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          Self Hosted Life : This platform is crafted with a mindset that is to live a dream life while earning, instead of sticking towards daily 9 to 5 boring jobs. This is the platform for the people and entrepreneur who want to host their life, instead of handing over their lives to any boss. Entrepreneur, Online business, Earn Money online, startup idea are most common topic of the this blog.

Join Self Hosted Life if you want :

  • To live with freedom & work with freedom.
  • To get rid of boring day jobs.
  • To start your own work.
  • To know the online business ideas.
  • To let the mind think beyond the level.
  • To meet with like minded peoples.
  • (The most important) To live dream life.

What you will find on Self Hosted Life :

  • An answer for most asked question “How to earn money online”.
  • A majority of content belongs to earn money online, online business and building wealth.
  • Business ideas, startups, money making resources.
  • A community of like minded entrepreneur, who share their thoughts and ideas.
  • Online business and marketing tactics.

About Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali- entrepreneur, earn money online, online business

Yeah.! That’s me behind Self Hosted Life with a community of like minded entrepreneur.

The best hobby of mine is to “Find the Solution” of any problem with best approach. I like to live freely & let myself do beyond my strength to achieve my short goals in race of achieving final goals.


Since, I’m talented (as my friends and teachers says :P) I’ve started my career as a Math Tutor after my education :), although it was not the only reason yet it was my hobby too. so, I’ve created a math blog as Math’s Buddies. As the time passed I discovered that my interest is moving towards another field, That time I’ve heard and read a plenty of articles belongs to “money management, online business, entrepreneur, earn money online“. That’s where the thought of creating “Self Hosted Life” comes into the picture. Gradually this became my passion.

Turning Point of my life :

For making more resourceful and helpful and for growth of my idea I need TIME and that’s not possible while pursuing a day life job, so, I thought to quit my job and started working for my passion and from that moment I’m continuously trying to make this platform a go – to resource for every young entrepreneur.

That’s it for now. See you next time, young entrepreneurs.!


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