How to Create an Online Store with Shopify in just 30 minutes (Beginner’s Guide)

I guess you might be willing to launch your own online Shopify store, big props 🙂 to your decision.

“I’m Officially Shopify expert and have partnered with Shopify”, So I thought to offer a handy guide to newbies.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through every step from Shopify store login to setting up and designing your store (with Images). Additionally, I also show you how to import & list Oberlo products (a treasure of millions of products to sell) to maximize your profit. You also learn how to run a successful Dropshipping Business.

  • If you are thinking to start your Shopify store then you probably know that you will have to deal with various customers and you will have to create their persona, you will have to send them invoices, and also you will have to keep your finances on the track. So doing all these manually can consume tons of your valuable time.
  • So, here I have got you something really helpful accounting software i.e. FreshBooks
  • FreshBooks can easily create invoices in less than 30 seconds and can manage your expenses on autopilot.
  • You can try FreshBooks for 30 days for free by signing up through this link (no credit card required for a free trial)

Let’s learn how to create a Shopify store,

Nowadays Shopify has emerged as a blessing for entrepreneurs to get real and quick success. Many entrepreneurs have made millions by dropshipping business with Shopify and Oberlo,

If you want then you can Google or YouTube some Success stories of Shopify business


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So, let’s get started…

Set up an online store with Shopify

In this Guide, you’ll come across the following points, and even after if you have any doubt then feel free to ask me in the comment (I’m very responsive to reply)

  1. What is Shopify?
  2. Why Shopify Only?
  3. How to set up an online store with Shopify?
  4. Shopify store login.
  5. Customize the design of the store.
  6. Add Oberlo products
  7. Setting up your Domain
  8. Activate payment processor.

Now let’s check out each step in details,

1. What and Shopify is?

In short, Shopify is a platform which allows their user to open an online store.

According to Wikipedia, The company reported that it had more than 600,000 merchants using the platform as of August 2017, with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $55 billion.

Being more briefer, I must tell you that Shopify has everything which is needed to set up an eCommerce store on the internet.

Furthermore, if you don’t have anything to sell online, Don’t worry Shopify has a solution for you. You can import the products of your choice from Oberlo to your Shopify store and start selling those in a count of seconds.

Using Oberlo with Shopify is undoubtedly one of the best ways of starting an online business.

2. Why Shopify only?

I thought you might have this question. So, I’ve added this. Check the answer.

No doubt there are a bunch of platforms available on the internet for launching an online store like Big-commerce, woo commerce, Wix, etc.

But Shopify has always outranked its competitors.

Like some platform allows you to open a store but don’t have product importing facilities like from Oberlo, Some platform lacks from SEO perspective which leads your store invisible for the search engine, Some platforms don’t have a ton of customization and apps to support store but Shopify has.

Apart from this, Shopify’s training center is always proven helpful for the massive success of any online store. Along with all these Shopify’s blog is an easy resource to get updated with the market trends.

3. How to set up an online store with Shopify?

To instant start and learn about the system, Shopify allows its users to launch their dream store for 14 days free trial.

online store :Shopify free trial

let me tell you, some people generate good revenue by selling products through importing from Oberlo in this 14 days free trial mode. So why not giving it a try.

After this, put your desired email there and you will be on the next page asking for the same email address, password, and store name of your choice.

Helpful Resource:- Try Business Name Generator Tool to find awesome business names.

(Pro tip: choose store name attractively and impacting and also relevant to your product niche)

Shopify online store

After this step, you will have a page asking for your basic details like your address contact details, and all.

So, after this here we have landed over the dashboard as seen in the below snap:

Shopify user dashboard of online store

Here at the dashboard’s left-hand panel, you will find all the navigation tabs and buttons:

  • Home- for a quick look at the overall performance of your store.
  • Orders- Manage your order from this button.
  • Product- the catalog of your store’s products.
  • Customers- You can make your customer’s unique profile
  • Analytics- Here you can have a look at site visitors and traffic stats for better marketing.
  • Discounts- In this area, you can create discount coupons for your customers.
  • Apps- this is the most strong point of Shopify. Here you can find a ton of apps to support your store.
  • Online store- you can view your store live from here.
  • Settings- manage store settings here like your email and passwords.

On the right-side panel:

You have three options “Find products, Customize Theme, Add Domain”.

Let’s check out individually each one

 Import Oberlo Products

As I revealed earlier in this guide that if you are not having any product to sell, you can import Oberlo products to your online store.

So all this becomes possible with Shopify & Oberlo, keep reading.

Find a product when you click over “add products” you will be redirected to the Oberlo app Oberlo products online store shopify where you can find hundreds of thousands of products of your choice.

Products are from charging cable to DSLR camera, screwdriver to heavy-duty machines, and also products from food fashion niche and a lot more you can search for.

What after importing products??? have question…! don’t worry stick with this guide I have explained this later in this guide. Before moving further think about the look of your store.

  • Customize theme: That’s what I’m telling about.

Instead of having a good product range with competitive price tags, you may not get enough sales unless your store looks good and appealing. shopify theme | online store

Shopify has a number of free and paid themes available in its database from where you can choose a template for your store. Apart from these if you have a theme you can upload it from the “upload theme” section.

  • I recommend grabbing the premium e-commerce themes from ThemeForest they have a large database of themes to support your e-commerce store perfectly.

Try not to take this step on easy hands because if you are not going to give a unique look to your store it seems to be the clone of other stores.

  • Add domain Up to this step your store address something like ““.

Which is not much appealing and also doesn’t have the potential to grab the trust of customers to draw credit cards out of their pockets.

Consider adding a custom domain that seems like “” for your awesome online store. If you have already you can connect it as like in the picture.

And if you don’t have you can buy a new one from Namecheap as Namecheap offers the cheapest domain ever with very good support to their customers.

shopify domain | online store


You are all set with your Online store. Big Props…!

Till this step, you have done everything in a professional manner.

Now as promised.!

What after importing products from Oberlo?

After choosing the best product from Oberlo you can set your price before importing (as I did, as I’m an Indian It is showing me around 1600 rupees profit on a single sale You can choose your price but stay competitive) now import that product to your store with 1 click on “Add Product” button.

Now from the product button, you can navigate to added product and you can also customize the product with attractive descriptions and names,s, etc. Oberlo product add to online store

You may check the live preview of the store where the product is being reflected. Promote this product and generate sales.

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Yes, I cannot avoid this section about payment Gateway.

Add Payment method

For this, you can navigate to the “settings” tab. Where you can offer your customers, to choose their payment method from various payment channels like PayPal, Credit cards, and even COD also.

So, it’s all that easy.


Thanks to Shopify for making it possible to start and launch an online store for everyone.

Easy customization, good attractive designs, and templates, the widest range of products to import, and nonetheless a perfect SEO optimization that makes online stores reflect on search engines. All these factors make Shopify the first choice of marketers and industry leaders.

What do you think now?

Now I’m handing it over to you, I would like to know what do you think about starting an online store with Shopify. Let me know How you find this guide useful. Let’s start a discussion in the comment section.


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 Best wishes for your online store journey”

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