7 Types of Blogs that Make Money | How to Choose Blog Niche

You can’t walk blindly and waste your thousands of hours building a blog on any random topic if you don’t know which blog niche is profitable. But What if I tell you that there are certain types of blogs that make more money mostly than other niches.

You probably get excited.!

This is the most common issue new bloggers face when they are about to start their dream blog, Simultaneously the other most important step is that what your niche should be to start your blog.

So I have cooked this dish for you, Go thoroughly till the end, I’m 110% sure you’ll take away a new vision and tons of new ideas to implement for your dream blog from this post.

As if you are going to start a blog you might know it takes time to get traction, meanwhile you can still make money check out my recommendation and I’m 110% sure you won’t be disappointed

let’s get into our main topic,

7 Types of Blogs that make money

You’ll gonna learn,

  1. Myths about Choosing a niche
  2. Are there some specific types of blogs that make money fast than others?
  3. How to select your blog niche (4 key areas to analyze)
  4. My Secret Formula: How I have chosen my Blog niche when I started (Mind Mapping)
  5. Types of Blogs That make money fast actually
  6. Real-life examples included, and their secrets of making money
  7. How to monetize every particular niche

So let’s get into it and find out the profitable blog niche that would make money for you

Myths About Choosing a Niche

Of course, there are thousands of niches you can choose to start blogging and of course, you can make money from every niche.

  • But the problem with most of the niches is, it takes a longer time to build a business and find an audience for your blog for those niches.

Unlike others, I won’t tell you to follow your passion to write about for your blog. As I already mentioned that you can’t choose a random niche to get success in blogging.

You’re starting your blog for making money not just for a hobby and it should not be.

So ultimately, your blog is your business. For every business to be successful there need to have a potential market, customers, and proper resources.

Before heading towards your blog journey, you have to make sure that whatever you are going to write, do have a potential market or not? (A big question it is).

To make it easy for you I must reveal that, every business works upon a simple funda that is, find out the problem that people are facing and offer the right solutions.

Find out what people are looking for and what problems they have, If you can find out these key areas then


You have discovered the type of blog that makes money.

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Are there some specific types of blogs only that make money?

No, to be honest, there are possibilities of getting success in every niche you can think of.

But the fact is there are certain specific types of blog niches that make money fast than others.

These niches are proven and have millions and trillions of dollars of the market with continuous growth. And if you can provide value then the smallest part of that market is enough for you.

How to select your blog niche (4 key areas to analyze)

You have often heard that before starting any business you must research well.

So, to make your research organized, here are 4 factors you need to analyze before taping into the blogging business.

Well, here I’m not going to give any space to your passion or interest just because, If you have chosen any blog niche and started making money from that then it eventually turned into your interest. (Isn’t it.!)

A checklist to analyze blog niches that make money

  1. Is there a market actually or you’re making a guess

This is the most vital factor and also the backbone of your blog. Try to find whether your blog niche has any market volume worldwide or not. You can find out this by making relevant searches on Google Trends.
There you can find out the trends of any niche or topic.

2. Is there traffic volume?

Do people search for your niche-related topics? If there is any it means you can generate traffic to your blog.

3. Is there money being made already by other bloggers?

If so, then it is a clear signal that you can also make money in that particular niche. Hence you can find relevant resources in that niche to make money.

4. Is there a competition?

Many beginners afraid of starting their blog in a crowded niche and continuously struggled to find a niche that is less crowded.
But I consider it is the biggest mistake.

If you find a niche that is crowded and having tons of competition then it is another clear signal that the niche is having potential market and traffic. Hence that blog niche is a perfect fit for your blog.
(No matter you will also build your audience gradually, with time and efforts)

My Secret Formula: How I have chosen my Blog niche when I started (Mind Mapping)

As you know my blogging niche is “Blogging + Make money online”

But It was totally brainstorming days when I was choosing my blogging niche.

Before launching Self Hosted Life, I was having some niche ideas that were Health and fitness, Finance, Blogging, make money, lifestyle, etc.

  • I knew that I could not manage all of those niches under one roof so I headed over to advance step

(Mind Mapping – this is my favorite method to make a decision from my student life).

Then I have figured out my niche through Mind Mapping (it was really a great idea)
Check out How I have figured out My blog niche

7 types of blogs that make money, blog niche list

Types of Blogs That make money (more & fast actually)

I have already shared that every niche out there is having the potential to make money, but some niches take less time to generate income.

There is a simple formula behind it is, if the niches are popular and getting millions of traffic each day, then those niches can fill your pocket sooner than others.

Types of Blog Niche List

So here is the list & types of blog niches that are proven to make money. Check them out and find out your niche,

1. Health and Fitness

I have placed Health and fitness at the number 1 position, just because this blog niche has diversity and consists of a number of sub-niches you can start your blog with.

7 types of blogs that make money, blog niche list

It is one of those niches that get a ton of traffic every day. People are searching a lot for the solution to their health issues it might be for weight loss, Yoga, healthy diet, diet planner, Flat abs, morning walk tips, etc.

If you can write informative content that addresses the right solution to their problems, then gradually you with your blog start gaining name and money too.

You can choose health & fitness itself or you can go with any of the following Sub Niches:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Yoga & Exercise
  3. Healthy Diet & Planner
  4. Gym Supplement Blog

How to make money with a health and fitness blog

  1. Affiliate Marketing– you can find thousands of relevant products on Clickbank/ Shareasale or on Amazon to your content, That you can recommend to your readers.
  2. Create Your Course– Create a diet planner or a workout planner in the form of an E-book or a video series and sell it on your blog.

Real-life examples of Health and Fitness Blog

  1. Nerd Fitness
  2. Avocadu

2. Travel

Travel is undoubtedly a hugely popular niche around the globe.

7 types of blogs that make money, blog niche list

Day by day People is taking more & more interest in travel. So the industry has great potential in terms of making money.
Starting a travel blog can never be a wrong decision. But you have to stay on track just because you may sometimes overwhelm by the information so it can be a very destructive Niche also.

Travel Blog Niche list

  1. Hotel reviews
  2. A dedicated blog to Deals and discount on tickets and fares
  3. Personal travel blog
  4. Cruise and ships reviews (A massive potential of earning)

How to make money with a Travel blog

  1. Write a travel guide– it can be the best source of earning for your personal travel blog. Write a travel guide of places that you have visited and sell it on your blog or on Amazon Kindle.
  2. Travel gear– You can recommend travel gear products from Amazon or Shareasale, there you have tons of products to recommend to your readers.
  3. Hotel reviews– Write a review of the hotels you stayed in. You can check hotels at Booking.com to write reviews.

Real-life examples of a travel blog

  1. Holiday Pirates
  2. Travelandleisure.com

3. Finance and Budgeting

Finance and budgeting are one of the most cared topics. Because all the livelihood depends upon money. So it is the most lucrative niche also.

7 types of blogs that make money, blog niche list

You can teach people how to save money by investing in assets or you can suggest to people how to make money by doing side jobs.

Also, you can teach people to set their monthly family budgets.

Finance and Budgeting Niche list

  1. Save money
  2. How to make money part-time
  3. Diversification of monthly income
  4. Investing money wisely
  5. Future Planning

How to make money from Finance and Budgeting Blog

  1. Affiliate Marketing– You can refer your visitors to some agencies that teach people to invest their money wisely.
  2. E-courses – Develop an E-course on saving and investing money. Or you can create an e-book that teaches people about family budgeting and planning.

Real-life examples of finance and budgeting blog

  1. Making sense of Cents

4. Lifestyle

This is one of the complicated niches just because what is the specific area of lifestyle cannot be defined in one word.

Don’t take me wrong for why I have added this blog niche here.

7 types of blogs that make money, blog niche list

The reason to add a lifestyle niche here is, I have seen many blogs that have got huge success in this niche.

There is a myth about lifestyle blogs that you can write anything, but it’s a totally wrong way to treat your blog as a business.

  • There are two ways to get success in the niche that is either you have to be a problem solver or you should write about topics that people are extremely passionate about.

Lifestyle Blog Niche list

  1. Fashion and Beauty (I consider these would fall in lifestyle easily)
  2. Outfits and clothing
  3. Survival
  4. Culture
  5. Specific interest (eg: gardening, planting, DIY projects, or any hobby)

How to make money with a lifestyle blog

  1. Ads- it is one of the main income streams for many lifestyle blogs.
  2. Affiliate marketing You can find thousands of products on Shareasale to promote according to your lifestyle niche.
  3. Ebook– This works really well. You can write an e-book on some specific topic and start selling it on your blog.

Real-life examples of Lifestyle blog

  1. A Pair & A Spare
  2. Apartment Therapy

5. Tech and Gaming

This is one of the most trending and profitable niches.

7 types of blogs that make money, blog niche list

This niche is very wide and has tons of sub-niches. Here readers are most often shoppers and they are ready to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest gadgets.

Simultaneously Gaming industry has boomed in the 21st century. Gamers are ready to pay higher costs to games and it is not the hidden things that how costly the latest games are these days.

Tech and Gaming blog niche list (ideas that sparked)

  1. You can write reviews on the latest tech products
  2. Tech tutorials (software tutorials, repairing of hardware, etc.)
  3. Video Game reviews
  4. Video game tutorials (if you’re a gamer you know how gamers desperately take an interest to know the cheat sheets of games)

How to make money with a Tech and Gaming Blog

  1. Reviews- This is the main income stream of any tech blog that writes reviews of games, apps, and gadgets and recommends them to your readers.
  2. Affiliate Marketing– you can promote the latest Games from

Real-life examples of Tech blog

  1. PC magazine

6. Parenting and Babycare

It is one of the most famous Blog niches, especially on Pinterest.

7 types of blogs that make money, blog niche list

It’s really a great niche to start your blog and write about parenting tips, newborn, and Babycare.
People, especially new Mommy are always looking for parenting tips and suggestions, this is where your market exists.

If you can provide valuable tips and suggestions through your content then you can build your audience and further you can recommend relevant products.

Parenting Blog niche list

  1. Keeping New Born
  2. Babycare
  3. Parenting

How to make money with a Parenting Blog

  1. Affiliate marketing- Use ShareaSale and recommend baby products to your readers.
  2. Ebook- Write an E-book on parenting tips and sell it on your blog or Amazon Kindle.

Real-Life Examples of Parenting Blog

  1. My Quiet Spot

7. Make Money Online

7 types of blogs that make money, blog niche list

The most lucrative Blogging Niche is Make money online.

Let’s be frank.!
Do you know anybody who doesn’t want to make money?

Probably don’t.

So, the truth is everyone wants to make money because it is the key to live a successful life that gives mental peace and freedom.

If you can show people that you’re making money in some or many ways they start listening to you and gradually they become your followers too.

Thus you can build your audience and then you can sell your products to those followers and hence you can make more money.

That’s the real funda of “Make Money blogs”.

  • But the question is how would you show that you’re making money???

If you’re a beginner you could not show, because you have not made any money yet.

So the best approach is to tell your readers how to make money online by giving others examples. (But it can be a long blogging journey to make some money in this niche)

Make Money Blog Niche list

  1. make money online
  2. Teach How to sell physical products and make money online
  3. How to sell an e-course

How to make money with Make Money Online Niche

  1. The best approach is to start a blog and teach people how to make money online.
  2. E-Books and Video series – You can create an e-book like “101 legit ways of making money online” and sell it to your readers
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Types of blogs that make money: Summary

It’s just to call as a summary, but it is not.

It is actually a start of a new venture, a new brand, and a new BLOG.

So, you were landed here to find out the types of blogs that make money, and I have given you 7 awesome types of blogging ideas for blogging from my hours of research. (It’s true, because I was also at the same point someday, where you are today)

If you still feel these are not the niches that grab your interest, then I personally suggest don’t limit yourself to these 7.

The possibilities are endless, you can find success in any niche with time (as I told earlier in this post)

The main important step for getting success is, to stop overthinking and start taking action today. Start your blog, gradually you’ll find your way and audience by the time.

Ready to start your blog? Use my exclusive Bluehost link to get started today as low as $2.95/mo. Plus a free domain with 1 click of WordPress installation and with extra features.

Still, have some question or suggestions for blog Niches. Or do you think that I should include some other niches here, then feel free to let me know about those in the comment section?

“A tiny request, If you like these 7 ideas of blogging, then please let others know about these ideas by simply sharing this post with your friends and followers”

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