How much do bloggers make | How you can make $1000/month

If you are in the blogging profession or going to start it then you always be curious about how much do bloggers make for their livings? And after that, the next question raise in your mind would be, how they are doing so?

Here in this guide, I have added some bloggers who are earning 6 figure income from their blogs, also you’ll come to know how they are earning so huge amount and how you can make money blogging.

While searching the same over the internet you might have come across various blogs and their insane monthly income reports. Through which a sensation took place in your mind that, would I be able to earn that much?

My answer is Yes you can earn, but to reach that 6 figure earning requires a lot o hard work and number of factors.

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It depends upon various factor first and foremost is your patience needed, then traffic, leads, subscription, sales and then your commission.

Nevertheless, the TIME is the main factor, because most bloggers lose their patience after a few months if they are not making any sort of money. It might be because they are making some mistakes, they don’t analyze about.

Even after these obstacles, there are some bloggers who are making far more than any CEO of some MNC.

Yes, they are making $50k+, $70k+, 100k+ or even 200k+ a month not a year.

Believe it or not but this is true.

How much do bloggers make ? have a look at this.

  • Smart Passive Income– Blog by Pat Flynn, making well over $100k+ a month.
  • Shout Me Loud– Blog by Indian Harsh Aggarwal, setting between $30-50k+ per month.
  • Avocadu– A blog by  Alex and Lauren, making up to $15k-30k a month.
  • Create & Go– Again by Alex and Lauren making up to $20k/ month.
  • There are lots of examples too.
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But instead of all these, there are thousands of bloggers who have reached the level of $1-100 after some months of their launching.

Something is better than nothing”.

let’s have a look at this pictograph

how much do bloggers make
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Now decide which section you want to sit in, after 5-6 months of your blog. plan for that research for that and execute that. It is not an impossible thing, trust me.

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Be it parenting blog, baby care blog, gadget blog, fitness blog or business consultancy blog or even DIY niche blog.

How Do Bloggers Make Money

Now moving onto actual meat of this post.

It varies from blog to blog according to their niche. How much do bloggers make money is totally depends upon what way they are opting for monetization.

Like if you are publishing content about fitness and health, then you don’t consider promoting insurance product just because of high commission. Nup.!

So you have to carefully observe what kind of products you can promote and partner with. And how effectively you can monetize those with your content.

In Nutshell, I’m listing here best resources which work well for every niche.

But I must suggest you read,

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting other’s product. If sales made through your promotion you will get paid your commission.

A big part of revenue (as mentioned above) of most bloggers comes from Affiliate marketing.

This could be physical products, and digital products like ebooks, courses or services. Try to find out what grabs your and your reader’s interest.

If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, I have written an ultimate guide for you:

Pro Tips:

If you are a beginner I recommend you to join some marketplace like Shareasale and Clickbank. These marketplace are the hub of millions of products of each category. There you may find physical and digital products both.

And if you want to promote other product which is not available there in marketplace, I suggest you go to that product’s website and find “Affiliate/partner with us” link, you will get more information there about their product and promotional rules.

2. Offer Course

This is the second most used method for internet entrepreneurs, which pours thousands of dollars into their pockets. By creating a course on some topic of their niche and sale that course, that’s how bloggers generate a big revenue.

You have often noticed on various blogs some pop-ups and banners placed, asking to opt a course of 7 days, 15 days or 30 days. That’s what I’m talking about.

If you have mastery in one of the topics of your field then you can also create certain course over it. But your audience base should be good for this.

You can also create your course and published it on Udemy for extra exposure.

3. Advertising

For instance, you can join Google’s Adsense for contextual ads.

Also, you can prefer to join Ezoic. Ezoic network’s tracking system far better to display relevant ads to maximize revenue for publishers.

Mediavine and can be considered as an alternative to Google Adsense. But to get approved for Mediavine your blog need to have at least 25 k views in a month.

4. Service

You can offer services if you are prompt in the area of your niche. Like many bloggers offer newbies their assistance to get success.

If you are having a good sense of vibration and trends of Social Media, you can virtually assist others. There are many companies available worldwide who used to hire a social media assistant.

If you want any professional services for blogging you may check my service page Hire me.!

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5. Membership

If you have gain popularity through your content then you may offer paid membership to your readers.

I suggest you secure some content for the membership area and try to offer something unique which your reader cannot find anywhere. Be as specific as you can be there.

You can use MemberPress to maintain your membership portal professionally. Also, you can have their Payment Gateway system for your customer’s easy checkout.

Extra Tips

  1. To get successful being diversified is a key,  “don’t put your all eggs in the same bucket”. Try various platforms to monetize your blog.
  2. Write quality and appealing content which convince others to buy that product from your link.
  3. Don’t try to sell every time If you have two same products to promote from different companies, try to compare them with their pros and cons in your posts. An honest review builds the reader’s trust in you.
  4. Try to promote those products which you have used yourself.


That’s a wrap of how much do bloggers make money and how you can generate income streams from your blog.

Remember, There are not a few types of blogs that make money, though there are possibilities for everyone.

Just do it with dedication and patience time will reflect your success for sure.

One more thing that I’m sure would be helpful to you is my “Blogging in A Right Way” tiny Ebook, I have shortlisted some of the best blogging tools with some great tips about what to do and what not to while blogging. Download it by subscribing from any of the subscription box given on this page.


  • If you want to read my thoughts on this course then check out this post about Clickbank Affiliate Site where I also revealed how I made my first sale on Clickbank as a complete beginner.


Now I’m handing over to you and would like to know that how do you find this guide informative? What income stream do you like to apply for?

Is there any other method you are using to monetize your blog? Let’s move on to comment section for discussion.

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