Essential Blogging Tools for Beginners | That I use to Super Charge My Blog

I often asked from my readers about what Blogging tools and Resources I uses for Self Hosted Life. So I’ve put together a list of Recommended Blogging tools for beginners here.

Remember that, the Blogging tools I’ve listed here are one of those, I’ve either used or found highly recommended from the bloggers I trust.

  • Please stay in touch, As I regularly update this list whenever I come across to new blogging tools.

For Instant, If you are a new blogger and just started your blog or going to start a new blog, then you need some tools that are mandatory (not optional):

  1. Bluehost Hosting Plan – Plans starts from $2.95/mo
  2. WordPress – Free (With Bluehost you can install WordPress with 1 click)
  3. Themes – Generate Press or Genesis
  4. Email Marketing From Getresponse

Now I’m going to list some Blogging tools that are most recommended and required for actual growth of  the blog in terms of traffic, email subscribers and monetization.

Let’s get into it,

Blogging Tools For Beginners

Hosting and Domain

Bluehost: Provides the most reliable and affordable hosting Plans. Apart from that many top bloggers (I personally know) also recommend and using Bluehost hosting services for their blogs and sites.

Blogging tools for beginners

The reason I recommend Bluehost is, I’m personally using their services and found trustworthy. Bluehost offers their hosting plans starting at a super affordable price at $2.75 /mo + you’ll get a Free domain also, with

1 click WordPress installation and 1 free domain.

Learn more about >> Bluehost Hosting Plans (In-depth review + Plans compared)

If you ask for any other recommendation on Hosting, then I would definitely

Blogging tools for beginners

recommend WPengine (but it is expensive) or Siteground (Prices are almost the same as Bluehost).

Helpful comparison:

I trust these two Web hosting providers most after Bluehost.



Blogging Platform | WordPress. Org

Blogging tools for beginnersWordPress Platform is one of the easiest & best platform to start a blog.  There are tons of options, plugins and themes available in the WordPress directory to customize your blog.

WordPress is the best Content Management System, but you can also use other platforms such blogger,, tumbler, Wix etc.

Blogger– Is a Free platform by Google to start your blog. If you want to write only and don’t have any motive to monetize your blog then blogger is the best platform for you.– Another Free platform, but you can have some advanced options to customize your blog than blogger.

Tumbler– Tumbler is a micro-blogging social media platform just like twitter. Unlike Twitter, you’ll have tons of options to set up your profile. You can share photo, videos, articles, quotes and anything you have for sharing.


Designing and Themes

There is a number of WordPress themes available but they are not recommended because most of  the free WordPress themes have many loopholes. And it is almost impossible to find out those bugs only by looking at the theme.

But still, if you want to go with Free WordPress themes then I have created a list of Free WordPress Themes here

But if you are looking for any premium WordPress theme then Here I have chosen Generate Press Theme for Self Hosted Life earlier.

Generate Press offers Clean and modern design, with the bulk of customizations and also affordable (just $39) for new bloggers as well.


But now I have switched over Extra theme by Elegant.

I also use Divi for my other projects.

Normally a Divi theme cost for $89/year, but I have a license to give Divi themes to my reader and clients for less price. If you want it you can email me at “admin [@] selfhostedlife [dot] com”

After Generate Press and Divi/Extra, I always recommend Genesis from Studio Press as this themes are widely used and recommended by the number of bloggers.

Email Marketing Services and Lead Generation

Getresponse: For email marketing solution I always recommend Getresponse. As Getresponse

Blogging tools for beginners

offers a variety of features to make your email marketing super easy. Apart from this Getresponse Plans starts from $15/mo only, which is comparatively cheaper than other Email Marketing services.

MailChimp: Is a Free Email Marketing service provider. When you have less number of subscribers and starting out in blogging and email marketing then you can try MailChimp to understand email marketing’s ins and outs.

SumoMe: A tool to help you grow your blog traffic and collect email addresses to quickly build your email list, through a variety of Pop-Ups, Sign up Forms, Hello Bar and welcome Mats.Blogging tools for beginners

WP Forms: This tool helps you to design an attractive sign-up and contact forms.

Click Funnels: This tool is the far most trusted and popular among bloggers to capture email addresses and generate leads. Click Funnels has tons of features to design your landing pages and sales pages. Clickfunnel also Helps you to build high converting Funnels.

Blog Writing Tools | Content and Keyword Research

Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest is a Free keyword research tool, that can provide you with tons of long tail keywords related to your search query.

Google’s Keyword Planner: This tool is also Free button use this tool you must register a Google Adwords account first. Because Google has provided this tool to help advertisers to help them target their ads for specific keywords.

SemRush: semRush is not only a keyword research tool but also with semRush you can find quality backlinks opportunities

long tail pro keyword researchanalyse competitor and you can perform an SEO audit for your site.

Long  Tail Pro: I trust and used both semRush and Longtail Pro.

LongTail Pro is also one of the best keyword research tools out there. The best thing about LongTail Pro is that it suggests you low Keyword Difficulty keywords that your blog can rank for easily.

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WordPress Premium Services

Contact Me:- Yes.! you can contact me to help you set up and launch your blog successfully. I help my clients to set up their WordPress, plugins, themes and designing of blog layout.
If you want to take my help and want some customization on your blog, then you can contact me at admin [@] selfhosedlife [dot] com.

PlugMatterIf you want to go for premium customization for your WordPress Blog then I must recommend you to give a try to PlugMatter team.

The plug matter team is one of the best team found over the Internet. They are very supportive and they quickly grasp the needs of their clients.

Apart from that Plugmatter team also building Unique Plugins for many blogs and sites, so if you want to have any unique Plugin to fulfil your needs then they have a solution for this also.

MemberPress: If you are running membership site or have some premium content on your blog to offer your readers by charging small amounts, Then MemberPress have a solution for this. I must recommend MemberPress to use for membership sites.

Social Media Marketing tools

Tailwind: This is the only tool I use and I can shamelessly recommend for Pinterest and Instagram Marketing.

Blogging tools for beginnersIf you want to have a quick success with social media then you must be active on these two social media platforms. Tailwind can help you to be active while you are not actually on these platforms.

Through Tailwind you can schedule your Pins for a whole month and you can join Tailwind Tribes for the maximum reach of your pins.

You can read here how Tailwind helping me to drive traffic to my blog.

Hootsuite:  I use Hootsuite to schedule my tweets and Facebook post. You can use Hootsuite for free and a free Hootsuite account allows you to schedule up to 30 posts. Once your all scheduled posts get published you can schedule next 30 posts.

Buffer: Again a good scheduler for Twitter, Facebook and Google plus accounts. Buffer also offers its users a free account.


Shopify: If you want to start an online store instead of Blog, Then I must recommend going with Shopify.

Shopify Partners / Shopify Expert

Shopify has tons of customization features that can help you to gain massive success online. Also, you can import products of your choice from Oberlo, to start your dropshipping business.

I have detailed guide for you on  Shopify: How to open and launch your Shopify store in next 15 minutes.

Shopify allows you to try its services for 14 days in a free trial. And if you do things correctly then you can make sales in those 14 days also.

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing

ShareASale: ShareASale is a marketplace for Affiliate Marketers and bloggers having more than 3500+ merchants and thousands of products in various categories to promote. You can join ShareASale as an affiliate for Free.

Blogging tools for beginners

As a blogger It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you can find the number of products to promote and earn commission from them.

Clickbank: Another Marketplace for Affiliate Marketing. Clickbank especially known for digital products and have a library of thousands of products. Just Sign Up for an account on Clickbank for Free and Choose your products and start promoting.

Amazon Affiliate Program: Become an Amazon Affiliate and promote Amazon products on your blog and make commissions.

The best part of the Amazon Affiliate program is whenever a person visits Amazon from your link you will make a commission for each product that he/she buys even you have not promoted that product.

Don’t forget to check out my highly recommended Online Money Making system with zero investment

Other Designing Tools

Canva: Canva is a FREE and a perfect tool to design images and Pins for Pinterest. Tons of customisation, hundreds of Font, colours and background features have made Canva my number 1 choice to design my blog’s images.

logoPit: The best thing about this tool is you can design your logo even on your smartphone. head over to Play store and download the app and start designing your logo.


FreshBooks is an accounting ad bookeeping software which is also declared as the best accounting software of 2017 and 2018.

FreshBooks is the most essential blogging tool to manage all financial tasks such as expenses, billing,creating invoices and you can also see your tax status.

If you’re a freelancer, blogger or a small business owner then using FreshBooks can be your best decision.

Try FreshBooks and it’s all features for 30 days by signing up through this link, FreshBooks: manage accounting on autoilot.

My Words

So, I have given you my cheat sheet of success as a blogger.

Choose your tools from my recommendations and start and grow your blog.

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