You have a great Pinterest marketing strategy in the back to market your business on Pinterest.

But even doing everything perfectly on Pinterest you’re still not getting the right amount of traffic and not enough affiliate sales.

So, what is there that other Pinterest Pro knows and you are missing and what their pinning strategy is?

Articles that will really be helpful to you while crafting your Pinterest marketing strategy

Sometime you might get depressed by seeing other Pinterest marketer’s traffic analytics and income reports.

Let me tell you, this is not the moment to get depressed, but performing continuous evaluation and reforming your marketing strategies you will eventually hit the ground someday.


But the question is what to reform in your Pinterest marketing strategy when you are thinking that you are doing everything to market your business on Pinterest.

So, to help you reform your Pinterest marketing strategy, here I’m giving you daily weekly and monthly tasks list that you should opt for better results.


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Pinterest Marketing strategy

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Planner

If you want to drive traffic and make money from Pinterest then you must have a rock solid Pinterest marketing strategy to support your business.

So, I’ve put together a proven Pinterest strategy that will help you to achieve your goals.

Daily Planner for Pinterest Marketing

1. Pin Actively:

There is no hidden secret that active users are preferred by the platform and you must reflect yourself as an active pinner. 

  • Using Tailwind can avoid pinning manually and save your time and also reflects you as an active pinners

You wouldn’t want to pin 30 on a given day and run away from Pinterest for a week. In fact, by doing so you would be hurting your profile ranking.

When It comes to pinning, you should be consistent. Pick a number of pins that you want to pin daily and be consistent for at least 2-3 weeks, and then observe whether pinning is working or not.

Note: I said wait for 2-3 weeks because when you change your pinning strategy Pinterest itself takes time to understand and adjust with your pinning strategy.

2. Pin other’s content also

You should not throw your pins always, instead you should be a curator, not a spammer.

Remember you are on the platform to help your audience in finding great content, so if you don’t have something to offer your audience then curate it from others.

3. Pin from Homefeed:

Pinning from home feed gives a good signal to a Pinterest algorithm that you are liking what Pinterest is curating for you. Hence pin relevant and high-quality images from homefeed to your relevant board.


4. How to identify high-quality Pins:

use this checklist for this

  1. Pins that have high-resolution images
  2. Check the link whether it is working or the link is broken
  3. Check the link whether it is landing to the promising stuff or not
  4. I know visiting each pin takes times and it could be tedious.
  • But I have a solution for you to curate high-quality content with no stress. Read further,
  1. Use Tailwind Tribes , because most of the bloggers using tribes and sharing their content there. So, you can easily curate high-quality pins from there.
  2. See the link where it is going.
  3. Tailwind Tribes are free to join even if you are not having a Tailwind account.

5. Check your notifications and messages:

Check your notifications about how your pins are getting engagement and repins and who are saving your pins.

You also get to know about your fellow blogger’s activity about what content they are pinning from your notifications only, that also help you to polish your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Weekly Planner For Pinterest Marketing:

  1. Identify your top performing Pins-

You can identify your top performing pins in two ways, one is going to Pinterest analytics>> your Profile here you can see your top pins that have performed well in a given month.

The other way is to go to Tailwind’s Pin Inspector tool, here you will get more advanced data about your pins, like which pin have got more repins.

Tailwing pin inspector

Analyze why these particular pins have got repins?  Notice the Design, Text and try to replicate success.


2. Identify your top posts

You have always noticed that some of your posts are getting good traffic from Pinterest and others are not even touching their foot.

Analyze this gape and find out why those becomes popular? Does the specific pin design is responsible? Or the content that appealed Pinterest users to read that piece of content.

3. Create more and attractive images for old content

It is always good practice to show some love to your older posts by designing new pins for them.

Because it is often noticed on Pinterest that traffic to the older posts gradually decrease if those pins didn’t get initial traction when published. (Reasons could be your poor pin design or text on the pin was not appealing)

  • So from that to now I’m sure your pin design would have improved and now you have a good understanding about the Pinterest audience, So chances are your post may get traction and drive traffic for you.

4. Finding a cloud word from a tailwind

How do you know what people are searching on Pinterest so they are getting your pins on their screens?

If you have these keywords in your hands you might better craft your content strategies.

Well, there is no tool available on Pinterest, But you can get these keywords from Tailwind word cloud.

Tailwing word cloud

5. Have a quick look on followers profile

You are getting followers on Pinterest, so it is also a good practice to visit their profiles and engage with their content too.

  • I suggest you follow some of them too whose content is highly related to yours.

6. Have a quick look on Analytics

Go to Pinterest Analytics at least once a week and find out what is happening on your Pinterest Profile, what pins and boards are getting good traction.

What is the demographic of your audience and what are their interest?

Knowing your audience can build your Pinterest profile a brand.Click To Tweet

Monthly Planner for Pinterest Marketing

1. Reschedule engaging pins again

Find out which pins have got most clicks and saves last month and reschedule them to the next month also.

By doing so you reflect that the content is still valuable for the Pinterest audience.

  • While rescheduling any pin just make sure to keep some gap so that you don’t flood your follower’s smartfeed with same content daily or weekly.

You can easily schedule your pins for a whole month within an hour or two from Tailwind, and thus you will be keeping a good gap between the same pins.

2. Create more Boards

I highly recommend you increase the number of relevant boards that stand around your niche.

Thinking, Why I recommend this?

Now you might have this question, What boards should I create?

Let your niche is travel and you want to create some boards around your topic then Pinterest itself tell you what you should go with, Just see the image below,

Pinterest SEO 2018, Pinterest SEO for samll business Pinterest marketing marketing


3. Leave under performing boards

Pinning to low performing boards, again and again, will hurt your profile ranking and Pinterest may list your profile under the spammer’s list.

To play safe you should be careful and avoid pinning to the boards that have low engagement.Click To Tweet

Unfortunately, you can’t find out the low-performance board from Pinterest analytics. Though Pinterest shows only top 20 performing boards that include your personal boards and group boards.

But you can’t find out which group board has not brought you any repins and likes the previous month so if you continue pinning in those boards, you will be putting yourself in a black hole.

Well, If you ask me how I analyze my board performances, then my answer will be Tailwind’s Boards insight tool.

  • I know you are more curious about my strategy, so let me reveal it to you.!

From this tool, I filter boards list to Group boards only and then I arrange the list in decreasing order of repins.

Thus, I get a final list of the boards, the boards which are on the top of the list are the ones that have got most repins the last month.

Check Out the image

Tailwind board insights

  • The boards which are listed in the last in this list are less performing boards that I prefer to leave.

4. Analyze the data briefly

I must ask you to analyze your Pinterest and Google analytics data once in a month and observe the data briefly.

Here’s a checklist about What you should analyze monthly

  1. Weekly performance from Tailwind dashboard.
  2. Pins that have most impressions and clicks
  3. Activity from your websites
  4. Boards that have got the most engagement
  5. Audience interest and demographics

To stay up to date with Pinterest trends, keep in touch with the Pinterest newsroom and tune your strategies with the trends.



I have given you the exact Pinterest marketing tips that I use to supercharge my Pinterest marketing game and that drive massive traffic for me from Pinterest.

If you want to learn more about pinterest and want to copy an exact marketing strategy from a blogger who is driving 300,000 visitors from Pinterest monthly then go here and check out their Pinterest Marketing Course.

Let me know in the comment section, how this daily weekly and monthly Pinterest Marketing plan help you.

Moreover, Here I have put a handy downloadable checklist that will keep your Pinterest activities on the track.

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