How to Install SSL certificate On Bluehost? 5 minutes cPanel Guide

In this post, I’ll show you how you can easily install an SSL certificate for your website from the cPanel of your Bluehost account. Are you struggling with how to install a free SSL certificate on Bluehost?

You probably know that for Bluehost websites or for any other websites SSL certificate redirects HTTP to HTTPS. I mean, after installing a FREE SSL certificate from Bluehost your site will load with a more secure protocol i.e. HTTPS.

If you’re thinking of a web hosting plan then I highly recommend you to choose a hosting plan from Bluehost. Because with every web hosting plan you’ll get a FREE domain and a FREE SSL issued by let’s Encrypt Bluehost.

Let’s get into it,

How to Install SSL certificate On Bluehost

Installing an SSL certificate is so easy, follow the steps

  1. login to Bluehost cPanel.
  2. Navigate to the “My Sites” tab and then select a domain for which you want an SSL enabled.
  3. After selecting the domain Click on the “Manage” button.
  4. Now navigate to “Security settings”.
  5. You’re seeing a FREE SSL Certificate now just slide the button on.

This was just a quick tutorial, stick with the post for a step-by-step screenshot tutorial.

If you are unsure about an SSL certificate or confused about it then let me shed some light on the SSL certificate first.

What is SSL?

SSL means “Secured Socket Layer” which means to provide a secure protocol while loading your site. It redirects sites from HTTP to HTTPS.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS:

An SSL certificate enables your site to redirect it from HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) to HTTPS (i.e. hypertext transfer protocol secure).

how to install ssl certificate bluehost-HTTPS is ranking factor

Getting an SSL certificate for sites really pays off itself. Because

  1. SSL certificate is one of among Google’s ranking factor
  2. You tend to rank higher if you have enabled SSL.
  3. SSL builds your credibility.
  4. Your visitors and customers find your site trustworthy.
  5. Good for SEO purposes i.e. HTTPS as a ranking signal after quality content.
  6. Customers don’t hesitate to make purchases from a site that is secured.

A FREE SSL Certificate by Bluehost

Bluehost knows the value and power of an SSL certificate that’s why they are offering FREE SSL certificates to their customers.

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Yes! with every Bluehost hosting plan you get a FREE SSL certificate to start your WordPress website securely.

  • Bluehost offers a lets Encrypt SSL certificate which is really valuable that redirects your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

How to Install SSL Certificate on Bluehost- Step by Step screenshot tutorial

As I’m using Bluehost services for many years, I know about their services and the cPanel user interface. Earlier cPanel was not that user is friendly.

But recently Bluehost has introduced and changed the whole user interface and designed it very user friendly that newbies can also operate it on their own.

If you follow this step then you can install an SSL certificate for your website within 5 minutes or less.

Follow the steps,

  1. Login to your Bluehost cPanel account. (If you don’t have a Bluehost account then get a web hosting account with this Discounted link)
how to install ssl certificate bluehost- Login cPanel

2. Now click on the My Sites tab

how to install ssl certificate bluehost-My Site

3. After click on “My Sites” on the next screen all of your sites will be shown. Now select your domain here and click on the “Manage Sites” button.

How to install SSL certificate bluehost

4. Now on the next screen, you get a navigation tab. Here click on “Security” and then toggle “On” the Free SSL Certificate button.

How how to install ssl certificate bluehost- SSL Security

5. Hence this is completed on your end now Bluehost SSL certificate is installed from your end.

Remember it usually takes one hour to propagate changes and now your site should open with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://.

Bluehost SSL certificate pricing and cost

If the Bluehost SSL certificate is not working

If your site still not redirected from HTTP to HTTPS even after 4-5 hours then you must contact the Bluehost support team. (trust me they are really responsive and helpful and will get you out of this issue)

Bluehost SSL Unavailable

I often see people are searching for “Bluehost free SSL certificate unavailable”. So I thought to add this section to make it clear for you.

Let me clarify it, earlier when Bluehost charges for SSL and was not offering a FREE SSL certificate that time. So, Bluehost users were used to seeing this “Bluehost SSL Unavailable” or “SSL unavailable” status under the security tab.

But now as Bluehost is offering a FREE SSL certificate to their customers, hence you must not notice such SSL unavailable status.

Hence by following the above tutorial of Installing a free SSL certificate by Bluehost, I hope you can easily enable it for your WordPress website or blog.

Wrapping up

You have landed here to learn how to install a free SSL certificate on Bluehost, and I have laid out the whole process in a step-by-step tutorial.

I hope this guide has proven helpful to you. Let me know your views and doubts in the comment section.

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