How to Allow Your Members to Gift a Membership Plan to their Friends

Do you sell courses or running a membership site using MemberPress? Want to attract new members to join your community? Then I have a great solution for you today.

That is, allow your members to gift your courses or membership to their friends. Doing so not only brings you new joiners but also you’ll have more emails to retarget them with your other marketing offers.

MemberPress is the world’s best membership plugin to create membership sites. MemberPress recently launched their newest addon i.e. “Gifting a membership”

If you’re already using MemberPress and subscribed to their Plus or Pro plans then you can have the benefits of this new feature for free.

How to Install and Activate Gifting Add on

Make sure you have Installed MemberPress and activated the plus or pro plan. (if not, you  can get a license from here)

Now head over to the addon page and there you’ll find the “Gifting” add-on. Click the button and activate it.

gifting addon in MemberPress

Setup a Membership Gifting

Now go to Memberships > Membership options and look for a check box “Allow this membership to be gifted”.

MemberPress Gift addon

When you click the box, your membership registration form will be updated with an option to allow your members to gift a membership to their friends.

MemberPress Registration form with gifting option

When you check this box and then a popup will be shown to send an email to the desired recipient

Send an email of Gifted membership

When you complete the registration process a popup will appear with required fields along with the email field of the recipient.

Send gift email

Once you fill out the form, an email will be sent to the recipient’s email address to redeem their gift.

This is how you can allow your members to gift a copy of the membership to their friends.

Setup a reminder

You can set up a friendly reminder to notify them about the expiration of their gifted membership. I personally recommend you to do so. Because in this way you will increase the customer retention rate and giving them a chance to subscribe for a month more.

Expiry Reminder for MemberPress

Benefits of Gifting Add on Feature of MemberPress

  1. A wave of new members: your members can gift a membership to their friends thus you have opened a door for new members.
  2. Free sales coming in: I personally love this when I make a sell without spending a dime on marketing. MemberPress made it so awesome with their gifting add-on.
  3. Building email list rapidly: a new member means a new email added to your email list.


With MemberPress Gifting add-on, you’ll have the easiest way to attract new leads for free.  from a marketing perspective, this is a great advantage you’ll be having on your membership site.

If you’re MemberPress plus/pro user then I highly recommend activating the add-on. And if you are not a MemberPress user then I highly recommend that this is the perfect time to invest in a world-class membership plugin.

Signup for MemberPress and check more blogging tools & plugins.

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