How Tailwind SmartGuide can Increase Your Blog Traffic

As always Tailwind again introduced a new feature named “Tailwind SmartGuide” to help you stay compliant with Pinterest’s best practices.

Tailwind (if you don’t know) is software that schedules your pinning and Posting for Pinterest and Instagram.

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If you are in Pinterest marketing for a while then you might know that Pinterest often updates its algorithm to stay on the top and in order to keep the platform secure, clean, spam-free, and solution provider.

Let me tell you, Pinterest has updated its Algorithm recently and have made some tweaks in their system to make the platform more user friendly.

Pinterest Best Practice 2021 and Tailwind SmartGuide

The updates majorly include,

Relevancy and recency

Relevancy stands for Relevant content, meaning you must be pinning your pins to the most relevant boards.

Also, you must avoid pinning here and there in the hope to gain more reach. (BTW, this way you may harm your present reach too)

Recency simply means Recent pins. Meaning the fresh pins, that’s it.

Pinterest has clarified that their system loves fresh pins and that’s to be pinned to the most relevant boards.

Let me explain what does Fresh pins stands for,

A fresh pin is an image that you have never pinned to Pinterest before.

This doesn’t mean that every time you need a new blog post, NO!

Pinterest stats recency here for the new pins meaning new images and that’s what the platform was designed for (hopefully). (not for the new URLs)

A fresh pin could be any for eg: a new pin for a new post, A newly designed image for the existing post, a new pin for the existing page or product, or a new image for a new page or product.

The main purpose of this update is to keep the users engaged and spend more time on Pinterest.

So the overall goal is to give importance and more reach to the fresh pins because this is what everyone wants to see whenever they log in to their Pinterest account.

Pinterest is fond of doing tweaks into their algorithm and from time to time they share the Pinterest best practices on their official blog or they share with their official partner Tailwind.

Each time Tailwind spread the message to the best approach and keep their users and community with the latest information from Pinterest.

Tailwind also introduces new features that help comply with the newest updates.

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To  keep you updated and comply with the best practices, this time Tailwind has introduced the newest feature i.e. “Tailwind SmartGuide”

Let me explain it,

What is the Tailwind SmartGuide?

Tailwind has introduced a new feature i.e. Tailwind SmartGuide. SmartGuide is designed to keep you updated with the best practices that Pinterest shares officially.

It also ensures that your Pinterest strategy is fruitful or not and suggests you the best recommendations to improve your reach on Pinterest.

Tailwind SmartGuide Feature

How will Tailwind SmartGuide help you?

In a nutshell, SmartGuide:

  1. SmartGuide will keep an eye on your Pinning schedule and lets you aware if your strategy is negatively impacting your account.
  2. It will also suggest quick fixes to your pinning strategy.
  3. will keep you updated with the latest Pinterest updates, so you can incorporate them into your pinning strategy.

Tailwind’s SmartGuide is also equipped with the most robust feature that is “Spam Safeguard“.

Spam Safeguard

Spam Safeguard monitors your pinning frequency and lets you aware if your strategy is violating the system unknowingly.

If you’re pinning or scheduling excessively or you’re pinning the same pins to the number of boards, then Spam SafeGuard will provide you with a notice to get back on track.

  • It also suggests you the best tips for pinning and using the smart loop feature promptly.

Based on Pinterest’s latest algorithmic updates, Tailwind’s SmartGuide is here to keep you stay on the roof.

Sign up here for Tailwind and test the SmartGuide feature’s capabilities yourself.

The newest Tailwind SmartGuide feature lets you inform if you are pinning too much or too little and also keeps you updated if your pins are the ones that you have already spread.

Wrapping: Tailwind SmartGuide

Overall the newest feature is like having a personal VA  for Pinterest marketing.

If you are already a Tailwind user then I highly recommend you try the SmartGuide feature and if you’re already using it then I ask you to share your experience in the comment section.

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If you’re not a Tailwind user then I highly recommend giving it a try at least. If you do things properly then I’m sure you’ll start You will start seeing increased traffic on your website.

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A tailwind is really a cool tool when it comes to marketing on Pinterest and Instagram, let me know if you have any doubt related to Tailwind SmartGuide then let me know in the comments.


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  1. Heard a lot of good things about this tool in the past, I have also started Pintresting marketing in recent days. Can’t wait to use this tool for my Pinterest campaigns…

  2. Tailwind seems to be an interesting tool. Going to use this for my blogs & check out how it can work for me!

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