On Page SEO Techniques To Get Higher Rank On Google

Writing simply A blog post and writing a blog post with on page SEO techniques are a totally different thing. A well written blog post with proper on page optimization in SEO can bring a massive improvement in ranking on Google.

To optimize any post you must select a keyword and that keyword should be placed on some appropriate places to give signals to search engines.

Apart from this, your Title, meta description, Image tag, Headings are also important aspects to make your post SEO friendly.

(SEO means: Search Engine Optimization)

On page SEO Simply means to optimize a post or article with respect to search engines, so your post can rank higher in search engines. Hence your blog gain exposure.

For instance, keywords are those search terms that people put in the search bar. Like if I’m searching ‘Apple I phone 6’ for any query related to I phone 6, that probably others are also searching for the same hence this is a keyword.

Now those articles will rank higher who have optimized their post for I phone 6 for SEO perspective.

In this post, I would like to give you an on page SEO checklist to get better ranking on search engines.

A Checklist For On Page SEO Techniques 2018

Before diving into on page SEO checklist I would like to ask you to either bookmark this page or jotted down these points somewhere you can find easily. As this post directly belongs to your each upcoming posts.

If you are a video learner, then here is a great video about On-page SEO optimization by Brian Dean,


Now, let’s start it one by one

1. Choose Keywordlong tail pro keyword research

All things start with the keywords when it comes to optimizing for SEO.

First of all, Choose a keyword which easily describes the content of your post. I personally recommend using Long Tail Pro to research keywords.

As this is cost effective and also gives you the best keyword results ever.

For an instance, you can use Google auto suggest. I ask you to head on to Google’s search bar and put your keyword there, then Google auto suggest you some most relevant keywords. like in this image, choose one out of these.

But from this research, you may have a good starting idea.

On Page SEO techniques

2. SEO friendly URL Structure

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, those pages are preferred to rank higher who have keywords in their URL.

Like if your blog post keyword is “Ferrari Cars”  then instead of having a URL as “www.yourdomain.com/best-luxury-cars” you have to structure your URL as “www.yourdomain.com/ferrari-cars” to rank higher.

3. Optimize Title tag and Meta description

Use your keyword in a title of your post.

By doing this your URL structure problem would also be sorted out, As WordPress automates the URL according to Title of your post.

As Google displays the first 50-60 characters of your post so try to drop your keyword in the first paragraph.

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4. Use Related Keywords (LSI)

Related keywords are also known as LSI (latent semantic index).

Whenever you make a search on Google, Google itself predicts some related keywords at the bottom of the search page. These predicted keywords are known as LSI.

LSI SEO keywords

So try to Utilize these keywords in your post which empower your post for the search engine to rank higher.


5. Improve Image SEO

When you upload some image into your post you have options to set Alt tags and title tag to improve the SEO of image.

I suggest you set Alt tag using your main keyword and title tag using your LSI keyword.

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6. Keyword density

Using keywords in your whole content randomly is good for SEO. But stuffing your keyword several times unnatural with a hope of getting noticed by the search engine may damage your content.

Thus your whole hard work will go in vain in no time.

So, I suggest you keep your keyword density between 1-2% and use keywords where it fits naturally.

Say, if your post is about 700 words you should use your keyword between 7-10 times.

7. Readability

Readability is another important factor to include in on page SEO techniques.

Using proper headings, subheadings, underlines and quotes and grammatically corrected sentences can boost your post unexpectedly.

8. Optimize The Length Of Your Post

Length of any article is one of the best on page optimizations in SEO.

Google likes the long detailed articles. According to experts, your article’s word count should not be less than 500. But it is always better if you can manage to write somewhat between 1000-1200 words.

Here at Self Hosted Life, most of the blog articles are 1500+ words long but I suggest, Reaching the limit should not be your motive. You must focus on providing quality.

9. Link To Previous Content

Linking back to your blog’s old post may increase your authority on the topic.

You should link your article to the previously written articles but remember that linked articles should be related to the one you are linking.

As these linking may reduce bounce rate and increase Rate of Impression, ROI simply means, your visitor will stick to your blog for more time.

10. Improve Page Loading Speed And Enable Social Share

Nevertheless, these are the most important point of On Page SEO checklist. Fast loading pages are comparatively ranked higher in search engines. According to a report, 75% readers don’t like to revisit sites that take more time to load.

You should choose some good plugins and lightweight themes to improve your page speed.

Enabling Social Buttons will give your visitors to share your content with their friends more easily, and this may give you more readers, more shares and more reach of your blog.

None the less, you have to be careful about your blog’s reputation so you should craft your post with keeping in mind all the On Page SEO techniques.

Hence You should follow this On Page SEO checklist to get your post rank higher on Google.

Yoast Plugin: Number one solution to on page SEO

I must reveal this secret, that you have to keep these techniques in your mind while crafting your next post, but to check whether you are on the track or not there is a plugin as always in WordPress plugin directory named as SEO by Yoast. The best part of the plugin is FREE.

Yes, the Free version of the plugin is initially enough to fulfil SEO needs.

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I have given you all the On Page SEO techniques that I used to follow to craft my own articles for Self Hosted Life.

I’ll be pleased to have your comments about the post that how you found this post to be relevant and helpful. If you are following some other On Page SEO techniques to rank on search engines please share with me as those tips could be helpful for other bloggers.

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