An Ultimate Guide on Pinterest Marketing for eCommerce Brands

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Are you looking for some practical ways to boost your sales on Pinterest? Well! If you’re an eCommerce business owner or have recently started marketing your business on Pinterest, you’re surely on the hunt for a strategy for eCommerce branding that proves to be a real game-changer for your business.

The Pinterest platform is full of e-commerce features that can drive more sales and traffic to your website.

To aid you in this regard, we have compiled this guide which includes:

  • Why is Pinterest a powerful platform for your eCommerce brand?
  • Nine steps for building an effective strategy for E-commerce brands?
  • How the Tailwind tool can help you in marketing through Pinterest?

So, Let’s get into it

Why is Pinterest a Powerful Tool for Your E-Commerce Brand?

Before you start Pinterest marketing, it is better to understand how Pinterest can benefit your business.

Pinterest is the most powerful platform for eCommerce branding and marketing products. To show you the potential and It is just not the wording, check out the statistics below

  1. 93% of people plan for purchases and research for new products.
  2. 40% of users have huge spending power with a household income of around $100k+.
  3. 52% have seen something on Pinterest and made a purchase online.

Here Pinterest itself shared an infographic about what users does on the platform,

Pinterest users pinning intent for ecommerce products

When it comes to eCommerce the most valued metric is “Average Order Value”. If you are running a store then your focus must be on maximizing AOV.

And guess what, Data speaks that the platform which can give you the maximum ROI is Pinterest.

Average order value on Pinterest

Here you can see that the AOV on Pinterest is just double that on Facebook.

Now I’m expecting that you’ve got to know about the potential of Pinterest marketing.

Now, the next major thing to figure out is whether your business niche has enough targeted audience size on Pinterest to target.

Pinterest is considered to be a female-centric platform but more than 50% of new male signups can’t be ignored. Hence you can find thousands of loyal customers for sure no matter what your products are most appealing to.

ECommerce Niche for Pinterest

The above data shows that the pinners are spending their money and purchasing almost everything (irrespective of the spending ratio)

Since its creation Pinterest has grown as one of the major social networks but to establish your brand and boost your business; you first need to have comprehensive knowledge about how Pinterest actually works.

According to a survey, nearly half of the social media users use Pinterest to search for shopping products. The number is three times more than that on Facebook and Instagram.

It also means that Pinterest has a much higher purchasing rate than any other social media platform.

Benefits of Using Pinterest for eCommerce Brands

There are numerous benefits of using Pinterest for your brand. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of Pinterest.

  • You are directly engaged with your targeted audience.
  • Never-ending customer domain.
  • Increased referral traffic.
  • More product visibility
  • You receive direct feedback from your customers about your products.
  • You can create Boards according to your product categories to showcase your products more attractive.
  • Pinterest is a search-based platform that gives an edge to optimize your business account for maximum visibility.

Now you know the power of Pinterest, let’s head over to the marketing strategy for your eCommerce brand,

Nine Steps for Building An Effective Marketing Strategy for eCommerce Brands

If you haven’t invested your time yet on Pinterest, I’m sure that you’ve made your mind after reading about its benefits.

From 2019 to 2020 till now, Pinterest notices a 26% increase in its monthly active users. These numbers show considerable growth in the international market. Besides this, during the past 12 months, Pinterest has introduced the latest features to promote eCommerce brands.

With this in mind, here are nine ways to effectively use Pinterest to excel more in your business and drive more sales and traffic.

1. Converting to a Business Page

Instead of using a personal profile for boosting and marketing your business, create a business page. Creating a business account gives you access to analytics and Pinterest ads. With that, you can easily find out what type of pins get the most engagement so that you can create more pins similar to that.

Also, you get a chance to direct link your website to your profile. See below how Kidenhouse Optimized their profile.

Kidenhouse Pinterest profie

The business profiles are mainly designed for promoting your business on Pinterest and allowing you to interact with the clients directly. There are various benefits of making a business page for your brand.

Also now eCommerce business pages can have a dedicated Shop tab on the top of their Pinterest page giving the customers a direct option to look onto your other products.

shop tab on Pinterest

All you have to do is add your website address to confirm your account, and then you’ll be allowed to use all extra and useful features that help in maximizing your business.

2. Add PINs on Your Website

The second step towards an effective eCommerce brand marketing strategy is to promote your products on your eCommerce website.

It means that you should first introduce the products you’re willing to sell on your website before announcing them on Pinterest. You must embed the Pin button on your website this is an easy way to get your product images shared on Pinterest.

And also add share buttons to get your products shared on Pinterest. It is not difficult to do. You can use various social media sharing widgets to include the necessary social media sharing tabs.

Share button for Pinterest
Customers are much attracted to special offers and discounts. Thus, you can attract customers on your Pinterest page by giving discounts for Pinterest users on the site.

3. Focus on WIIIFM PINS

Users must get to know about WIIIFM (What’s in it for me) when they see your pins.

For fruitful results, use Pins with all the relevant and extra information about the catchy eye product and grab users’ attention. Such Pins provide customers with answers to their questions like information about product availability, features, and pricing.

I recommend embedding the Rich Pin feature, with that all such information will directly be pulled over to Pinterest without manually adding them.

Pin SEO description

Using this strategy improves the click-through rate, and makes the pin eligible for popping on Pinterest feed.

Do you know why this strategy is best? Well! It’s because it gives price notifications. If you introduce any discount offer or the price of your product drops, the customers will get information about Pinterest’s dropped price and encourage them to buy the product.

4. Choose an Attractive and Unique Logo for Your Business

Make sure your brand has a good logo or a profile picture on Pinterest. It’s essential to have an identity for your business because people can quickly identify you on Pinterest.

Do make sure that the image or logo you used is up to 160 x 165 pixels. Moreover, add a short description of your company so users can have an idea about your business, its objectives, and your selling products.

Look how Protools Optimized its profile

Protools logo

I also recommend being consistent with respect to colors and fonts when designing your pins. So users on Pinterest quickly recognize and interact with your pins when they appear on their feeds.

5. Shop the Look Pins

Shop the Look pins are buyable pins. Such pins make the purchasing process easier and customers can buy that product on Pinterest directly.

And the best part is Pinterest doesn’t charge for this and if you promote such pins then you can expect to have more sales.

The major advantage with such buyable pins are, there comes a “Buy It” button alongside the “Pin It” button.

Buy it Button On Pinterest

6۔ Use PIN Videos to Display Your Products and Services

Video PINs are successful in reaching out to maximum people. This makes it a successful strategy for capturing buyers’ attention.
Videos are an excellent way to showcase your products. The customers can see the display visually and satisfy themselves, making a massive difference in driving sales.

If you upload a video then you have more chances of ranking on Pinterest, as Pinterest offers a direct video search option to the users.

Video Pins search option on Pinterest

Most of the search results on Pinterest have a Video Pin option at the top of the result page. It gives an extra boost to your exceptionally reputable business. For example, the video Pin by Mr. and Mrs. Muscle is the top search result for fitness training.

  • To add videos on your Pinterest account, record a video, select a date and time to submit your content for review, and once your video gets approved by Pinterest, it will go live on your selected board.

7. Perform Pinterest SEO

Another effective strategy for e-commerce branding on Pinterest is to invest in Pinterest SEO. Pinterest is a search-oriented platform; users do search to find out relevant products. Thus, SEO is a great way to reach potential customers.

Add relevant keywords to your products on Pinterest and link them with the targeted audience. For instance, if your business is related to stylish items, then make a search on Pinterest. You’ll get tons of Keyword Ideas

Pin SEO description and keywords

There are three places you must add your target keywords for improving Pinterest SEO.

  • Pin Description: You should add the optimized keywords in your Pin description and add them to Pin titles.
  • Pin Title: It is the most crucial element of Pinterest SEO. You should add at least one or two optimized keywords in the Pin title.
  • Pin Boards: It is another place to include keywords. Optimize the titles and description of Pinterest boards to see significant results.

8. Use Promoted Pins (Pinterest Ads)

You must not ignore the most powerful tool offered by Pinterest i.e. Promoted Pins.

Promoted Pin structureSo the question How would you decide which product pin to promote?

Of Course, you can’t promote all the pins and vanish your marketing budget. But What I recommend is to go to your analytics and find the pins with maximum engagement and start promoting those pins.

I’m sure you’ll amaze by the results.

Up Your Pinterest Game with my over-the-shoulder Pinterest Marketing strategies eBook.

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9. BONUS TIP: Automate your Pinning Tasks and create a failproof strategy

On Pinterest, you need to share new pins frequently to comply with Pinterest’s best practices.

Running an eCommerce business is not that easy, you have multiple tasks to perform every day from getting customers to fulfilling their orders.

At the same time, you have to market your products consistently to take over your competition.

But creating pins and sharing them manually is not the actual task you should invest your time into instead you must automate the whole pinning tasks and focus on growing other parts of your business.

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I recommend, use tools like Tailwind (an official Pinterest Partner) a pin scheduler, to automate your pinning and posting tasks at regular intervals.

Let me explain to you how Tailwind can help you thrive in your eCommerce business.

How Tailwind Can Help You in Marketing on Pinterest?

Tailwind is the official Pinterest partner that’s specialized in content marketing. It offers various features and tools that help build a strategy for e-commerce branding and marketing.

To implement the steps mentioned above, it’s essential to use the Tailwind tool as they serve the base for bringing fruitful results.

I indeed recommend you use this app because of its various unbeatable features.

1. You can Schedule Pins with Tailwind Smart schedule

Using rich Pins is a good idea, but it becomes even more significant when you schedule your Pins, so you can still update your clients if you’re busy.

With the Tailwind Smart Schedule feature, you’re suggested with the pinning time slots of peak engagements.

This is great because you might not know when is the right time to pin on the platform, but Tailwind knows.

tailwind smart schedule

If you’ve enabled the Rich Pins feature then you can schedule your product pins with Tailwind and then pricing and descriptions will be fetched automatically.

You can now easily manage all your scheduled pins without any hassle and need no spreadsheet to record all your Pins. This feature automatically tells you if you have pinned something and results in quick outcomes.

2. Pinterest Analytics and Reporting

We talk about Pinterest SEO but have you thought about the success of your SEO? How would you know if you are making a mistake?

Tailwind offers a Pinterest analytics and reporting feature.

Tailwind Insights and analytics

With this tool, you can analyze your Pinterest SEO performance as well as track followers and engagements. You can also get Google analytics reports about visits and revenue and think of better ways to improve if you lack at any point.

3. Pin inspector and Board Monitoring

Another way to boost your business via Pinterest is to use Tailwind to inform you about the best pins and boards.

With a number of pins and boards on your profile, it is hard to track them and create an effective strategy.

But if you know what type of product pins are getting the most repins and from which board you can create better strategies and improve your results.

To solve this I recommend using pin Inspector and board insights features by Tailwind.

Tailwind pin inspector

4. Grow Your Business With Tailwind Communities

Did you know that whenever you share a pin then Pinterest distributes your pin to your followers first, if the pin gets a significant amount of repins then it is distributed further?

The conclusion is, initial engagement matters a lot on Pinterest. To help you get initial repins and engagement Tailwind offers a feature “Tailwind Communities

Tribes are the group of Tailwind users of the same niche. It means that you can easily connect with people of your niche. By connecting with these people, you can share all the relevant content related to your products and services and increase your reach. Pinterest Algorithm and pinterest chnages in 2018 showing in tailwind tribescreenshot

See above, I’ve got 52 reshares and 8 repins for the pins that I shared in this tribe. So it is a must to use the feature.

You can develop relationships with like-minded people by taking suggestions and tips and then applying them to your brand. If you want to join more tribes then you should buy a Tribes Pro powerup.
With a Powerup of Tribes Pro (which costs you $7.49/month), you can join 10 tribes and 80 tribes submissions per month.

5. Smart Loop

It is the latest and unique feature that Tailwind offers to its Pinterest users.

You can add some or all your pins in a loop and share them at different times. It saves a lot of your time doing repetitive tasks and allows you to focus more on more critical business work.

Tailwind smartloop

See above my 9 pins are looping automatically among 6 different boards which bring me regular traffic to my site.

With a Tailwind Plus plan, you are allowed for 250 smart loop posts per month, 1 pin to 1 board is considered as 1 loop. For more loops, you can purchase powerups starting from $7.50/month.

The Bottom Line

Towards the end, all we can say is that Pinterest is the best for eCommerce branding and with strategic efforts, you can expect to have a great ROI.

You should use this platform, but following a strategy is an excellent option for maximum results. There are various steps to achieving a successful Pinterest strategy.

The steps mentioned above are the best ways to expand business on Pinterest. Secondly, you can’t just achieve success with the steps discussed above. You need to use some tools like Tailwind and take advantage of its features.

Tailwind offers everything from scheduling pins to detailed analytics of individual pins and boards. The tool also suggests the best timing through the Smart Schedule feature and the SmartGuide feature keeps you compliant with the Pinterest best practices.

I recommend use the features offered by Tailwind and combine them with Pinterest trends and feedbacks from your customers, and gradually you’ll see a huge improvement in your eCommerce business.

Now let me know what other Pinterest strategies you follow and how this post helps you in marketing your business on Pinterest.

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