Believe it or not it is the look and design of your blog which either force your readers to stick with or force your readers to live the page.

A clean design with properly navigated pages, appealing images, position of search bar, subscription box and the place of social sharing buttons are the key features of a professionally designed blog.

So here in this guide, You’ll learn to design your blog professionally.

Every blogger wants their blog to stand out from the crowd, so they invest a big amount of time in designing their blog “Including Me”.

In some of my previous post I have taught how to configure the back-end of your blog  and here I’m going to guide you how to design front-end of your blog.

As most newbies thinks that Blog Design is all depends upon choosing a right blog templates  and plugins, but I personally consider it is not the only thing, there are other important aspects also plays their role.

There are many ways to design your blog some of them will cost you and some of them are totally free.

For instant, today I’m only sharing tips that don’t cost you to creatively design your blog.

Blog design Checklist

To be honest I personally changes the design of my blog so often.

If  you’re just starting out, then I recommend you to design your blog after posting 4-5 articles, as it gives you the best experience to configure your blog properly.

Let’s check out the other aspects,

1. Choose a Best Blog Design Templates

It is the first and foremost step of designing any blog. I suggest you to choose a theme according to your niche and type of your blog.

Like if you are writing tutorials then your blog should look clean and focused on tutorials so you must go for Generate Press, Genesis.

If you are running review based, trending news based, any other niche blog then you must go for some magazine type themes.

2. Add Supplementary Pages

Now you should make a list of pages that should reflect your Niche and giving proper directions through out your blog.

As my niche is Blogging and Make Money online, So I’ve created pages that are Learn Blogging, Online business, Make money seriously etc. So make a list of relevent pages first.

pro tip: You can take ideas from other blogs for pages

Additionally, I recommend you to Add must have pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer Pages. Apart from this you can add some more pages based upon your topic and niche.

Pro Tip: Dont overload your blog with many pages, only add those which make sense.

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3. Add Social Sharing Buttons

It is one of the main key point that to have Social sharing buttons so that your reader can share your articles easily on social media. To make it easy add social buttons after post and after pages and also add floating buttons only left side as you can see here at Self Hosted Life.

To resolve this you can use Social Warfare, as it is one stop solution for adding social buttons.

4. Place Search Bar

Search bar is a junction of your blog.

Think, If your reader wants to make a random search for some content into your blog and they are struggling to visualize search bar, then how annoying it could be. So,  having a search bar gives your reader a proper navigation.

The best place of search bar is the top or header.

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5. Subscription Box

You should give your readers an opportunity to come again and again.

And in this way they would get updates from your blog time to time. For this you should place a subscription box just after your post or page.

You can use Mailchimp for this as Mailchimp is a free email marketing service allow you to create subscription box which you can embed on your blog/site.

But the subscription box that are created with mailchimp are not so attractive to convert visitors into subscribers. So, to increase your number of subscribers you must go with Getresponse.

6. Design Your Blog Footer

A well designed footer will stay last in reader’s mind.

A best part of footer is you can give a chance to your visitors to stay connected with you, this can be in any form. Like you can put your social follow buttons, you can place a subscription box in the footer, or some product that you want to promote.

To give your blog a professional touch you must think to add, some quick links to your pages, archives or recent posted articles along with social sharing buttons.

A proper navigation from footer will also help in reducing Bounce rate.

7. Create Social Media Pages

People are more likely to be socially connected and that’s where this opportunity comes into the picture for you.

By creating social media pages you are allowing readers to stay connected for long time.

Adding your Social media Follow buttons, your reader will be able to connect with you socially. And it is more likely that they will follow you. Trust me it increases credibility too.

8. Create Quality Content

Nevertheless, How optimized your blog and how professionally blog design you have, if you are not producing quality content then all the efforts for your blog design will vanish.

So, try to optimize your content perfectly for readers and also SEO optimized so that it gets noticed by search engines too.

Before producing any content, research well about your topic and add brief details in your post.

If you want you can take the help of Plugmatter team to configure your WordPress blog Professionally. That’s what they have done for many leading Blogs of the internet. You may check out their services along with testimonials they received by their customers here.

SO, That’s a wrap on how to professionally design your blog.

So I think you have got an idea about creative blog design is how much important to sustain among millions of other blogs.

I have given you all the tips which are being used by Self Hosted Life along with many popular blogs.

So, it’s your turn to let me know If you are using other tactics or you know something that I missed here.

Let’s discuss over the topic and make your blog more user-friendly.

“A tiny request, Please share these SEO tips with your friends.!”

CHecklist to blog design

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