How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog (June 2021)

There are numerous ways to Make Money on Pinterest without a blog. Let me tell you, that You can easily start affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog and start making money off of Pinterest.

To be honest, I make money on Pinterest without a blog and also with a blog. But if you ask me I suggest you making money on Pinterest becomes easier with a blog.

How it is exciting to have a day when you wake up in the morning and just checking out your emails that received last night and suddenly you come across an email stating that “Congratulations you have generated a sale and here is your commission $$”

Seriously, making money through affiliate marketing never needs a blog, you can still make money without a blog on Pinterest.

Yes to some people it is the dream still and to some entrepreneurs, it’s a part of a daily morning.

To be honest, whatever the sale I have generated to date they were all fall when I’m sleeping… (I’m serious).

This is the result of making money on Pinterest by pinning the right content at the right time to the right audience.

So how do you know about the right time, actually the right time means when your followers are on Pinterest and engaging with your pins.

But unless you keep a keen eye on your account for 24 hours you can’t conclude the right time. And If you are not pinning that time then the strategy mentioned below can’t get you to make money on Pinterest.

First thing first, Do you know Pinterest can drive tons of traffic to your site and that’s even for free.

But there are some techniques and strategies to start marketing on Pinterest. That’s what I have figured out and have compiled my strategies and tricks in an eBook format, so you can have the right resource in your hand every time.

  • Grab my eBook “Pinterest Marketing: Pinterest SEO, Proven Strategy, Daily weekly & monthly Task” from Amazon. (Available in Paperback and Kindle Format both)
Pinterest Marketing final ebook, make money on Pinterest without a blog

I’m 100% sure that the eBook will help you a lot as it helped me.

Okay let’s start making money on Pinterest without a blog, I don’t want to keep my secrets under the fold, And that’s what the post is all about and that’s what you are here for.

Make Money On Pinterest Without a Blog

You can make money on Pinterest but expecting overnight success can be a stressful thing. Every business takes time, so it is with affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

I also agree with this because I have made my first dollar just after 2 hours of pinning a pin on Pinterest.

In that money-making Affiliate program, visitors don’t have to buy anything and you are also not selling anything, just bring people to the page and if they sign up you will get $1-$10 for each unique sign-up.

There are lots of ways to make money on Pinterest in 2021 but all that you need to have is, proper strategy for pinning your pins.

let me tell you owning a blog is an unbeatable method to make money online because this way people trust you and your recommendations.

But this post is all about making money by pinning on Pinterest without a blog or website. So I don’t let you down.

So let’s Make Money On Pinterest without a blog strategically,

I have listed these steps in chronological order to make them actionable for you.

  1. Choose an affiliate program according to your niche
  2. Create stunning pins using Canva or Pickmonkey
  3. Save it to your relevant Pinterest board
  4. Embed the affiliate link into the pin
  5. Spread the pin in your Personal and Group Boards (Make sure you abide by the rules of Group Boards)
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5 Steps to Make Money on Pinterest Without A Blog

There are lots of ways of making money online and I have discussed several ways in my other posts.

  • But making money on Pinterest is far easier than other methods just because you can spread your affiliate link directly on this platform.
  • But don’t be spammy by posting, again and again, only affiliate pins.

Pro Tip: If you are using Affiliate links embedded Pins on Pinterest then make sure to disclose clearly that you are using affiliate links in your pins in order to keep your profile safe from penalizing by Pinterest.

(You’ll get to know about my favorite affiliate programs of making money through affiliate marketing at the end of this post. So stay tuned..!)

Choose the best method you like from the following surefire ways to make money on Pinterest without a blog in 2021.

How to make money from Pinterest

Making money on Pinterest is easier but needs a clear vision and strategy. So to guide you on the way, I highly recommend you to follow this 5 step formula to get instant success.

Choose the right Niche

You can not pin anything on Pinterest without proper research. Make sure you know, what are people searching for.

I just want to highlight that not all niche works well on Pinterest. You must go with the niches that are evergreen on Pinterest and the topics that grab the interest of the people.

Unlike other articles on the internet, I don’t want to emphasize the thing that the audience majority is female on Pinterest. But I just want you to look at the other aspect that some of the men brands are rocking on this platform.

So the conclusion is you can draw the attention of the folks by introducing the right product.

Here are some examples of the topics that are evergreen on Pinterest

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Weight loss
  3. Travel
  4. Home Improvement and DIY etc.

Choose an Awesome Product to Promote

I hope you have chosen your niche now the next step is to find the right products to promote.

You can find hundreds of products to promote on Pinterest from ShareASale or MagickLinks.

MagickLinks lets you avail an opportunity to choose any product from various e-commerce platforms including eBay.

The process works as Choose any product from eBay and copy the link of the product page and cloak it on Magicklink.

Whenever someone purchases something from that link you will be compensated. Thus you don’t have to apply to become an affiliate on an individual platform.

It’s that simple.

(I’m not including ClickBank here because Pineterst have blocked my affiliate links of Clickbank product)

Pro Tips: Don’t pick any product that promises to give you high commission instead go for the one that is actually worth sharing with your audience. Because whatever you introduce to your audience will build your credibility and make you an authority.

If you don’t have time to create your own blog then I highly recommend you to own a pre-built blog with promoted affiliate products. These blogs are found to be very profitable and the best thing is you can choose the niche also.

Check out the video here: Create CB Niche site

Create Stunning Pins

If you have a bad design or poor call to action no one clicks on your pin and with such you will not make money.

But with stunning designed pins you’re more likely to make money on Pinterest without a blog from day 1st.

You can use an online software Canva (totally free software but you can upgrade to a paid plan) to design your pins.

Some bloggers suggest for PickMonkey software to create good pins.

But I can’t recommend you PickMonkey as I have never used it.

Here is a handy checklist of creating awesome pins that will help you design pins that might bring traction to your product page.

Bloggers & Entrepreneurs
  1. Try to design product pins yourself instead of picking from the vendors.
  2. Focus on what your audience needs to have.
  3. Observe what is trending on Pinterest (Pinterest automatically suggest trending pins according to your niche)
  4. Observe what kind of pins getting most shares and repins
  5. Keep experimenting with designing your pins
  6. Here is an example of my transformation of perfection in designing pins.

Learn more about creating good pins:-

Make your Pins get found On Pinterest

This is where Pinterest SEO comes into the picture.

Use proper keywords (related to your product) in your Pins title and description. Pin your pins towards the most relevant boards. Use keywords in Boards title and descriptions also.

Related articles:-

If you follow these steps you may expect to have your pins found on Pinterest. Still, if you’re pins are not getting clicks then there is something you may be missing.

I want to make it clear for you But wait, first see the traffic status first of my blog

Make Money On Pinterest Google analytics of

So, from May to July 25th I was not getting a considerable amount of traffic. After pinning 10-15 times a day there was not any good traffic status to show you.

Learn how I have got 121% more reach on Pinterest in just 12 days.

Why? What was the reason ??

The reasons that I found responsible for that low traffic are

  1. My pins were not appealing
  2. My boards and pins are not SEO optimized
  3. I’m pinning manually without having any strategy
  4. I simply go on Pinterest and start pinning randomly here and there I had no clear idea that what pin I’m pinning and on what day in fact sometimes I pin the same pins again and again. (Thankfully I had not caught as a spammer)

So How did I resolved these issues?

The first three points have resolved by the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course created by Alex and Lauren the 6 figure bloggers blog at “Create and Go” is receiving hundreds of thousands of page views per month alone from Pinterest.

They are very successful with Pinterest marketing and they’ve laid out the whole Pinterest strategy in their course that they are using to make money on Pinterest with a blog.

You have also seen that my Pin designs are getting perfect day by day because I have learned how to create pins that bring traffic back to my blog.

I have also learned very much about Pinterest SEO from the Pinterest SEO modules explained in the course.

The 4th and 5th issue gets resolved by Tailwind (a Pinterest officially recommended pin scheduler).

I have started using Tailwind on July 18th and within a week I have noticed growth in my Blog traffic (as you can see in the image above).

As a beginner, you might be thinking about why invest in Tailwind to schedule pins. So I recommend you not to go for purchasing Tailwind in the first instead go and grab the free trial for a month from this FREE-Trial link

  • One of the most reliable reasons to use Tailwind is it collects the data of your Pinterest profile and the data of your audience (not personal data, it only recognizes when your audiences are live on the platform) and suggests you the best time to pin your pins on Pinterest.

Hence you seem to be pinning at the right time when your audience is live. Thus you can expect to have a great conversion on your affiliate pins.

This artificial intelligence makes it super easy to pin at the right time. That brings maximum clicks and as a result, you’ll make more money on Pinterest without a blog.

Analyze the stats and optimize your marketing strategy

To this stage, you have set up everything now the next step is to wait and watch and try new strategies.

Head over to Pinterest analytics and find out which kind of Pins are getting the most traction and how people are engaging with your content. Check out the video about how to use Pinterest Analytics,

Now, Optimize your Pinterest marketing strategy to maximize the results.

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Make Money on Pinterest: Common FAQs

Can you make money on Pinterest?

Ans. Yes! you can easily make money on Pinterest without a blog or with a blog. Just Pin the right image containing the affiliate link on Pinterest and spread it on various boards.

How to make money off the blog?

Ans. Making money off a blog is possible and there are hundreds of ways. You can apply Google Ads, you can do affiliate marketing or you can sell your products.

Does Pinterest pay pinners?

Ans. No! Pinterest does not pay its users. However, you can make money on Pinterest without a blog through affiliate marketing.

Can you really make money on Pinterest?

Ans. Yes! you can make money through affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Sign up for the best affiliate programs and start making money on Pinterest.

Can you do affiliate marketing without a blog?

Ans. Yes! you can make money without a blog on Pinterest. Just sign up for the affiliate program, design a pin, embed your affiliate link, and pin it on Pinterest. Now when a person clicks on the pin and buys something you’ll make money without a blog.

Can you Use Tailwind for Instagram Marketing as well?

Of Course! Tailwind is an official partner of Instagram so you can safely schedule your posts for your Instagram profile. Here is a brief review I created for Tailwind for Instagram also you can check out my results after using Tailwind Hashtag finder.

Affiliate programs to make money off of Pinterest:

Here are top Affiliate programs to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog. I recommend joining all of them for maximum earnings.

Affiliate Program Earning Commission
3DCart 300%/sale or $2/lead
FreshBooks $110/sale or $5/lead
Tailwind 15%/sale or $0.50/lead
DollarDIg Per lead $2
Puls Per sale $10 or per lead $10
CuraDebt $30/lead
Check out more here  

Wrapping it up: Making money on Pinterest without a Blog

If you follow all the steps thoroughly and focus on your marketing strategy then you will not be far from making money on Pinterest. Follow the steps above and start affiliate marketing on Pinterest without ablog.

Pro Tips:- One more suggestion that I can give you is that before placing an affiliate link in any pin, make sure you have switch your profile from personal to business on Pinterest.

I hope you got the point about the necessity of using Tailwind to schedule your pins. Tailwind keeps on evolving the software to keep its users compliant with Pinterest’s best practices.

Here is the complete review of Tailwind’s new feature Tailwind SmartGuide which helps you to stay compliant while pinning on Pinterest even without a blog.

I wish for you to have great success by following the steps above you will be able to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

Make Money pinning On Pinterest

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