How to Send Automatic Email Reminder to your Customers

When you’re running a membership site then it becomes very crucial to send timely reminders to your members for any event that is or has happened already.

Like you wanna notify your members of anything or everything that is directly related to their subscription and account.

Life can be busy and get in the way, your members can forget to update their payment method, subscription status, renewal, etc. And if you have a system to notify them about such events they’ll more likely to hop in and do the needful.

At the same time, your members will also appreciate the reminders they received occasionally.

So, how do you do that?

Let’s find out,

Setting up reminders in MemberPress

If you don’t know about MemberPress let me tell you it is the best WordPress plugin to set up a MemberShip Site on your WordPress site.

By setting up a Membership Site you can sell subscriptions of anything you offer, for example, courses, ebooks, training, workshops, etc.

For a successful membership site, you need to have not only the best product but also have to respond to the member’s queries timely.

Out of these, a lot of queries that you may receive will be regarding the payment method and subscriptions.

You can reduce the burden of such queries by setting up automatic reminders inside MemberPress.

Type of Reminders You Should Send

With the MemberPress you can send multiple types of reminders to aware your members about.

  • After a member signs up: You can send email reminders to the customers after their sign up for any membership. This is a must, to notify them about their sign-up details.
  • After member abandons signup: Not all users ended with signing up, so to recall such users you can set this type of reminder.
  • Before subscription expires: This is also an important reminder to send as sometimes users forget to renew their subscription.
  • After the subscription expires: Simultaneously you want to inform such members also whose membership has got expired.
  • Before subscription renews: Send reminders before the customers are going to be billed again for renewal.
  • After subscription renews: This email reminder will be triggered when the subscription of your members renews.
  • Before credit card expires: This reminder is must be triggered as sometimes people forget the expiry date of their credit cards, this will cause the cancellation of the subscription. This may cause a loss of the member and money too.
  • After credit card expires: Similarly this reminder will be triggered when the user’s credit card gets expired.

So now,

How to Setup Reminders

With MemberPress it is easy to send such reminders. Go to MemberPress and then Reminders, then Click on the “Add New” button to create a new reminder.

Now on the next screen, you have options to set triggers about any reminder. You can set a trigger at hours, days, weeks, months, or years for different types of reminders.

You would have several options to send emails for each type of reminder. You can also edit the default settings of emails to make any changes. With the send test button, you can check whether the email reminder is triggering the right way or not.

The test email will be sent to the admin email address which you set in WordPress settings.

With the Trigger setup, you also have an option to send reminders to the specific membership holders.

So, I hope this article has helped you how to set up automatic reminders inside MemberPress to send your members.

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