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In this guide of Getresponse Email Marketing service, you will get to know about Getresponse features, Pros and cons, Getresponse Plans and pricing, comparison of its competitors, deliverability of sent emails, and lastly do it worth using or overlooking it.

Getresponse is a leading email marketing and automation service provider. Which has More than 300k+ clients in its base and delivering over 5 billion emails per month.

Let’s get started,

GetResponse Review 2020

Building an email list is key to the success of online businesses. Odds are there but it is true to 99% of Online businesses.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re running online you’ll need all kinds of email marketing tools at someplace to sustain online. Sometimes you’ll need landing pages, sometimes You’ll have to run campaigns & autoresponders, sometimes you’ll look for creating sales funnels, etc.

If I tell you that you can have all such features in one place to configure according to your need, additionally without having pro knowledge.

You might feel excited.! 😉

Getresponse understands all such issues for their clients, hence they have made their user interface one of the most easier to operate.

GetResponse Email Marketing Review

Why I recommend Getresponse

First of all, I must tell you about my experience with a free service i.e. MailChimp.

Yes, MailChimp is another service provider that is providing a free account for up to 2000 subscribers with 12000 emails per month, and also it is shown often in widget areas when using WordPress. Yet I don’t recommend this just because of What I have suffered you should not suffer.

I have used MailChimp but didn’t satisfy For three reasons

  1. Initially when I have set up a pop-up but it never showed.
  2. Email deliverability lacks.
  3. It does Not have appealing workflows.

I personally recommend Getresponse because it is all automated, which means once you have set welcome email and autoresponder it will continue to deliver to each new subscriber.

(having a question.! what’s new there, all others do the same ?)

Yes, they do but I doubt their deliverability. While Getresponse takes the Guarantee of deliverability of emails 99%.

Getresponse email marketing

Getresponse email marketing

I’m not talking about GetResponse prices and plans right now that’s can be sorted out, But this can’t be tolerated for a marketer that their emails are not receiving by recipients.

Let’s take a small example if you have an email list of 100 subscribers and you shoot an email to your subscribers and then, tell me How you feel when you come to know that your email is delivered to only 20 people of your’s email subscribers list.

That could be an unbearable loss to your time and products and potential customers. That’s what actually happens with most of the service providers.

Why Getresponse is One step ahead of Its competitors

Especially, If you’re a beginner then money matters a lot as I had the same experience. So, I’m picking plans and pricing at the very first.

Getresponse Pricing

If I talk about plans and pricing, Getresponse Is giving you the most affordable and cheapest plans starting from only $15 / mo for a list of 1000 subscribers.

In the same scenario, Aweber used to charge $29 / mo, and Campaign Monitor charges between $29 to $149. Yet Mailchimp’s price is the same as Getresponse for a list of 1000 but Mailchimp lacks to provide many advanced features that GetResponse does.

Data Segmentation

Not all your subscriber’s behavior would be the same, so to target them perfectly you need to segment your subscriber’s list.

Getresponse enables you to send your emails to multi-segment at once.

Getresponse sales funnels, pipelines

For example: If you’re having four segments in your list A, B, C & D.

Then you can easily send your email to B & C or A & C or A, B & C. Which I didn’t found in Mail Chimp and Aweber.

Let’s discuss GetResponse Pricing and Plans

Fortunately, Getresponse again providing their customers with the best and the cheapest deals in the market. With a generous Free Trial of 30 days which is enough to get to know about Getresponse and its functionality.

Let me tell you first, all Getresponse plans come with an unlimited email quota to send unlimited emails to your subscribers.

Additionally, if you go for as long as 12 or 24 month’s plan you’ll get 18% OFF or 30% OFF respectively. That’s another unbeatable bonus given by Getresponse that stands it a step more ahead?

Check the plans out,

getresponse plans and Getrepsonse reviews

Difference between GetResponse Plans

Email, Pro, and Max plans

There are three plans for Email, Pro, And Max. Yet Enterprise plan is also there but it is fully customized plans for enterprise solutions.

For beginners, I suggest going with an Email plan as it is too affordable $15/mo for up to 1000 subscribers with unlimited emails and 1 basic landing page. You can choose an Email plan from here.

(I know it also seems expensive when you’re new. But trust me this is the best investment you can give to your business)

You can upgrade your plan to Pro or Max at Any time.

There you will get extra features like in Pro plan you can host Webinars (100 attendees) along with 3 users allowed and In Max plan, you can host a webinar (500 attendees) along with 5 users.

Additionally, in an Email plan, you can create Only 1 Basic landing page and that’s also shown up to 1000 visits. But with advanced landing pages, You can publish an unlimited number of Landing pages with no traffic limit.

Features that make Getresponse top recommendation by bloggers

Getresponse Email Marketing Automation

GetResponse has a tool that lets you create forms to embed on your website to solicit newsletter sign-ups or create order forms, feedback forms, event sign-ups. You can also use GetResponse to build landing pages and surveys and publish your newsletter to Facebook and Twitter. And that’s all can be managed with one click autoresponder

Getresponse autoresponders


Getresponse has an inbuilt analytics tool that can be integrated into Google analytics for brief stats.

Scalable Getresponse WorkFlows

This is what I like the most and I hope you’ll also like it.

getresponse workflows email marketing utomation

The easy-to-draw workflows via drag and drop functionality are the best to create effective sales funnels.

Workflows basically work upon three segments i.e. Condition, action, and filter. Conditions stand for “Received email and opened or not Opened by subscribers”

Action stands by “If the links clicked or not simply called engagement happened or not”

Filter Then comes Filtration you can filter your subscriber on each step for idle subscribers and engaged ones.

The overall Workflow is none less than a map that gives you full control over the behavior of your subscribers, hence the whole process automates, and your sales funnels working while you’re hanging out with your friends.


Sending the same email content to each subscriber does not yield any result. So segmentation is a must-go.

Segment your subscribers into different groups according to their behaviors and target them with the right products.

Optimize for time zone for maximum delivery rate

I never want my sent email would get buried in my subscriber’s inbox with tons of other emails that’s what I think you also don’t want.

Getresponse Perfect timing

Getresponse is having a solution for this by Ensuring optimized delivery (99% delivery rate) with perfect timing so your subscribers get engaged with your emails most often.

Getresponse Support

GetResponse offers Live chat support (24/7) and email support to its customers. The Getresponse Support team is very responsive and ready to resolve the issues you may have right away.

Is Getresponse doesn’t have any limitations

So far, I have discussed with you all about the Pros of Getresponse email marketing including its features that made it the first choice of 300k+ entrepreneurs, Plans and pricing which is the cheapest of the industry, Support which also extremely good.

Instead of all these Getresponse has some limitations but those can be overlooked especially when you’re getting a bunch of advanced features:

  1. The templates seem to be old-designed.
  2. In the Email plan, there are limited options for landing page design.
  3. No phone support is provided. (But I had never felt to have this)

Grab the Getresponse Free Trial

As I discussed earlier Getresponse is happy to give you a free trial of 30 days for a list of 1000 subscribers with an anytime cancellation policy.

That is enough to test the software for your business.


I have tried Mail chimp But didn’t found it that user-friendly. Hence Overall if we look at the features, pricing and a free trial GetReponse deserves to give a shot.

I personally recommend you that don’t go with my words or anyone else’s.

You’ll never know what fits best for you until you give a try to anything for yourself.

If you’re interested then here’s the direct link to grab a free trial of 30 days.

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