A FailProof Strategy to Develop your IGTV Channel – Instagram Tips

Instagram continues to be the reigning social media platform for influencer marketing.

Over these years, Instagram has changed its algorithm as well as introduced many new functions and features. The long-form video content creation platform proves as an excellent Instagram marketing tool.

This video platform allows Instagram users to create longer videos and allow content creators to get creative while promoting a brand.

IGTV increases the chances of discoverability. The platform is a more immersive way to network and engage with the audience. The IGTV platform, when used with a strategy, helps in better business marketing and engagement. 

IGTV – The Perfect Tool for Instagram Content Creators 

IGTV can significantly help in the marketing business and build engagement in promoting influencer marketing.

IGTV is available as a standalone app, as well as a video platform accessible via Instagram. It is an excellent platform for long videos – perfect for marketing and promoting a product, takeover, tutorials, or generic narrative sessions. 

  • IGTV started as a vertical-only extended video content platform. However, today it supports both vertical as well as horizontal videos. 
  • The long-form video content creation and upload are easy. A regular Instagram user can create an IGTV video for 10 minutes, and a verified user can create a video up to an hour-long. 
  • The creators or brands can post a one-minute preview of the IGTV video on the feed and continue watching further. This gives more visibility to the video. 
  • The content creators and brand can create a series of IGTV videos to make it more engaging and connect with the audience. 
  • The integration of the IGTV on Instagram app beyond the small IGTV icon makes it easy to upload and share the IGTV video using the Instagram Direct option. 

Best Strategies for Creating an Engaging IGTV

IGTV is a relatively new feature but a strong marketing tool. It gives Instagram users the edge of using both photos and long-form video to engage.

The brands can highly benefit from IGTV without relying on another video platform. However, it is necessary to evaluate the options and build a strong strategy for building a strong IGTV network. 

Network and Promote Using Long-Form Video

IGTV is a perfect tool for engaging with the audience by sharing relevant information.

A regular Instagram user can create an IGTV video of up to 10 minutes, which is enough to talk about a topic in brief or create tutorials.

If you have good engagement on the Instagram photos, it is more likely that you benefit from the Videos. This is because the users who follow you get both – pictures and video content on the same platform. 

Use IGTV for creating mini-tutorials and DIY videos. For example, if your Instagram is about health and fitness, use IGTV to create a “work-out session” or “Quick and healthy recipes” videos to engage more with the audience. This helps to create promotions for relevant products or services and spiral up the Influencer marketing game.

The IGTV allows the creators to be more creative in their content creation. It is easy to create, edit, and upload the videos on IGTV, unlike other video sharing platforms. 

An IGTV Series to Continue Engagement 

For creating an IGTV Series, the first thing you need to decide is the theme and format.

The series is the continuity of information hopping from one video to another. Use the free video creator for creating episodes and series.

The theme and style should be the same for the videos, preferably something that engages your audience more.

It might take some time to figure out the format that works for your Instagram but does the necessary research and trial for investing time in creating the IGTV videos.

There are a ton of ideas when it comes to series but make sure it resonates with what your Instagram is all about and the audience.

For example, if you are a fashion Influencer – create IGTV Series on styling, fashion tips, and shopping hauls. If you are a travel influencer – you can create a series of IGTV videos exploring different places or talking about it. After announcing the series, make sure to stick to the format and be consistent.

While creating a series, make sure not to divert from the topic or subject to keep the audience engaged and coming back to your IGTV channel. 

Promotion of the IGTV Video

Do not get casual because it is an IGTV video. Good and engaging IGTV videos can increase followers and help better marketing for a brand.

Certain elements add the much-needed edge and richness to the video. 

  • Create a teaser video for the IGTV series. This includes giving a brief about the format, episodes, and content type. 
  • Use title screens to help the audience know what the video is all about. Make sure to use the same format for subsequent IGTV videos.
  • The CTA or call-to-action at the end to like, share, and comment on the video will help the audience engage more and amplify the engagement. 
  • The promotion of the video is equally important as editing and aesthetics. Make sure to create interesting and attractive thumbnails and titles for the video. Make sure the thumbnail has something crisp and not blurry. 

Lastly, after uploading the IGTV, use all the available resources to share the video. It is a good idea to promote the upcoming video via Instagram stories and feed even before it is uploaded to build the anticipation. Share the IGTV on social media platforms. 


IGTV was launched in the year 2018, and since then, it has been changed and modified for the suitability of the content creators.

The long-form video content creating a platform on Instagram allows Instagrammers, businesses, and brands to promote their product and services using video without jumping to other platforms.

A strategic way to develop an IGTV channel requires understanding what format and video content works for you and for engaging your audience.

A lot of content creators have seen a spike in engagement and stats after using the IGTV strategy.

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