So, you are going to Start a blog.? 

Meanwhile in this search, you’ve landed here. And Here I’m welcoming you and also happy that you have decided to take an awesome action for your goals.

Here is the exact steps that I followed To create my stunning blog i.e. Self Hosted Life. 

Unlike other dumb guides about starting blog on internet, I won’t talk only about starting a blog like other tutorials. Ever feel what to do after installing WordPress ???

In fact, In this guide you come to know about choosing best and cheapest hosting and domain selection, Installing WordPress and essential things to do after installing WordPress. So stay tuned…

At the end I have linked some tutorials about themes and plugins and Monetization so do check out those detailed guides also.

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Now let’s start our main topic for what you come here

Before starting the topic, I must share my experience of ‘when I was starting out that how I did this?’

That time I was suffering from “analysis-paralysis” theory and I feel that it is good to analyse the things before starting a new project, I probably thinking that you are also encountering the same. So don’t worry about all that. It is not remained that difficult thing as it was earlier.

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I LOVE BLOGGING because.!  ( I think you also love blogging for the same)

  • Blogging gives me freedom to work.
  • It makes me more expressive.
  • I can choose variety of topic to work upon.!
  • No time limits, no office targets and not having rude boss.
  • Yes, of course.! I Can make my living from Blogging from anywhere.

Before the game starts I must ask you about your topic of blog or what niche you are selecting for your blog? Do think over this. You may choose sports, politics, internet, finance bla bla… as the topic of your blog.

So, let’s move on step by step.!

How To Start A WordPress Blog step by step

1. Choose Blogging platform: 

how to start a blog

There are many platforms available on internet to start a blog likewise WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, blogger and to name few.

WordPress is the most popular platform among the internet entrepreneurs and first choice for how to start a blog. In fact, more than 39% of blogs are running on WordPress including this “” and you wonder WordPress is used by almost 62% of the top 100 company blogs.

2. Is blogging  Costs or Free

To instant the answer is YES.! it is Free or costs both.

You can start a blog totally free with some platform like and Google blogger platform and which means you can run your blog with google’s hosting.

But nobody recommends a free platform because these platform has limitations like you are posting a bunch of good content and sudden the platform authority find suspicious content (but actually it was not) they will penalized your blog in a second and all your hard work sinks in a moment. A part from this you don’t get enough customization to stand out with the millions of blogs.

So, the solution is to own a blog which is self hosted.

Self hosted simply means you own a plot to build a house

So, I think you are clear with the fact, that if you are building a house on someone else’s plot then you with your house can be kicked out any time. To build a house means a blog you have to buy plot i.e. hosting from a reputed hosting providers like this blog owns.
A part from this you will need a domain name too, (you will get a free domain from any bluehost plan)

Domain name simply means, you are giving a name or address to your house

you can choose domain name to your choice like, I choose i.e.

NameCheap is Hosting and Domain Provider which you can try, But I don’t use their services yet. I recommend Bluehost as I am using their services. Why ??? read below

These two steps are the foundation of your new Blog.

3. Choosing a Hosting Provider

Many hosting providers out there on internet which can get you hosting with lucrative offers. Most people flattered with these offers and purchase hosting from them, before analyzing the common factors. To avoid such mistakes, first analyze the common factors of hosting providers such as:

  1. reputation in the market
  2. up time of hosting
  3. loading speed
  4. security and most important
  5. customer support

Not all the hosting providers are bad , There are some of the best hosting providers available in the market which can fulfill all the criteria and also having good offers with competitive price tags. Some of them are Bluehost, DreamHost, namecheap, hostgator and many other to name few.


(I understand If you’re a beginner How money matters a lot, as I had same feeling) So I have chosen for you the following two solutions,

Among all these I personally trust on Bluehost and hostgator, as I’m owning their services. Except All other Premium features they are offering the cheapest hosting plans in the industry.

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They have the best customer support to resolve the problems, the industry leading up time and fastest loading speed and also with support forum you may get in touch with experts. These factors make these giants love able by most of the companies and bloggers.

In fact, when I was about to purchase hosting for my blog then I looked no other than Bluehost as I knew bluehost is preferred by industry leaders to run their millions worth projects. And over 2 million websites worldwide is powered by bluehost.

bluehost plans

With Bluehost hosting plan you will get a free domain (which saves you about $10-$15 for domain purchase) at most cheapest price tag i.e. under $4/ month and with this plan you can run unlimited blogs with different domain names. With free site builders you can create a good-looking website or blog in no time.  So before buying, choose the best and attractive domain name for your blog and go for hosting.

4. Install WordPress On Bluehost Hosting

This is the 4th step for how to start a blog and also most important step.

Now you are owning hosting for your awesome blog. The next step is to install CMS (content management system) little technical huh.!

don’t worry CMS is a term refer to some software that manage the digital content. WordPress is the best example of CMS.

With your Bluehost hosting plan you are 1 click far from installing WordPress. From your hosting control panel you may go for installing WordPress. See below picture for reference

control panel bluehost install wordpress

The process takes hardly 2 minutes to get installed and the next moment you will have an admin link to access your WordPress dashboard. like this:

wordpress dashboard

Things after Installing WordPress

5. Install themes and plugins

wp plugins and themes

This is the most beautiful thing of WordPress that it has treasure of thousands of themes and plugins to support any blog or website or e-commerce store.

Choose any of the theme from the treasure and install plugins according to your choice and make your blog stand out.

I recommend genesis themes which is fully optimized for search engine. Which cost you around $60 and if you want more cheaper but best option you must try Generate Press as I personally using this.

I suggest you to Modify your WordPress settings after Installing WordPress, Take the help from this tutorial

6. Craft your first post

Now the final step is to craft an attractive post which is easy to read and easy to understand. One more thing you need to keep in mind that your post should stay satisfactory to the reader I mean your post should fulfill the requirement of the reader.

While crafting your post please make it Search Engine Friendly also.

Suggested next steps are:

Wrapping It Up

If you still feels to have one on one mentorship,

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Now it’s over to you, I would Like to know about How you find this guide resourceful, share your experience of starting a blog and how you are going to start and what niche you prefer.

“A tiny Request If think you’ve got some good info from this guide, Please let me help by sharing this with your friends”

how to start a blog

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