How to Create a WordPress Order Form?

If you’re looking to create order forms for your WordPress site, you are in the right place. In this post, we’re going to tell you five quick steps to develop WordPress order forms. The steps are described below:

1.  Create a Simple Order Form by Using WordPress Plugins

The first step is to download and activate the WordPress plugin i.e. WPForms. Click on WPForms and then on Add New button. A setup page will be displayed, which shows different form templates. Select the one which says Order Form

Now you have to modify the form. On the right side of the template, you will see the available items section. Click on it, and it will open up the Fields Options. The primary purpose of the field option is to name, rename, add, delete any item, or change its price.

Below the items option, there is another option of Use Images. If you wish to add images, then click in this check and include relevant images.

When you’re done with all these things, click on the Save button.

2.  Change Your Form Notifications

There are two ways of sending a notification to your clients when you receive their order. The first one is the automatic notification that the WPF does for yourself. In case it doesn’t, then it’s because you have to disable form notifications.

Notifications are a great way to interact with your customers. You can use the smart tags option for this purpose. They make customers realize how good you are in dealing with the clients.

Secondly, WordPress allows you to send order Notification to any member of your team, so you don’t miss out on any order.

To change the form notification setting, click on the settings tab > Notifications.

A default notification page will appear. Click on the Show Smart Tags option.

Where it is written, Send to Email Address, click on it, and then on Email so a notification can be sent to the particular email address you have made the order.

You can more customize the notifications by adding email subject, reply to, and personalized message.

3.  Change Your Form Confirmation Settings

WordPress offers two settings for configuration. One is the notification that we discussed above, and the other is form configuration setting. Form configurations are messages that confirm the order. There are three ways of configurations, all of which are discussed below:

  • Message: It is a default type of order confirmation. When this setting is enabled, a simple message appears on the screen of the customers that their order has been placed.
  • Redirect URL: When the order is placed, it takes customers to a different website.
  • Show Page: The customers are taken to a web page that thanks them for placing an order on their site.

To configure the order confirmation settings, click on settings > confirmation > confirmation type > select the kind of approval as described above.

Once you’re done, click on the Save button.

4.   Enable the Payment Setting Option

While creating a simple WPForm, you also need to add the payment option as well. WPForms allows three payment processors, I.e., Authorize. Net, PayPal, and Stripe. Adding a payment option minimizes the risk of abandonment.

To enable this setting, in the main menu, at the bottom, there is a payment option. Click on it and add the most suitable payment option according to your wish.

If you’re creating a WPForm without a payment option, then you should skip this step. Not adding this step means payments will be made when the order will be received.

5. Add Your Form to Your Website

In the last step, you have to add the order form to your website. Go to the main menu bar > appearance > widgets. Add the widget the sidebar > choose order form > click on the Save button.

Hopefully, all these steps might help you in making order forms for your business website. Don’t wait anymore, and practice all of them to see how your business boosts up.

Sign up for WPForms here and start creating order forms.

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