Top 5 Online Business Ideas Google is Begging You to steal

So, you are going to start an online business, Big props for your decision. To help you on the way here is the detailed guide about the top 5 online business ideas or I should say Google business ideas.


Here’s what you can expect to learn from this post,

In this post, you’ll come across the Top 5 tested and proven online Businesses that can be a game-changer in your online journey.

Apart from this, I’ve added a detailed guide on this blog, just head over to the search bar and search for the respective business idea and you’ll find tons of related articles and tutorials for that.

I have also attached an interesting Infographic featuring the business plan that works for almost all types of businesses.

Now let’s start our main topic,

Why Online Business is Preferred

The time is changing frequently, new kinds  of jobs and businesses are taking places in this internet era, and working online is becoming one of the topmost choices of everyone because it can give

  • The flexibility of time and place.
  • Availability of plenty of resources.
  • Proper guidance and mentoring can be found (mostly free of cost).
  • Variety of jobs and business according to your choice.
  • And the most important thing is the FREEDOM it can give you.
  • The continuous increase in accessing the internet has made it a more valuable spot.

As everyone is using the internet to find solutions for their tiny to huge problems. That’s where a creative mind can leverage the potential of the internet, by providing the right solution to the right people and that’s how an online business comes into the picture.

“If you can provide a solution, you can make a deal”

When I’ve searched first time on google “how to start an online business“. I had come across hundreds of thousands of ideas. Then after research of tons of hours, I’ve narrowed down my list to the “5 best online business ideas” which anyone can start without having a pro knowledge of that and also with the least investment.

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Here is an Infographic about 6 essential steps when you start your online business. Your business plan should follow these steps,

An #infographic that brings you a business plan #template that work for almosy every business whether it is an online business or an offline. Plus click to learn more about business planning and start your own, from top 5 online #business ideas inside the article.

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So, let’s get started with 5 online business ideas one by one

Top 5 Online Business

Here is the list of most demanded online Businesses and also proven to be most successful on the internet.

(You can go with provided links for more brief details)

1. Start a WordPress Blog

This is my first and foremost recommendation for doing something productive on the internet to make money online.

Click The image to learn step by step blogging>>> how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost

Hundreds of thousands of people are blogging and living their dream life by making handsome money.

The best part of blogging is you can start blogging on any of the topics which grabs your interest like it may be about your hobby or passion.

You can start blogging over sports, Travelling, finance and budgeting, DIY topics, or any of the topics you can think about.

Another best thing about this is you can have plenty of resources to get started,

For an instant, You can start blogging using  Google’s blogging platform called Blogger, and of course! you can start this free of cost.

This is free but not recommended, just because you will have plenty of limitations in customizing your blog.

So, The fact is, if you can’t customize your blog according to your readers, it is hard to make money from your blog.

Remember, I recommend starting a “Niche Blog site” ( that means picking a micro or a certain topic) creating a blog over a niche topic or a micro topic that is proven to be more profitable than on a broad topic for example:

  • cricket instead of sports
  • Hotel/Tracking, instead of Travelling.

How to earn

There are plenty of ways to make a perfect online business from blogging. Most recommended are

  1. you can display ads with your content from Google Adsense.
  2. you can promote some products which belong to your niche of the blog from the Amazon marketplace.
  3. You can hit the bench of Affiliate Marketing for making money (Most recommended, and has covered later in this post).

2. Shopify

This is my second most preferred and recommended method of doing online business and making handsome money. The reason is you can have the most rapid growth in your online business career.

If you have ever planned or had dreamed to own an e-commerce business or an online business shop where you can display some products and sell them,

Then congratulations.! Shopify has made this possible.

Shopify allows you to open an online shop (e-commerce website) with an extremely easy store setup panel.

Read this Guide which will walk you through, Each and every step of setting an online store with Shopify,

There are some online entrepreneurs that are making more than $10k a month by selling products from their Shopify stores.

I must tell you that I’m a Shopify Partner and Expert in designing and marketing Shopify stores and If you want to own my services you can click the image below,

Shopify Partners / Shopify Expert

How to earn

In case you don’t have any product to sell, Shopify has also made this possible, you can import products from oberlo (and you can set your price for such products according to markets) to your Shopify store.

You just have to market those products and grab the sales from your customers.

The best thing about oberlo is, you can find trending products or the products you like, country-wide products, and all that filtration.

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With proper setup and a good product range, you can have your dream online business progressing within a few months.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about selling other people’s products and grab the commission.

Picking a product from a marketplace (Amazon, ClickBank, ShareASale, etc.), then promote those products. Share Wherever you can, you may run ads, you may share such a product link on social media, you can review those products on your blog.

It is expected that affiliate marketing will grow by 10.1% each year until 2025 and more than 80% of retailers will opt for affiliate marketing.

Around $5.3 Billion spent on affiliate marketing only in the US in 2017. And an average of 16% of online sales is generated from affiliate links.

So these stats show the highest potential with the brightest future of affiliate marketing.

Go here for –

How to earn

Affiliate marketing is all about driving visitors to the destination site through your specified link.

If there some purchase made from those visitors you will get a commission over that sale.

For this, You need to sign up for a partner program on the marketplace (Such that Amazon, ClickBank, ShareASale, etc.) and choose the best product and get the specified link of your own and start promoting with good marketing strategies.

4. Become a Remote Worker

Well, this is one of the best methods for giving a kick-start to your talent.

Nowadays most companies tend to outsource their jobs to the people who want to work from home. The number of remote workers has increased 115% in a decade, according to a new report from Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs.  so the stats show a huge demand for remote workers.

You can read the guide to get started your career as a freelancer How to become a freelancer and where to approach for success.

How to earn

There is a number of Platforms, but I personally prefer Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr. What you have to do is to find your talent and start pitching the clients on these websites.

Make it professional by offering your service with competitive price tags.

Alternatively, for a more professional way, I recommend you create your own portfolio website and pitch the potentially interested clients for your services directly. This will give you an edge over the competitors.

I also recommend checking out a post about FreshBooks software in order to maintain your client’s data and bookkeeping. There are plenty of additional features included especially for Freelancers.

Pro tip : (you can search price range by finding people from the same category on these websites)

5. Domain Flipping

Domain Flipping means “to resell a domain”.

Do you realize that over 47,450,000 new domains are registered each year? And an additional 42,625,000 are transferred to new owners.

That’s exactly 90,075,000 customers waiting every year to spend their money. They are probably waiting to spend their money with you. If you take this opportunity seriously you can bring a huge difference in your life.

So if you are serious about making $5000 or more money every month, working less than 15 hours every week, you must master this online business.

How to earn

It is one of the most profitable online businesses as you are purchasing an attractive domain from domain providers for low prices and resell them over GoDaddy resell domain section or Flippa for higher prices.

For some people, this method is proven as a “get rich quick” scheme.

Remember, I’ve talked about online business, so this is the most amazing business you can start with. Remember business cannot sustain itself without investments. So for this, you have to invest some bucks to purchase a domain and membership.

Other Online Business

There are tons of business ways available on the internet, but for success, you must stick with one. I’m going to list some of the other online business which is also easy to start.

  1. Start making money by CPA marketing, start ASAP no bank details required.
  2. Start YouTube channel.
  3. Become a content writer
  4. Participates in surveys
  5. Publish an e-book with amazon kindle
  6. Create a digital course on any topic you like
  7. And many more others

Wrapping it up

Well, I’ve shared with you my best research in finding an online business that can lead me to my dream life someday. For that, I’ve started my blog as this is my first preference.

Also, I urge you to list your business resolutions every year or whenever you’re starting, doing so inspires you every time.

So, now I’m handing it over to you, please share with me what online business you prefer among these. Please let me know If you’re doing something other than these.

I would like to hear from you and your online business ideas, Let’s start a discussion to make online business easier for everyone.

“Please share this guide It could be helpful to others, Your share is matters a lot to us”

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