Is Sitelock Worth It? Do I Need Bluehost Sitelock?

Sitelock is an add-on service by Bluehost while choosing a web hosting plan. It’s completely optional as another add ons. But the main doubts people having are, is Sitelock worth it? Do I need Sitelock for my website? Let’s figure out whether Sitelock is worth it or not.

Is Bluehost Sitelock worth it or not

If you’re in a hurry and want your answer (before getting into explanation) about Sitelock worthiness, then my answer is NO.

  • No Sitelock is not worth it. Because there are Free Sitelock alternatives available and you can save that money and can invest in growing your business or in better hosting.

Stay with the guide I’ll reveal why Sitelock doesn’t worth it and what are the free alternatives available on the Internet that I use myself.

Is Sitelock Worth it? How about their security Claim

To be honest, Sitelock really doesn’t worth it to pay for its services.

The main task of Sitelock is to scan your website on a regular period and detecting the possible threats and preventing your site from search engine blacklisting.

Is Sitelock worth it or not

From the above explanation, it seems that Sitelock is worth it. But let me tell you it is just a marketing tactic.

  • For almost 4 years I’m building sites apart from the Self Hosted Life blog, I never purchased any Sitelock or similar services for scanning my website for possible threats.

I’m running all of my sites with zero problems though I use some Free security plugins for my site and trust me that’s enough.

What does Sitelock do?

Sitelock does a variety of tasks to protect your website. (Remember you can have such tasks done by free resources also)

Here is the complete detail of Sitelock services

Sitelock Services Free Scanning Service By Bluehost
Automated Malware Detection Limited Malware Detection
Scan for unlimited web pages Scan for 5-10 web pages
Google Blacklist Monitoring Google Blacklist Monitoring
Automated Malware Removal  
XSS Scripting Protection  
SQL Injection Protection  
Weekly Scan Report  
Bluehost Sitelock Service

I hope you have got to know about what Sitelock does for any website. But still, I don’t recommend you to pay an additional $2.99 per month that is Billed annually at $35.88/yr.

If somehow you think that Sitelock is worth it for you then my only question is why you’re going for a shared hosting plan instead you should be looking for a premium managed hosting like WP Engine.

There you only have to focus on growing your business without being worried about security and backup solutions.

Check this video to explore Site security ways

Sitelock pricing

Still willing to know, how much does Sitelock cost?

If you choose to opt for a Sitelock addon on the Bluehost checkout page then it’ll cost you an additional $2.99 per month viz $35.88/yr.

But it costs you much more if you choose to have from their official site see below image for Sitelock cost and Prices

Sitelock Pricing

Is Bluehost Sitelock Worth It?

No, Bluehost Sitelock does not worth it.

Let’s figure it out, Tell me why you need Sitelock?

Your answer may be to protect your site from malicious attacks.

  • Yes! that’s true but paying an additional $35.88 for only Sitelock doesn’t make sense.

In order to protect your site from threats, downtime, and viruses you must be trying the below plugins.

These plugins provide a top-notch scanning service and for FREE of cost. (they have paid plans too but it’s not necessary)

  1. WordFence– I’m personally using this one for all of my sites. I highly recommend this.
  2. Sucuri Scanner

Do I need Sitelock?

Let me tell you if you sign up for SiteLock security then Sitelock provides you a trust badge. Like this,

Is Sitelock worth it or not
  • They also ask you to place this on your site. They claim that their badge builds the credibility of any site.

Let me tell you if this is the point then anyone can download this badge and place it on their website. Isn’t it?

I consider their services are good and they are also a leading giant, but if you’re starting your website or you don’t sell anything on your site then Sitelock doesn’t worth it for you.

Is Sitelock necessary?

It’s not necessary. Sitelock is not the only choice you have for site scanning and malware protection purpose.

I already revealed that you can use WordFence or Sucuri for the same purpose.

Sitelock vs SSL certificate

There is a bit of confusion about Sitelock and SSL certificate I have seen a number of people think that both Sitelock and SSL are for security purposes and having either of them is enough.

Let me clarify it,

Sitelock provides the overall WordPress files security, what Sitelock does is scans your whole website for possible threats, this includes plugins, themes, and WordPress files.

SSL certificate provides completely different types of security which are related to Domain protocol.

If someone visiting your site and you have an SSL certificate installed then Google identifies your website opening with HTTPS:// protocol, which means you are providing a secure network to the readers.

Bluehost SSL certificate pricing and cost

This way Google or any search engine prefers your site to rank higher.

How to cancel Sitelock Bluehost?

If you’re signing up for Bluehost web hosting then on the check out page you’ll see Sitelock Essential checkbox.

You only have to uncheck this box and while checking out make sure that this box remains unchecked. This is how you can save $35.88 on your final billing.

If you already signed up for Sitelock then reach out to the Bluehost support team and ask them to cancel Sitelock from your account.

Best Bluehost Pricing Discount link

So, till now you know SItelock is not worth it to go for. So now you may be going for signing up for Bluehost Web hosting Plan.

Bluehost has provided us a great deal for our readers and when you sign up with this Bluehost Discounted link you’ll be saving up to 63% on your billing.

Want more bargain price then check out How I reduce the overall billing of Bluehost Web Hosting.

Conclusion: Is Sitelock Worth it?

Bluehost Sitelock really doesn’t worth it.

By analyzing Sitelock features you have got to know that you’ll be paying for the services which you can get for free.

Which Bluehost Plan to choose-Web Hosting

Although Bluehost is far the best web hosting provider powering over 2 Million websites and recommended by WordPress itself.

  • Yet I never recommend my readers to pay an extra $35.88/year for the service that really doesn’t worth it.

Instead, you can install free plugins like Wordfence for the same job.

Hope this guide helped you figure out whether Sitelock is worth it or not. And you have got your answer that it is not worth it.

Get et to know about Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection worth it or not.

If you still have any doubt let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Bluehost sitelock security is one of the best security for a website . It protect our website from malware and hacking attacks. One of it’s best feature is it’s price is as low as $2.99 per month and annuallly it’s price is $35.88 per year.

  2. Sitelock scans for malware but does not provide solutions at the $2.99 per month price level. You will need a web developer to understand and incorporate the changes that they recommend or increase your pricing plan (wink wink). Wordfence provides the same service for free, checks for vulnerabilities, and issues a solution immediately to premium customers and then to the rest of us 30 days later. They also provide live sessions on Youtube and informative emails and blogs. I plan to upgrade to the premium service when I can afford to do so.

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