How to Drip Content Easily on Your Membership Site with MemberPress

Are you one of the individuals that get confused with content dripping and expiring? If yes, worry not, you’re in the right place at the right time with the right people.

First, when one talks about content dripping, it means releasing the protected content in batches and also at different times. On the other hand, content expiring means expiring access to saved content. This way, even subscribed users will not have access to the prescribed content.

MemberPress has straightforward rules that will enable you to drip and expire content easily, as shown below.

So, what is the way forward?


Membership Drip feature

The feature can apply any rule in other words, one can drip any content that is protected by the Membership rule.

Below are steps that you can use to set the feature on the rule;

MemberPress Dripping Content feature

  • First, navigate to the WordPress Dashboard> Membership>Rules.
  • Next, click the available rule, this will enable you to edit it, or you can click the ‘Add New’ button, and the new rule will be created automatically.
  • Regarding the rule’s edit page, just scroll down till you reach the ‘Drip/Expiration’ section.
  • Lastly, it’s enabling drip. Here you should click the checkbox that is adjacent to ‘Enable Drip’ and set your drip trigger.

Below is the Drip trigger option outline, that is from left to right:

  • 1st Drop Down, in this section you should enter a whole number. Ensure that the number relates to the second dropdown.
  • 2nd Drop Down, you should select either days, weeks, months, or years.
  • 3rd Drop Down, you should select what even drip has been triggered. The choices are member registers, fixed date, member to purchase products from the rule, and member purchases.

Sequence dripping

Currently, MemberPress doesn’t have features that enable the user to set a single drip setting or one rule that can manage more than one content piece at the same time. This is because each drip feature has a unique feature that must be set apart. Therefore, you need different rules to drip different rules.

Dripping partial content

You may want to drip some sections of a post, custom post type, or page within the site. You can do this by creating a Membership’s partial content rule which has a drip feature.

It should be noted that the MemberPress rules allow one to set up only a single unique feature per rule. Therefore, you will be required to create a separate unique partial content rule for every unique dripping trigger. Once you have created a partial content rule, the next thing is to set your prescribed drip trigger.

Once you set up the required drip trigger just place the shortcodes to hide the content from unauthorized access. You can do this by clicking on the “Partial Content Codes” button.

Partial content codes

Notifying the users about the dripped content

At the moment MemberPress doesn’t have an email feature that can help you send emails to the users to inform them that the dripped content is available. However, various email marketing add-ons such as MailChimp integration can help you send emails to the users regarding the time the dripped content is dripped.

Adjusting the users’ drip position

Time and again, you will need to adjust the drip sequence. It has to be noted that depending on the triggers; drips are differently handled; this includes;

  • Fixed date, if your drips are based on the fixed date, it will be impossible to impel the drips’ users.
  • After Member Registers, if your drips are based on After Member Registers, you can actuate them by modifying the user’s WordPress registered value found in the users’ database table.
  • After the user’s purchases or After the User buys any product, if your drips are based on the date the user signed up, then you can adjust the user’s drip status via modifying the date the member made their first membership transaction.

Using the content expiration feature

This can be used to terminate access to certain content on one’s site. Therefore, if a particular rule reaches its expiry date, any content related to the prescribed rule cannot be accessed by the members. Remember, this only applies to the subscribed members.

Bottom line

Content dripping and content expiration are the important features when it comes to membership sites. The article has provided you with a clear roadmap on how you should go about these two important features. All that you’re required to do is implement the above criteria.

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