4 Secret Ways to Make Money fast From Long Tail Pro (#4 will shock you)

Long Tail Pro is always known as a keyword research tool, But I don’t only use it for finding keywords but also I use it to make money from 4 different ways that I have mentioned in this post.

Here, you can be thinking that I’m making money from affiliate marketing by promoting this keyword research tool.

Yes.! but That’s not the only way to make money from this keyword research tool.

Remember, I have titled this article that My 4 secret ways, so I’m serious about the rest of the 3 methods.

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Let’s find out how you can make money from Long Tail Pro, The ultimate goal of every blogger is to make money fast from their blog.

And The hardest part of every blogger’s life is to drive traffic to their blog, it is none the secret that if your blog is getting good traffic then you can make money fast with a little bit of strategy.

If you are not getting the right amount of traffic, then you cannot make that amount of money you have thought of before starting your blog.

So, I know this is the nerve where you have pain. And as a remedy, I have summarized the 4 secret ways to make money using Long Tail Pro.

I’m not going for long Tail Pro Review here I’m just disclosing the ways how you can make money from this keyword research tool.

Use my strategy from which you can kill two birds with a single stone.

That is finding keywords that actually rank and can make you money.

Let’s get into it,

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My 4 Secrets to make money fast from LongTail pro

Before Diving into this money-making guide, I must reveal what you need to have to make money using these methods.

  1. LongTail Pro Account (grab a Free trial of LongTail Pro and use my coupon “ANNUAL39OFF” for 39% LongTail Pro discount on any plan for a lifetime)
  2. A blog (it is good if you have, if not then follow my 2nd method)
  3. A little knowledge of Keyword research (if not then watch the attached video in 1st method)

Okay, now I assume that you have all these three and ready to start making money using LongTail Pro,

The first way

1. Keyword research

Yes.! Fully SEO-optimized posts with targeted keywords can generate a ton of targeted organic traffic from search engines. This is a no-brainer that you can make more money with that organic traffic.

  • This kind of traffic is considered to be the king of all kinds of traffic.

Just because people use search engines to solve their problems, and if you are sure that you are writing something that can solve their problems, then you can also sell some products that would be helpful to them.

Now the main part is how do the people know about your content. The answer is your post should be visible to them.

Hence you should do something to make your article visible on search engines.

You can do so by using keywords with low competition that actually rank. See how It is easy to find low competition keywords using LongTail Pro

And for that, I have found LongTail pro is well worth the amount you pay to use this keyword research tool.

You should simply search for a keyword then Long Tail pro brings you all the relevant long-tail keywords that you can use to easily rank on Google.

Longtail pro provides the complete data for every keyword.

I personally like the data of keyword difficulty the most, from this I get to know about what keywords are the best fit for my blog according to the domain authority of my blog.

The best part of Longtail Pro is that it suggests the keyword’s difficulty according to the strength (Check here how to boost Domain Authority) of your blog.
Hence I can easily sort out my list of targeted keywords.

longtailpro keyword research tool make money fast
Additionally, you can have information about all the other blogs that are targeting the same keywords along with backlink information.

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2. Niche Website

I always suggest new bloggers create an affiliate website by choosing a narrow niche to create an affiliate niche site. If you didn’t start your blog yet then you can start it with 1 click using Bluehost for only $2.95/Month)

Niche websites or blogs are those that are focused on some specific topic for an example if someone is going to start a blog on health and fitness then I would suggest he should go for weight loss or yoga.

  • It is because a niche site is considered to be more informative than a website that is focused on broad niches.
  • Another thing is you have to focus on a single topic rather than many parallel topics.
  • Hence you have to find certain specific keywords related to your niche.
  • So the more content you have with the same targeted keywords the more traffic your blog will generate.

The easiest and popular money-making way through niche websites is using AdSense or Amazon and you can make more extra cash from affiliate marketing.

3. Become a LongTail Pro Affiliate

This is the most common method and you probably know about it too. That is to Become a Longtail Pro affiliate Join the affiliate program.

Thousands of bloggers using Longtail Pro to rank their articles and to better the visibility of their blog on search engines.

Simultaneously they are making money from this keyword research tool also. So it is a win-win situation for any blogger.

You can find the low competition keywords to rank your pages also you can make money by referring other bloggers to Longtail Pro.

4. Sell Keyword Packages

You Might not know about this creative way of making money from Longtail Pro.

This can be the most lucrative business for you that can generate thousands of dollars of passive income for you each month.

  • You can easily find out bloggers or website owners that are always ready to pay you for keyword data.

There are two types of bloggers in the blogosphere, first one is those who can’t afford the monthly or annual charge of this tool as they are growing babies.

The second type of bloggers is those who have purchased a subscription to this tool but don’t know how to find keywords effectively that can work for them.

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What you have to do is go to Longtail Pro and find keywords for all the niches including yours too. Now the next step is creating a good strategy for this. Check out,


Yes, you must have a proper strategy for this to make it work for you.

  1. First of all, select the niches to find keywords
  2. Find the popular topics of those niches with some less popular topic also
  3. Make a list of those topics (these are your seed keywords)
  4. Then put these keywords into the LongTail Pro search bar
  5. Longtail pro will give you a list of related LongTail Pro Keywords
  6. Sort out the most relevant and export the list o those keywords
  7. Make it password protected then Save it to your drive
  8. You can ask your customers to pay for those files via PayPal
  9. Send the link and password to your customers to download the file
  10. You can use MemberPress to stay away from the headache of the manual procedure of receiving payments or sending links and passwords.


You were landed here to find out the secret ways to make money using the Longtail Pro keyword research tool.

Now, Let me know how do you find these money-making secrets.

As a blogger you always in the hunt for targeted keywords to rank your post on top of the search engines. So now or then you will be required to have LongTail Pro.

I ask you if you don’t want to make money right now then you can also avoid this tool for now, but if You want to get the higher rank of your blog and want to increase your domain authority then you must try LongTail Pro, simultaneously you can make money too.

Use the Coupon Code “ANNUAL39OFF” to grab 39% off for a lifetime, thus you can get the starter plan for only around $16/month.

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So it’s enough for now, Share your thought about this post in the comment section, (I reply to each comment) thus we can have a great discussion here.

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