy protection is necessary and why you need domain privacy with your domain.

let’s find out,

Do I really need Domain Privacy?

Yes! you really need it, if you want to hide your information from displaying publicly. But if you purchase a domain and you want people to contact you then you might not need it.

If you are in the domain buying-selling business then you may want your information shown to the potential buyers.

Adding Domain Privacy + Protection from any company replaces your information from their own from the whois database, which is publicly visible to anyone on the internet.

Without Domain Privacy Protection With Domain Privacy Protection
Sam Parker
345, thin Street
CA 12345
United States

Administrative Contact:
Sam Parker,
345, thin Street
CA 12345
United States+1.your phone number

Technical Contact:
Sam Parker,
345, thin Street
CA 12345
United States
+1.your phone number
Domain Privacy Service FBO Registrant
10 Corporate Drive, STE 300
Burlington, Massachusetts 01803
United State

Administrative Contact:
Domain Privacy Service FBO Registrant,
10 Corporate Drive, STE 300
Burlington, Massachusetts 01803
United States
Technical Contact:
Domain Privacy Service FBO Registrant,
10 Corporate Drive, STE 300
Burlington, Massachusetts 01803
United States

Yes! you really need domain privacy protection to protect your personal and sensitive information from being stolen. Trust me choosing domain privacy really pays itself by saving you from spammers.

How much does Bluehost domain privacy protection cost?

Bluehost charges $0.99/month extra for domain privacy protection that’s about $11.88/year. (but it is completely optional)

Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting companies in the world and As you might know Bluehost offers a FREE domain with all web hosting plans.

Bluehost Pricing Plans Shared Hosting, Does Bluehost Charge Monthly

Having a domain whois guard (Privacy protection) from Bluehost is really worth it if you are going for a web hosting plan also because it saves you from panic attacks of spammers and makes your life much easier.

Now if you’re just starting and choosing a web hosting plan from Bluehost then you’ll get a FREE domain then opting for domain privacy protection for this domain becomes worthy.

But if you already have web hosting and you’re looking for buying more domains then there you may have cheaper options available.

Yes! There are domain registration companies that cost you lesser for Domain privacy protection and even some of them will offer you for free. (it’s a great saving)

Where to get Domain Privacy protection for Free?

There are three companies I personally prefer,

  1. Dreamhost: This web hosting company offers you a free domain along with Free Domain privacy protection if you purchased any unlimited plan of web hosting from them.
Web hosting for small business-Dreamhost

If you have web hosting already then check out the next,

  • GoDaddy:  If you’re going to register a domain with GoDaddy then it costs you $7.99/year extra for Domain privacy protection. See below
Domain Privacy Protection - GoDaddy
  • Namecheap:  Buying a domain from Namecheap is really a great deal always. Because you’ll get domains for really cheap prices also you get FREE domain privacy protection.

Check the availability of your favorite domain, then you can go to Namecheap for registration

Domain pointing solution:

This is gonna be a very important section for you.

If you purchase a domain from Namecheap (which you should be) and you have a Web Hosting account with Bluehost then how would you fetch that domain to your Bluehost account?

this is where pointing the domain concept works. Yes, you need to point your domain to the Bluehost web hosting account.

To help you on the way, I have a tutorial for you,

Should I Buy Bluehost Domain Privacy?

Though I recommend Bluehost for web hosting because Bluehost web hosting is reliable, secure, and provides a great uptime for websites.

They are the first out of three hosting providers recommended by and their customer support is really world-class.


Also, they offer a web hosting plan for a very competitive price i.e. $3.95/month. So you must go for having a web hosting account from Bluehost.

But apart from this, It is not compulsory to have Bluehost domain privacy protection except for the domain you get for free.

Instead, you must choose Namecheap because you’ll get domain privacy for free with each domain you registered.

  • Also Namecheap offers all the TLDs (eg: .com, .net, .org) at very cheaper prices.

In this way, you’ll be saving around $12 per year per domain. (It’s a great saving, especially if you have domains more than one)

Conclusion: Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection

So, getting domain privacy protection from Bluehost really worth it only for a free domain if you are choosing a web hosting plan from Bluehost.

But for other domains you must go with Namecheap thus you’ll get domain privacy for free. Later on, you can point your domain to your Bluehost account. (domain pointing process remains the same as explained for GoDaddy domains)

So I hope your doubts about domain privacy cleared. Now move to the next step of getting web hosting from Bluehost with this discount link and save up to 63%.

If you are looking for creating a website on Bluehost then check this guide- Start your website on Bluehost.

Let me know if you still have any doubts regarding domain privacy protection in the comment section.

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