How Hashtag Finder tool Scaled My Instagram Engagement by 75% in 1 day

Do you use Instagram hashtags randomly, then you might be wasting your time!

Choosing the right hashtags and using them properly on Instagram can rapidly build a community around your brand.

Do you know the posts with at least one hashtag gain 12.6% more engagement and you can increase this engagement also by using more and relevant hashtags?

But wait.! there is one more factor that can boost your post’s reach and can bring more followers, likes, and comments and that factor is


Yes.! The right TIME to post when your targeted audience is live on the platform.

If you can properly mix up hashtags and the right time to post as ingredients then you can cook a tasteful recipe, that can increase your brand awareness.

Though you may not stress using Instagram hashtags unless you are using Instagram for business purposes and for the sake of building a community that really cares about your content and stuff you share with them.

So, let me tell you what you are going to learn in this post,

  1. What hashtags are and why use them?
  2. What type of hashtags should I use?
  3. How to find Instagram hashtags?
  4. How to save time and increase engagement on your profile with Tailwind’s tool?
  5. Why is it necessary to use Tailwind’s hashtag finder tool for businesses?
  6. My results before and after using the tailwind hashtag finder tool (video walkthrough)?
  7. Conclusion

Let’s get started one by one

1.What Instagram hashtags are and why use them?

Hashtags are most commonly used on various social media platforms. Every term that followed after “#……” is known as hashtags.

Eg: #inspirational

Using hashtags are the most beneficial for both the users and the platform.Click To Tweet

Because if a user loves and interacts with inspirational content then he/she can follow the relevant #inspirational content by clicking on any of the suggestions by Instagram.

Instagram hashtag Finder increased my conversion by 74.3%

On the other hand, using hashtags helps the platform to understand the type of content and how it should be categorized so the algorithm works and put the best relevant content on a user’s home feed according to their interest and follows.

So, this is where the marketers get the opportunities to make their products reachable and searchable and this is how you can also target and reach the newer and untapped audience.

So I hope you understand how it is important to use hashtags on Instagram.

2. What Type of Instagram hashtags should I use?

Instagram hashtags have the ability to get your brand discovered but using tags are none the less than an art.Click To Tweet

Because you don’t want to use those hashtags that have high competition and have used already by millions of other posts.

So, if still, you go with such hashtags then your photo immediately gets buried with thousands of other photos.

The solutions are you have to analyze and perform an Instagram hashtag search to discover low to average competitive hashtags.

If your profile is not enough mature and has under 5k followers then the best practice is to go for hashtags that range between 10k-500k posts.

(To find such hashtags is a much time-consuming thing)

Pro Tips: 70% of the most used Instagram hashtags are branded. So this is a clear signal that if you are on the platform then you should create an Instagram hashtag that reflects your brand and it should be unique too. Like I prefer to create #selfhostedlife

3. How to find a trending Instagram hashtag?

The most common practice is to head over to the Instagram search bar and perform a search for relevant hashtags for your content.

Instagram will instantly show you thousands of trending Instagram hashtags with the number of posts associated with them. There you can select the right one that can rank your posts in the home feed.

Pro tip: I highly suggest you create a 2-3 set of hashtags to use in rotation to play safely on Instagram. Thus you will save yourself from flagged by Instagram.

For this, you can create notes on your phone or computer. So whenever you need those you can copy and paste them.

Note: select those that have fewer posts.

Avoid: it is most often noticed that a number of people use copy pasting technique when implying hashtags.
They search any related content and copy their hashtags and paste them in their content, and later when those hashtags don’t work for them they stressed over it.

On Instagram, everyone is following larger accounts so the reason behind it could be the hashtags that he or she is using are more competitive which may not suitable for your profile.

Avoid 2: There are many free hashtags generator and tools are available on the internet which only gives you a list of either outdated or high competitive Instagram hashtags.

Which don’t benefit you in any way?

So these are the two bad practices that are most commonly used by marketers.

4. How to save time and increase engagement on your profile with Tailwind’s tool

Tailwind is an official partner of Instagram.

Tailwind is a posts scheduling tool that can automate your whole posting process.

As I’m already using Tailwind for my Pinterest account to schedule my pins I absolutely love Tailwind and its three features especially i.e.

  1. Tailwind posts at the right time for maximum engagement
  2. Within an hour I can schedule my pins and posts for the whole month.
  3. Tailwind’s analytics dashboard gives a proper understanding of how my posts are performing on Instagram.

Now Tailwind has taken a step further to impress me and fellow marketers in a form of its updated Instagram Hashtag finder 2.0 tool.

I have already shown you how time-consuming it is to find the right Instagram hashtags.

That’s what Tailwind understands and has updated their hashtag finder tool, so marketers like you can focus on other growth of your business.

Instead of wasting time searching hashtags.

With Tailwind’s tool, you can find the best Instagram hashtags in seconds and schedule your photos for the right time.

Let’s explore its features one by one

Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder tool 2.0’s

Have a look at the dashboard of the Instagram Scheduling process

Instagram hashtag Finder increased my conversion by 74.3%

1. Auto-suggestions

Tailwind’s AI recognizes what you are writing about.

Hence when you write a caption for the photos Tailwind starts auto-suggesting you the relevant and trending Instagram hashtags that can work best for your photos.

2. Colour theory

Tailwind sports trending Instagram hashtags in four categories according to the number of posts associated with them.

And indicate them with 4 different colors i.e. niche-based with grey color, good by light green, best by dark green, hard by orange.

  • Choosing Good and best hashtags with 1-2 orange hashtags is the best practice.

3. See the competition

This is one of the most essential data that a marketer always needs. That you can easily know how many posts a particular hashtag has.

  • Hover over any suggested hashtag and tailwind will tell you how competitive the hashtag is.

4. Create a Hashtags list

If you are already a tailwind user (For Pinterest) then you probably know what board lists are and how they are a great time saver and simplifying Pinterest pin scheduling.

The same Hashtag lists are.!

You can create any set of hashtags that are most relevant and less competitive which you can use in your next posts.

  • I recommend you create 2-3 lists first and use them alternatively.

5. Shuffle it

When you think the hashtag suggestions are not relevant or are not good then you can use this button to shuffle the suggestions.

6. Keep an eye on the Number of Hashtags you are using

Yes, no need to manually count your hashtags you can easily get to know the number of hashtags you are using in your photos.

7. Amplify with Pinterest

Tailwind made this easy to cross-promote your Instagram photo on Pinterest. That means if you want to pin your Instagram posts on Pinterest then you can click the radio button.

Optimize each post for maximum engagement

Instagram hashtag Finder help you find trending hashtag

You have great stuff to share with your Instagram fans but you don’t know how to optimize it for maximum engagement then your all efforts will go in vain.

So, what should you do?


A true Instagram marketer knows it,

With a great photo

You need a strategy

You need an impressive caption

You need the right Instagram hashtags

And finally, you need to posts at the right time

So your Photo can be seen, liked, and commented on by your followers.

But who knows what is the best time and what are the fresh and less competitive hashtags are

Actually, Tailwind Knows.!

Don’t believe me, Okay see my results now

Here is my result before and after using the Instagram hashtag finder tool

I wanted to test this tool first before writing this post so I have tested it and saw a great improvement in my Instagram stats see my data and a close look at hashtag finder 2.0


“These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Instagram Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.”


The study reports that 70% of Instagram content goes unseen by users or gain negligible likes and comments.

I’m sure that’s what you don’t want for your posts.

I guess, To place your posts in that 30% you have done everything till now, you have used appealing captions with many hashtags, you have posted at different times also, you have A/B tested your content too.

After all these you are lacking to place your content in that 30%.!

Now trust me it’s time to try Hashtag Finder tool 2.0, because

You have seen my results and now you know how this tool work so why not give it a try to this tool and enjoy the progress.

To help you succeed on Instagram I highly recommend you signup for a Free account (no credit card required) of Tailwind Hashtag Finder 2.0 in which you can schedule 30 posts in advance.

So go and grab your free account from this link and upload your photos, write captions, choose the best hashtags and schedule them for the right time

Now sit back and see the magic..!

Tailwind can also help you in Pinterest marketing. And as a marketer, you have probably heard about affiliate marketing on Pinterest. To learn more about this I highly recommend you to check out how to make money on Pinterest.

Over to you,

I hope this post about Instagram hashtags and Instagram Hashtag Finder 2.0 tools helped you a lot.

So let me know how you are using hashtags yet?

How many hashtags are you using?

Have you tried the Hashtag Finder tool 2.0?

If yes.! Share your wins in the comment section.

I’ll be there to help you.

“Please share these posts on social media and with your Instagram fan following, it will surely be helpful to them”

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How Tailwind's Instagram hashtag Finder tool increased my conversion by 74.3%


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