Choosing Bluehost for hosting solution is one of the best steps towards your online journey. After the decision of choosing Bluehost, the next question popping up in your mind would be “Which Bluehost Plan Should I Get? Will that Bluehost hosting plan work for me? Is that affordable? Which is best Bluehost plan for bloggers?”

So to answer all these questions, here in this detailed review of Bluehost plans you can expect to know which Bluehost hosting plan is best for you, Additionally, I’ve shared my secret that How I reduce the cost of hosting plan.

Excited ?

Like you at the moment of choosing a Bluehost hosting plan, I was also having some questions and doubts.

  • To this point, I remember an incident (Let me be personal), When I shared this thing with my friend that I’m going to purchase a Bluehost plan for my blog,

“He replied.! do you know Bluehost will cost you a lot and only major companies purchase their plans.”

I confused with his response. But I have a preset mind that “ I’m the CEO of my blog and I have to choose the best for my blog and at the same time, I was sure that Bluehost can resolve my hosting headache. 

So, after a little research, I have owned a great Hosting plan from Bluehost for my blog.

And guess what, Yes.! it was affordable too.

Let’s have a look why Bluehost was my first preference,

Why Bluehost is so Popular Among Bloggers 

Before Explaining each plan I want to emphasize that Bluehost possess numerous qualities to be a leading web hosting provider. Which I’ll discuss later in this review.

Check out of the three main features that enforced me to go for Bluehost-

1. Bluehost Uptime Guarantee:

To make it easy peasy.! Uptime simply means that your site never goes down with respect to server connectivity.  It is a mandatory part of any hosting company to make it sure that their servers are the best of best available in the world. so they can provide the best Uptime.

Bluehost proves to be the best as they claim (And I have experienced this too) 99.99% uptime and that’s guaranteed. So you never bother about the downtime of your blog.

2. Bluehost Ever Ready Support Team:

This is one of the best features of Bluehost, that I love personally.

Bluehost has an extremely dedicated support team and are ready to help you via almost every mode out there like you can contact through Live chats, or can email them (by creating tickets of your query), or phone call for an instant solution.

They are available 365 / 24 / 7. They are ready to help you within  a negligible span of time.

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3. Bluehost super Cheapest:

Again this leading giant has proved itself the best.

No matter how many features are offering any company, they can’t sustain in the market unless they have a competitive price tag.

Bluehost offering their plans starting at the super cheapest price tag that is $3.95/mo if you go for 12 months and it will be reduced if you go for 3 years, With 30 days money back Guarantee.

  • Additionally, their one-click WordPress installation gives you an awesome experience of having hosting from Bluehost.

Now let’s check out which plan is perfect for you.

Here in this guide, I will break through every aspect of Bluehost hosting plan and how you can reduce your Bluehost cost, stick with this guide to save a lot of money (Use that money to buy something you awe :p)

  • Yes.! you heard right, you can reduce your cost of hosting plans by not going for unnecessary add-ons.

So, let’s get started without taking your much of time.

Choosing the Right Bluehost Hosting Plan

Bluehost mainly offers three type of plans that is Basic, Plus and Prime.

(I’m sure that We’ll both figure out that which one will best fit for you),

Keep reading this till the end I’ll show you how to reduce the overall amount on any of the Bluehost’s Hosting plan, that’s my promise.!

So go thoroughly with this Bluehost review guide and Check out this Bluehost plans/pricing structure : Bluehost Basic vs Plus vs Prime,

bluehost prime plan,basic and pro review

Do remember there is a bonus included with every hosting plan in the form of a Free Domain,thus you will save $10-15 (normally a domain cost).

Bluehost Plan Comparison

Bluehost Basic Hosting:

With 1 free domain you can connect your 1 website (storage up to 50GB) and with some basic feature, it is costing $3.95 / month. But with this special sign up link, you can have it in only$2.95/mo if you choose it for 3 years.

Bluehost Plus Hosting: With almost all the features are set to unlimited. Costing $5.95 /mo.

One of the main feature of Bluehost Plus plan is that you are getting a Spam expert to help you kick out spammers. You’re also getting $200 ad credit from Bluehost. So you can promote your website right away, the next moment of publishing your content.

Bluehost Prime Web Hosting:

With the same price tag along with all the features of Plus plan, you are getting Site Backup Pro feature too in the Bluehost prime plan. Now I guess you may have this question popping up in your mind that,

Yet the Prices amount is same though What is the core difference between Prime and Plus Plan?

Ans.“If you are choosing to go with Prime plan then, The main difference is you will have to pay more ($80/year extra) in compare to Prime Plan in upcoming years.

Which Bluehost plan to choose and how?

So now choose any one out of these three according to your need. For Instance,

Here are my criteria for choosing any hosting plan. (I think you also favour me for this criteria):

  • Bluehost Basic Plan: Suitable for newbies. Who wants to launch their blog in no time at the extremely affordable price.
  • Bluehost Plus Plan: Suitable for well stable bloggers, and who want to spread their wings to more than 1 blog.
  • Bluehost Prime Plan: Suits to advanced bloggers, who run or want to run a couple of blogs (i.e. more than 5).

So, I personally don’t know what is your case, So I suggest you to analyze yourself that what is your main goal with respect to hosting.

Signing up with Bluehost

Now I suppose you have selected a plan for you the next screen will come to select a domain. Here you can have a free domain offered by Bluehost (Choose it wisely and attractive).

Choose bluehost domain

Bluehost Domain

Check your domain directly from this box:

The next screen will ask for your personal and billing information (it’s your personal matter :P) so, I’m skipping this.

Now the most important thing comes that is to save more on yearly packages of Bluehost hosting plan.

Save on Bluehost Hosting Plan Upton (63% OFF)

So, I think I have helped you to remove the dust of confusion about plans/Pricing and you have a clear idea with what plan you should go with.

  • Now, It’s time to go for some real money-saving deals. Fold your sleeves and be ready to do some math.

For making it more easier to understand, let I’m choosing the basic plan for my next blog. So what do I do to save more on this?

  • Pro tips: 
    • If your pocket allows then go for a longer time span like 3-5 years. As Google also see the domain expiry dates as a trustworthy factor.
    • You can have huge money-saving deals if you choose to pick a hosting plan for a longer time (3-5 years). The more year you chose, the more you save if you use my affiliate link. (this affiliate link is a sign that we have tied up with Bluehost).
    • Even your price will be lowered by $2.95/mo from $3.95/mo, so it’s big saving itself.

Check out this image showing the total amount of Bluehost hosting basic plans for 3 years.

bluehost plan payment checkout

  • It is billed to $273.60 for 3 years, That means $91.2/year only.
  • If you have billed it annually you would be charged according to $4.95/mo and thus you will have to pay $181.44 more for 3 years. So it’s wise to go for a longer time period.

That’s incredibly cheap. Isn’t it..!

But wait, we can make it cheaper.

Keep reading this,

Let’s move ahead,

There are three options given which I have arrowed in the image to highlight them, they are completely optional and which one is mandatory to have and which one is not. let’s check them out,

SiteLock Security: SiteLock performs a series of vulnerability scans to check for website weaknesses. These include checking for cross-site attacks, Checks for database attack, Checks all applications that have been installed (WordPress, Flash, etc.) for vulnerabilities. So, I must go with this.

Code Guard Basic: It takes daily backups and does site monitoring, but you can perform the same with various trusted plugins like Updraft Plus or Wordfence for security. So I don’t go with this.

Bluehost SEO tool: The main task of this option is to submit your site to the search engine and your blog’s weekly report. That’s what you can do at your own also. So I leave it blank.

So, among these three I prefer not to choose Bluehost SEO tool and Code Guard basic. These lower my amount to $35.88/year cost + $107.64/year = $143.52/year.

And therefore I have to pay $273.60 – $143.52 = $130.08 for 3 years, that means $43.36/year.

” Thus You are getting basic Bluehost hosting for only $43.36/year.”

So in this way you can reduce the amount and can easily figure out how much you have to pay for a basic plan or for any other plans.

In case of Bluehost Prime web hosting Plan, I have checked out this and found that it is charged  $220.08 (for 3 years).

And guess what, here you are getting a free CodeGuard which we left over. But if it is Free then it is good to go, because in this case, you don’t have to bother for any third-party plugins.

That means you Don’t have to pay an extra $2.99/mo that is equal to $107.64.

bluehost prime plan payment checkout

So again it is the best deal, as in Bluehost Prime Plan you are getting unlimited websites and storage along with an expert ready to help you any time from Bluehost.

Bluehost FAQ:

Instead of this, I think You might have some question still, so I have listed some of the popular queries here,

Q. Why Bluehost Only?

Ans. I have already revealed the main features of Bluehost that extremely dedicated support, Super reliable and affordable as any student can afford this.

Q. What is Shared Hosting and why should I choose this?

Ans. Shared hosting is kind of hosting in which a number of blogs and sites are hosted on the same server. Therefore the maintenance cost of the server gets reduced per website. Hence these hosting providers become able to offer at such a low price.

If you are just starting out, then to save your money and I must suggest you go for Shared Hosting.

Q. Is there any coupon required to avail discounts?

Ans. Actually, there is no coupon available in fact you won’t need that. But you can have a large discount up to 63% by using one of our link provided in this review guide. As we have tied up with Bluehost so there is no need of applying any coupon.

Q. What if I don’t like the service of Bluehost?

Ans. Bluehost has taken care of this aspect with a high approach. If you don’t like the services of Bluehost Hosting, then you can ask for a refund. They offer 30 days Money back guarantee.

Q. Can I ask for support on phone call from Bluehost?

Ans. Yes.! although This is one of my preferred mode of getting support from Bluehost team. They are available 365 /24/7.

My Bluehost Opinions

So after reading this Bluehost plans review guide, you may have a clear picture about how to have a suitable hosting plan. What I had done while making my purchase I have revealed here.

So, my opinions about Bluehost can be guessed by only this thing that I have a network of 3 blogs and e-commerce store and all those three are hosted on Bluehost including this Self hosted Life blog.

Apart from this, there are 2 million other blogs and websites worldwide which are also powered by Bluehost.

I recommend you to Choose Prime or Plus plan as you will have unlimited websites with unlimited storage along with an expert to help you anytime + $200 ad credit.


Start your online journey with Bluehost

Now it’s time to choose the best Bluehost plan for you Still, if you are facing some problem and have some query then please let me know via comment or you can contact me directly at admin {@} selfhostedlife {.} com. I’ll be pleased to help you anytime.

Now read the next steps after having Hosting from bluehost.

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