How to accept payment with on your Site with WPForms

In the online business era if you’re selling something then you must have to have top payment processors enabled on your site otherwise you may be missing out on a lot of sales.

People when don’t find their trusted payment processor partners hesitate to begin checkout on those sites. is also one of the top payment processors worldwide and trusted by millions of people.

So, in this post, we’ll discuss,

How to connect the payment add-on to your forms on your site

WPFoms has introduced a new payment add-on which you can integrate on your forms to accept payment in your account. add-on

Using this integration gives you awesome features like,

  1. A world-class payment integration
  2. Being able to accept payments through all major cards.
  3. You can accept one-time or recurring payments as well.

With the help of WPForms, you can create Payment forms to accept payments, orders, and donation forms and begin accepting payments.

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WPForms add-on

So, how to add Add-on with WPForms.

For this make sure you have an account or if you don’t have you can create one here. Now with your account to the live mode for live transactions.

Now grab your API key from the setting panel. Click on API Credentials & Keys and find the API login ID. API key

Paste this ID in yourWPForms settings

WPForms API Settings

Now Verify the identity, after this step gives you your transaction ID which you have to paste back in your WPForms settings.

WPForms API key

Hence you have connected your WPForms account to your account.

How to add to your forms

First of all, create a new form inside the WPForms dashboard.

Now choose at least the following fields to create your form.

  1. Name field
  2. Email field
  3. An item field.
  4. An field to collect payments.

After this step moves on to the payment page and clicks on the section. Now check the box of “Enable Payments”


Here you have to set up some additional settings such as:

  1. Payment description: This is what appears in the transaction record in your customer’s bank statement.
  2. Payment Receipt: You can allow your customers to give you an email where a payment receipt could be sent.
  3. Customer Name: This is where customer puts their name and this is essential for you to keep records of your paid customers.

Payment Settings for

Hence you’re all set to accept payment via

You can play more with additional settings and conditional logic provided by WPForms and enhance your brand appearance.


I hope this post about integrating the add-on with the WPForms account is helpful and has given you the right direction to set it up.

Using a trusted payment processor is very crucial in online success, this is how you can build trust in your customer’s eye and this is how you can close more sales.

I recommend using WPForms and grab an Elite license because the add-on is available with this plan.

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