Top 5 Business Resolutions And How to Track The Year In Review Report

The new year brings an opportunity for every person to make lifestyle changes that will improve their lives. You can come up with new Year resolutions that will improve your personal life and your business or professional life.

The resolutions are a great way of regaining control of the major areas of your life, especially if they haven’t been going so well. Knowing where to start is paramount in making the right solutions. Below are some business resolution ideas you can give a try.

Top 5 Business Resolutions You Must Set

1. Using the data-driven concept to make choices

As a business owner, your online presence may be reducing your profitability without your knowledge. You can gain more control over your website by using Google Analytics.

You will monitor the traffic you get and the pages the users are more interested in. You will be able to make informed decisions with this and discover areas that need the most improvement. MonsterInsights is available to help you track all the essential factors and help you make the decisions you need to make.

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2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization can be another beneficial business resolution for this year. With this, you will not only improve your popularity online, but you will also improve your ranking. When people can find you easily, you increase your chances of converting leads to sales and making more profits.

SEO practices aren’t usually very easy, especially for beginners. You have to dedicate some time to learn about the concept and hone your skills to ensure you get the best results. Use MonsterInsights to discover the appropriate search terms for your website and use them to improve your click-throughs.

3. Blogging

Check out the Top 5 Online Business Ideas where blogging is ranked number one.

If you already have a website, create a blogging section to stay in touch with your customers.

You can post regularly on the blog and build a stronger bond with your customers. A blog can also help you command authority in your niche and make your brand more popular. Blogs also help with search engines, which means that they can help you improve your ranking on SERPs.

Make blogging one of your new years’ resolutions and remain consistent in posting.

4. Using social media

If you have not created a social media account for your business, you are losing a lot of money unnecessarily. Create an account on each platform, including Pinterest and YouTube.

All the social media platforms have tools that you can use to promote your business. Most of them are usually free, but others may ask for low fees. The value that these features and platforms have is unmatched. Start taking advantage of them.

5. Improving your email marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing solutions on the digital platform.

However, you have to be tactical about it to avoid boring your targeted clients. Start by creating a good email list that you can use to share all the information you have about your products and services. It would help if you also remembered to be careful not to spam your customer’s emails with unwanted content.

MonsterInsights is the best tool to help you achieve all your resolutions. If you get it now, you’ll receive an awesome Year in Review that helps measure their year-long successes every January.

MonsterInsights’ Year in Review report

As a MonsterInsight user, you can take advantage of the year in the review report. The report can tell you how your site has performed the last year and what goals it has achieved and what are site areas you need to pay attention to.


As the new year begins everyone prepares many resolutions for their business and life. Having a strong plan and executing effectively can make those resolutions happen.

A great resolution will get fulfilled with proper planning and the right tools in hand and MonsterInsights are one of those if you’re running an online business.

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