How to keep Branding with MemberPress Courses Classroom Mode

The online courses industry is booming now, people are inclining towards online learning, and almost all types of courses available online.

From knitting to DIY, Gym to Fitness training, robotics to medicals almost all the knowledge is being shared online through various courses.

If you’re also planning to create an online course to share your knowledge then I highly recommend using MemberPress Courses Add-on.

MemeberPress is a WordPress plugin that lets you create Membership websites in no time without any coding or styling work.

MemberPress recently introduced a new Courses add-on that lets users create courses. MemberPress Courses addon is a complete solution for creating and selling your courses online.

There are multiple features this Courses add-on brings like

  1. No Complex Coding Required
  2. Course Progress Tracking
  3. Classroom Mode: Takes care of looks and feel
  4. Easy Access to courses asset in WordPress
  5. Building Courses Curriculum Visually

One of the main benefits you’re getting is Classroom Mode.

Classroom mode is a feature that takes care of the colors and branding of your courses.

When enabled you can customize the colors and look, you can also upload your business logo to stay consistent with your branding.

Customize the Colors and Look of Your Courses Page

Head over to MemberPress> Settings> Courses Tab. There make sure the Classroom mode is enabled for better user experience and mobile responsive look and feel.

Classroom Mode by MemberPress

Now above this, there is a link to the “WordPress Customizer”. When you click on this link you’ll be taken to a theme customizer where you can change your course’s colors and upload a logo too to streamline the course’s look with the rest of your site.

WordPress Customizer

  • I recommend trying to design your course as the rest of your site’s colors and fonts because branding is the thing you must be careful about.

Advanced CSS

If you already have some CSS for styling and designing for your site then you can apply those CSS classes into advanced CSS fields for next/previous buttons and breadcrumb links.

CSS Class

Now, you’re all set by branding purpose.

How to create profitable online training courses with MemberPress Software

Creating courses and selling them online has never been easy than today. With MemberPress drag and drop course creating ads on anyone can launch their course and sell them on their website.

Nowadays people are taking advantage and learning new skills through online courses and if you can create an informative and fruitful course then you can expect to have a passive income source with loyal students.

Now MemberPress Course add-on has taken away all the hurdles of coding, designing, and the higher costs involved in creating courses. You or anyone who wants to share their knowledge can step into creating and selling the online courses industry.

So, let’s get into it,

How to create profitable online training courses with MemberPress Software

MemberPress team has introduced a new Course creation add-on which is fully featured and easier than you’ve expected.

1. Install & Activate Course Add on

Firstly, make sure you have installed and updated the MemberPress plugin with the latest version already.

Now to create a course we need to install and activate the course add on (see the image below)

MemberPress Course add on

After installing this you’ll have a course tab in the left panel of the WordPress dashboard (just like the post and page tabs we have)

2. Create a new course

Now on the course page click on “Add New” to create a new course.

Now here add an attractive Title & description for your course.

This title and the description would be shown in the front end so try to summarize your course details and tell how your course can benefit your potential students.

onlien course creation software

Now at the top click on the “Curriculum” tab to structure your course with lessons and sections.

See the example below,

MemberPress Course curriculum tab

You can expand each section to add lessons to them.

Add lessons
Now with the “Settings” tab

Course listing settings

Toggle on the button “Include in course listing” this will allow your newly created course to list on your sales page.

Now put your Sales Page URL in the second box, this will link your course to the MemberPress membership registration page.

You can find this URL from the Memberships tab under the MemberPress plugin menu (See below image)

Memberpress creating courses for WordPress

You can categorize and create different tags and associate them with your courses to make them easily searchable.

3. Protect your course

It is a must to create at least a single rule to protect your course otherwise the course will be freely available on your sales page.

You can create rules to protect either a single course or you can protect all the courses, the process will be similar.

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Follow the process below to protect your courses.

Head over to MemberPress> Rules> Add New page.

You can give a name to specify the rule, as below “A Single Course: The Ultimate Membership Guide” given.

Now in the Content & Access section fill out the details as below image.

online course protection

You can also protect the category of your course, just choose “Courses with Course categories” from the drop-down.

Create online course for free

Now head over to the MemberPress settings page > Courses tab and enable “Classroom Mode” for the best user experience.

Classroom mode for online course

Front End Experience

Your members and students can access courses they are registered for and when they click on the respective courses they’ll have an awesome dashboard containing the course’s curriculum with a progress bar.

MemberPress course add on front end


Selling courses online is a great way to make money and if you have a membership site and members enrolled then you must leverage the benefit of selling them courses.

With MemberPress Course add on creating courses and selling them has become a very easy and approachable task.

So grab the MemberPress course add-on and create an online course asap.


With the hundreds of courses available online how you differentiate and force people to remember yours.

I believe, by Branding. Yes! your readers love your style of content and remember your site by its colors and logo mostly.

Hence Classroom mode by MemberPress courses add-on gives you the ability to customize the course’s look and colors so your course stays consistent with your brand.

This way, you’ll also build trust in your readers.

Hence I highly recommend using MemberPress Courses addon and make sure you’ve enabled the Classroom mode for a happy reading experience.

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