How to Integrate Page Builder in MemberPress?

Do you run any membership site and using the MemberPress plugin? Do you use the Page builder to design your web pages and site content? If yes, then this post gonna help you because I’m going to introduce a new MemberPress Add on through which you can protect your site content according to various subscription levels.

To make it more clear let me explain everything briefly,

What is Page Builder?

The page builder is a WordPress plugin that allows users to design and structure the WordPress pages. WordPress’s visual editor offers the text and visual preview of the content before it gets published.

A page builder is a much more advanced version of the visual editor. There are several different and useful benefits of a page builder, and WordPress allows you to understand this plugin very well.

Having a page builder plugin is an excellent way of updating the WordPress site. Page builders is a plugin that directly allows WordPress to compete with its competitors.

It also brings a seamless experience for WordPress users. There are various page builder plugins available in the market like Elementor, Divi, WP Bakery, Beaver Builder, which allows you to change your entire content creation process with few clicks.

These page builders have integrations with various plugins to offer a smooth experience for users and give more control over the designing and functionality part of their website.

Memberpress is one of those plugins and recently MemberPress has introduced its new add on named “MemberPress Content Protection Page builder Add On” available to all subscribers.

How MemberPress Content Protection Page Builder Add On help your Membership Site?

If you’re running a membership site and also using page builders to design your webpages then this new add on can help you in various ways.

This new Add On gives you more control over the content visibility for your members of various levels.

What more you can do with Content Protection Add On?

A membership site without control is nothing and never gonna be successful. If you as an owner of your membership site can’t protect your content than what it means to run such a site where your members can access all the content without upgrading their membership levels.

MemberPress team understood this and listened to their users and hence they created this new Add On.

Some of the features you get with this new Add On:

  1. You can set rules for different levels of members to give them access to particular sections of your membership site.
  2. You can set actions for unauthorized access with specific messages.
  3. With this Add on you can set and edit access within rows in order to show a little part of your content. So you can smooth pitch them for upgrading their membership.

So, there are tons of more benefits you’ll get with this MemberPress Content Protection Add On.

Let me show you how to install MemberPress

Four Steps of MemberPress Installation

To put things simply, MemberPress is a premium plugin used to create membership websites. Rember, this plugin works effectively with any theme of your choice; it is user-friendly and offers a wide range of features.

MemberPress is the best choice because you can easily add content and subscriptions on your site. However, all you need is to allocate the appropriate budget because it doesn’t come for free.

The steps to integrate page builder with memberpress are as follows:

1. Install MemberPress

The first and foremost important thing is to install and activate MemberPress on your website. Upon activation, you will be exposed to the MemberPress dashboard that offers various features and sub-sections.

From here, you can manage individual users and can add new ones. It also allows you to create different pages like account page, login page, and thank you page. You can add payment options and even customize permissions.

2. Set Your Memberships

Once you’re done with the installation stage, the very next thing to do is set up your membership. It means you have to select some plans which you would offer to your customers for purchasing to have access to your website.

On your dashboard, click on memberships > Add new. Now add all the details regarding your membership plan such as name (basic, standard, advance), and add a brief description. Don’t forget to add the price and payment method as well.

3. Set Up a Pricing Page

To create a pricing page, go to MemberPress > Groups > Add New. A group option page will pop up. The page shows membership options. Add as many as you can, but usually, three plans are quite enough. You can customize the membership options, and it’s entirely up to you to show any specific plan or all of them.

Ensure that the plans are quite clear to the visitors, and if they aren’t, go back to the membership section and make relevant changes.

4. Create Members Content Only

As you’re using the premium plugin so, encourage visitors to select any one of the paid plans. For this purpose, you need to restrict your content. Show a small part of the content, and then the newcomers or nonmembers will see a message urging them to sign up.

To do so, click on the content & access tab and change the settings of your content access. After finishing, don’t forget to save it.


Towards the end, we can only hope that we’ve provided you with insight into how this new MemberPress Content Protection Page Builder Add on can benefit you. Do apply it and see the wonders.

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