How Does Pinterest Algorithm Work? “23 Algorithm Improvements to Rank High”

Learning Pinterest Algorithm is not that rocket science trust me. With little effort and being aware of Pinterest changes, you can tune up your strategies with Pinterest.

If you are pinning for a while then You often noticed that whenever you pin a pin you get page views from that pin for a few days, if you stop looping that pin you will begin to lose traffic from that pin. Odds are there, but it happens usually.

So, how can you get consistent traffic from Pinterest?

Well, until you learn about Pinterest Algorithm and until you tuned yourself with Pinterest changes you might be able to crack the code.

Do you know Pinterest can drive tons of traffic to your site and that’s even for free?

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I’m 100% sure that the eBook will help you a lot as it helped me.

So to help you I have Cooked this delicious Pinterest Algorithm Dish for you.

In this article, you’ll learn how does Pinterest Algorithm works and the 4 major factors that play an important role in a huge success on Pinterest.

And by the end of the post, you will take away a great mindset about how you can convince Pinterest to show your pins again and again to other Pinterest users.

So let’s begin,

How does Pinterest Algorithm Work

Pinterest Algorithm could be a scary term for many Pinterest marketers but actually, it is not.

To make it easy, I rather pronounce Pinterest Algorithm to Pinterest’s machine learning process.

If you are a geek like me and can understand the technical process then go here How Pinterest search bar and ranking works.

  • Otherwise, stick to this guide here I made that technical process far easier to understand

The Pinterest Search bar is one of the topmost used tools of Pinterest. Over 2 billion monthly search queries happened on Pinterest and Pinterest Algorithm does its work in an absolute manner.

In my previous post about Pinterest’s Smart Feed, I have explained how Pinterest decides to fill your smart feed by looking over three different pools i.e. following pool, related pool, and interest pool.


Pinerest Smart Feed tips 2018

But how Pinterest decides actually which pins to bring under these pools, depends upon 4 major factors i.e.

  1. Domain Quality
  2. Pins Quality
  3. Pinners Quality
  4. Relevance

Before explaining each of these, I must tell you that Pinterest search Algorithm works in the same way that Google search Algorithm works. Because Google also examine these factors before ranking any post, but their terms are different, like

  1. Domain Quality is known as Domain Authority
  2. Pin Quality is known as Backlink Quality
  3. Pinner’s Quality refers to Blogger’s Authority on its niche
  4. Relevance is the same factor because both the search engines see the relevance of the content before ranking that content.

 Pinterest Best Practices

So the question is How to improve these 4 Pinterest ranking Factors to drive consistent traffic?

Not to worry, I’m sure that you’re doing the right things on Pinterest but if you do things in the right way that Pinterest wants, you can see a huge difference.

let’s make your thing right together,

1. Improve Domain Quality

Before showing your pins Pinterest looks on your domain quality, the more you have the more your pins be shown.

To Improve your Domain Authority follow these step,

  1. You are using Pinterest for business purposes so you should switch your account to a business account.
  2. The next step is to claim your website/blog.
  3. Enable rich pins.
  4. Embed the save button to save images on Pinterest from your blog directly.
  5. Be consistent and write engaging content, that your audience loves to read.

2. Improve Pin Quality

It’s not enough to write quality content you must design attractive pins that grab the attention of Pinterest users and in the end, they save and leave comments.

Pin quality depends upon how your pin is getting repins, comments, and Click-through. The more your pin gets engagement thus Pinterest begin noticing your pins are of High quality.Click To Tweet

So, to improve your Pin quality, follow these steps

  1. Keep improving your pin designs. Learn how Pinterest reverse image searching technology works.
  2. Keep an eye on analytics to discover the most resonated designs.
  3. Find out the most clicked pins to discover what content people like to read on your blog.
  4. Distribute your pins when your audience is on the platform, to find the right time for pinning you should use Tailwind’s Smart Schedule feature.
  5. As you might have heard about the “First 5 pin concept” that’s Pin your 5 best pins at Midnight UTC time every day for maximum engagement. If these pins would get engagement from your followers then your other pins will also get.
  6. If you are not using Tailwind then I must point out that you are leaving the money on the table.

Even if you are getting good traffic, you can still increase the amount of traffic by using Tailwind’s various tools (like tailwind smart schedule, Communities, insights, pin inspectors, keywords from word cloud).

  1. I have personally noticed serious improvements in my Pinterest marketing since I started using Tailwind, I have noticed that I’m gaining 10-20 followers daily and my repining amount has also increased from 40 to 80.
  2. If you are not using Tailwind still then I highly suggest you try its free account for a month and see the improvement yourself. (tailwind is giving a forever free account, so why not give it a try)
  3. Top of all Tailwind alert you or I must say keeps your Pinterest best practices compliant through Tailwind SmartGuide.

3. Improve Pinner quality

Now it’s time to create a good image in eyes of Pinterest, just because If Pinterest likes you then It will love your content.

  • Pinner Quality refers, How much does Pinterest trusts you as a content creator and curator?

How often your pins on Pinterest? How many repins, saves, and comments your Pins are getting? How much time do you spend on the platform?

Those are all the factors that work behind estimating your pinner quality.

So to improve these factors,

  1. You should pin great content and already popular pins. You can find out the number of repins and saves either from your notifications (from your Pinterest profile) or from Tailwind Communities. See the below screenshot and notice the number on the top right corner showing the popularity of each pin. Pinterest Algorithm and pinterest chnages in 2018 showing in tailwind tribescreenshot
  2. You should be consistently active on the platform.
  3. You should keep relevancy on pinning content.
  4. The most important factor I noticed is the number of pins you pin on a daily basis.

As there is no magical number of pins that you can pin on Pinterest, but you should be aware that “less is more

I mean there is no sense of pinning 90 times on Monday and not pinning the whole week, or pinning 70 times on Monday, 30 times on Tuesday, 100 times on Wednesday, and so on.

In both of the above conditions, there is no consistency reflecting.

  1. To manage this consistency you must invest in Tailwind (an official Pinterest Scheduler) to find out which pins are getting more repins and engagement and at what time.
  2. At Pinterest analytics You can’t find out the exact amount of repins and followers, you are getting daily. You can find these stats on the Tailwind dashboard.
  3. So by analyzing these numbers for a week, you can discover the exact number of pins you should pin daily.

4. Relevance

This is where the Pinterest keywords play their vital role in ranking your pins on Pinterest smart feed or search feed.

Even after you have improved the authorities mentioned above your pins can still degrade from the feed if it is not properly keywords optimized.

Unlike Google, you have to be an expert while researching your keywords, and additionally, to find the right keywords you have to invest some bucks in keyword research tools.

But on Pinterest, it is far easier to find out the right keywords and that’s also for free.

Use the search bar and put your keyword and Pinterest will autosuggest relevant long-tail keywords that you can use into writing descriptions of your pins. Also, Pinterest suggests more keywords in the form of word clouds.

Pinterest Algorithm and search bar showing the blooging keywords

Don’t stuff keywords while writing pins & board descriptions try to write proper sentences & include keywords to describe what is there inside the article.

I have often noticed that a number of user pins that don't have descriptions and scream out why their pins are not getting traction.Click To Tweet

Apart from optimizing pins for relevant keywords, there are many areas that demand to optimize them too. Those include,

  1. Your board names – Avoid fancy names, stick to the topic, and put the right keywords
  2. Board description– You can use a number of keywords at the same time without proper sentences here.
  3. Profile name and description

PRO TIP: While using Pinterest on the web, you might not be able to write your profile name for more than 30 characters. But you can do so on a mobile app where you can write the longer name and can use keywords also.

But profile description is limited to 160 characters at both places.

Wrapping it up

Okay, guys.! I hope you have learned a lot about how Pinterest actually works behind the scene.

To make Pinterest work for you and drive traffic to your blog you just need to tune up your strategies with Pinterest Algorithm.

Once learning about Algorithm here is a great post about the 5 Must-Follow Steps to Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog

Let me tell you Pinterest is habitual to test new things and make changes so often and you should be aware of all those algorithm changes, To make it approachable for you I will keep on writing about such Pinterest changes in the future If there would be happen anything same.

Driving Traffic from Pinterest is really hard because it is a search engine, so you should avoid social media mentality here that’s hoping for instant traffic.

I said you are here for the long run, but if you keep on doing things blindly, you would not be able to generate traffic.

If you are pinning for a long time and doing all the things correctly (according to you) but still you are not getting traffic, then you might be missing something. (That’s what I was doing initially)

Then, I realized I need to learn from the bloggers who are consistently driving traffic from Pinterest and have got great success. Hence I have taken a course i.e. “Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

The course is proven to be awesome for me, after implementing strategies that I’ve learned from the course I have noticed my traffic has started going up within a few days. All and all there are some ninja lessons as a bonus that is alone worth the whole course.

Now over to you,

Thanks, for staying here, I hope you have enjoyed this piece of content, please share your feedback by commenting or if you still have some doubts then you can also ask about those, I’ll be glad to help you out.

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