How to Boost Site Speed and Improve Google Ranking

It is precise that site speed has an interconnection with Google rankings. The speed of the site impacts Google’s rankings.

Site speed is affected by Google rankings when dwell time is reduced, and bounce rate is increased. You might be wondering about the appropriate way to improve your Google rank. Improving your Google rank not only calls for money but also time and strategy.

As your keep scrolling through this article, you will learn about:

  • How Monster Insights’ site speed will help sights improve their rankings
  • Core web vitals

Core Web Vitals

Recently, Google introduced core web vitals as a tool to bring transformation to the search rankings.

Core web vitals are a new tool that features user experience signals to better how it evaluates a page’s overall experience. This ranking tool is integral and offers the following to its users:

A Better Page Experience Signal

This tool is expected to have a page experience signal, which will serve as its ranking signal. The page experience signal will come with the following outstanding features: HTTPS security, intrusive interstitial guidelines, safe-browsing, mobile-friendliness, and core web vitals.

Through the page experience signal, users across all web browsers will find these optimized factors very delightful.

Core web vitals can also be described as metrics with an interconnection with visual stability, responsiveness, and speed.

They can be categorized into the cumulative layout shift, which is the layout shift’s visual page content capacity. First input delay refers to the duration a page requires to be interactive and the largest contentful paint, which is the time frame your content will take to load.

These core web vitals metrics are integral in assisting site owners in measuring user experience when it comes to visual stability, interactivity, and loading.

Page Ranking and Experience Signal

The addition of Core web vitals as a ranking factor will play a significant role in helping site owners develop user-friendly and exciting pages. The condition for a page being ranked higher in the search results by google will depend on its page experience signal. Another factor that should be considered when it comes to ranking is relevant content.

Core Web Vitals Measuring

There are a variety of Google tools that can be used in measuring core web vitals. Examples of these tools include chrome UX report, Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, Page Speed Insights, and Search Console, to name a few.

How MonsterInsights’ Site Speed will Help Site owners Improve their Organic Rankings

Everyone is interested in having or owning a site or website with more traffic, the highest number of clicks and followers. One of the steps to take is website optimization for search engines using MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights’s new Site Speed reporting feature helps its users to improve their user experience by determining how fast their website loads.

As a website owner, you would admire and find it comfortable having a website that offers a first-class user experience. An exceptional user experience will make users spend much time on your website hence an increase in your audience. This would also better your site’s search rankings.

Responsiveness, the website’s speed, and the speed of loading visual elements are some of the factors that Google will use to offer exceptional ranking benefits. Other stats that will help improve your user experience include the total blocking time stat, time to interactive, server response time, and first contentful paint.

The site report feature can also help in:

Tracking Your Visitors’ Interests

MonsterInsights is ranked the top-notch WordPress analytic plugin.

Through this tool, you will find it easier to add to your WordPress site Google Analytics. Doing this will help you monitor every critical data regarding your website in your WordPress dashboard without straining. To achieve this, ensure your site has Google Analytics featuring MonsterInsights installed. Go to its settings and turn on the tracking demographics and interests reports.

Tracking of Google AMP

This is integral as it gives a fast and reliable browsing experience for first-timers who visit your website from Google. By enabling the AMP feature, you will get not only more views but also higher clicks. If you find it challenging to analyze your AMP pages’ user interaction, it will be necessary to install Google Analytics tracking.

Configuring the Google Analytics tracking code may be complicated; however, the MonsterInsights AMP addon has simplified this process with only a few clicks.

Learn the Reason People Visit Your Website

MonsterInsights helps you understand what people occasionally visit your website in search of. You will get to know the keywords they often search for and the highest number of clicks. Through these, you will learn your strongholds and weaknesses.


It is evident that through web vitals and MonsterInsights, the site owners will manage to improve site speed and improve its rankings. User experience is now enhanced, and now users can estimate the speed and rate at which their sites load.

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