How to create an Awesome Membership Site

One of the best ways to make money from your website is to create a membership site. The concept can be long-term monetary benefits, but only when done correctly. Having a membership site gives you multiple options. One of them is free, and the other is paid. You could also allow participants to unlock various features as they continue to use the site. If you opt for the free membership, you can use the site to collect user data that you can use to improve what you’re offering.

Creating the membership site

Let’s dive into how to create an effective membership site using MemberPress Plugin, a world-class membership site creation plugin.

1. Set up a plug-in

Plug-ins make your work easier by creating all the pages you’ll need for the site including the account page, login page, payment page, etc. Once you create them, you will have the option of restricting access to some of the features. Some plug-ins like MemberPress, also allow you to advance the site’s usability by creating additional features like affiliate marketing pages. You will also be able to infuse payment options into the website’s functionality for the membership websites.

2. Configuring the membership levels

You have to entice other people to get them to pay for the membership, and that is why this next step is crucial. Start by determining whether the site will have a one-off payment system or a renewable one. If the members will have to renew, determine how long they will have before expiry. Remember to factor in the wishes of your targeted clientele. Most people tend to like lifetime membership because they don’t like the inconvenience of making regular payments. On the other hand, some users may prefer the lower costs of regular payments. Go to MemberPress and click on “membership“. Go to “add new” then enter all the necessary information depending on what you want from the site and what your users will prefer. You can also customize your email address and create short descriptive content to impress the members. Double-check all the information and click “publish“. Your page will be automatically created according to the information given.

3. Content creation

People won’t pay for membership unless you prove that their money is worth the value you’ll be giving them. You can easily convince them through the content you publish. Make the content accessible to the members only. You can use anything, ranging from online courses to blogging posts. You can add the rules inside MemberPress to create tiered access for the content.

4. The pricing page

Don’t limit the members by having a single price. Have different ranges for the different access levels. That way, they will choose what they can afford comfortably, with the option to upgrade if they can. On the MemberPress site, go to “groups” then “add new“. Write the descriptions of the groups and explore the “group options” to add the payment plans. Remember to select a “pricing page theme” for each of the plans to make it easier for members to distinguish them. The pricing page should be on the home page of the membership site. You can also place it on other areas such as the headers and footers of other pages. With these steps, you’ll be able to generate recurring revenue from the membership website. If you’re running a membership site and using MemberPress then here is good news for you i.e. now you can create PDF invoices for the transactions your members do on your site. Prior to the launch of this add-on, the PDF invoice feature was the most demanded by MemberPress users. The team has listened and introduced a new add-on that empowers its users to generate PDF invoices for their customers. Whenever a member pays for the membership on your site he/she can download the PDF invoice of their transactions. It offers an easy way to download the invoices by members and admins too so they can manage their transactions and also keep their accounts up to date. Let’s check out how PDF invoicing can help you:

PDF Invoice Add On in MemberPress Add On

An Easy way to keep finances on the track

Organizing PDF files are rather easier and handy than email receipts or any digital form of receipts. Compare to email receipts PDF invoices are the best way to keep the track of transactions done by your members. Moreover, you as an admin can get to know and keep track of who has paid their subscription and who’s payments are due. Having an automated invoicing system is a key feature for any growing membership site. That’ll simplify the accounting tasks too. This is what the MemberPress team understands and introduced this awesome addon.

Extra Branding

With MemberPress PDF invoice add on you can use prebuilt PDF templates and customize them with your brand’s logo and color combination. Using your brand colors and logo gives an enhanced branding experience to your members and also build trust.

No Need to work Hard

MemberPress has made it easier to create PDF invoices from scratch for your members inside the dashboard. There are pre-built templates to create and customize the PDF to streamlines with your brand colors and logo.

Stay Complaint with the rules:

If you’re running a business then you better know that every business comes with hundreds of rules and regulations that you must be complied with. Unless you can easily leave loopholes where anyone can get a point to sue you. So, this is similar with membership sites. So, until today if you’re sending only email receipts to your members for their payments then this may not be fulfilling the proper documentation criteria. And PDF is the only professional way you can provide to your members and stay compliant with a number of laws.

Two attractive design to choose:

MemberPress provides you two template choices to choose from i.e. Modern and Simple. Once you choose the right one then you can easily customize that template and streamlined your branding. See image below:
On the dashboard page, you as well as your members can easily access and download the PDF of their past transactions.

Wrapping Up: PDF Invoice Add on

I hope you have got to know about the use and benefit of the newly added PDF invoice Add-on by MemberPress. Apart from the above features, there are few more features I would like to share with you i.e.
  • You can easily customize the templates
  • Add Footnotes
  • Dynamically generate PDF invoices for each completed payment
  • Add your company details as well as notes for your invoices
Providing the pdf to your members will give your brand an extra trust and streamline the payment transaction process. I highly recommend you leverage the benefit of the newly added PDF add on for your membership site and amaze your members. Sign up for MemberPress here.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, now you learn the whole procedure of how to create a Membership site. Remember, if you have something valuable be it a course, ebook, or training, then I suggest you create a Membership Site and charge on a monthly basis rather than selling them as one time deal, , this way you can put more in your pocket. And with the MemberPress plugin, it becomes much easier to create, configure and showcase your products. If you still facing any difficulties, let me know in the comments. Please share the tutorial.

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