How I have Reached to 121% More Audience on Pinterest in just 12 days

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Yes! You read it right.

Pinterest marketing is one of the crucial parts of my blogging business over the years. If you’re an avid reader of my blog then you know I have tons of posts about Pinterest& Instagram marketing.

The result in the headline belongs to one of my newest Pinterest profiles that I have launched in April and started working seriously on it after the 15th of May 2021 with the help of Tailwind (a post-scheduling software and an official Partner of Pinterest & Instagram).

The niche of this Pinterest profile is all about planners and printable journals. As for the beginning, I have created 4-5 relevant boards to pin my pins on them. (will increase the number of boards in the future)

As I’m a Tailwind user (and affiliate too) for over three years and I know how Tailwind can reduce my pinning tasks easily. So, I quickly purchased a subscription specifically for this profile.

How I Reached to 121% More Audience on Pinterest

As I have other blogs and freelance jobs to work upon hence I used Tailwind to schedule my pins and also joined a few Tailwind Communities the same day.

On the next day, I used Tailwind Create and designed pins for almost 10-12 days worth of posts. Then after reviewing I have scheduled them on the suggested time intervals by Tailwind.

Tailwind Create: If you don’t know, Tailwind Create is a pin designing tool that can design multiple pins, feed posts, and story posts for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook at the same time.

You just have to supply the tool with the URLs, titles, and photos then Tailwind Create quickly presents premium designer-quality pins, then out of them, you can schedule whichever you like.

At the same time, the tool creates feed posts and stories post for you to post on your Facebook and Instagram profile. (This is a huge time-saving task)

Here is an example of a pin and posts that the Tailwind Create tool can create.

Post created by Tailwind Create

With the help of Tailwind Create” (a Tailwind’s feature) I can design the whole month’s of pins in just an hour of sitting and then schedule them inside the tool without leaving the tab.

Top of all, I can be a part of relevant Tailwind Communities which can give my pins an initial boost.

Back to the point, I have joined the Tailwind Communities where I find relevant content to mix with my pins.

As this is a brand new profile Tailwind’s SmartGuide suggested 3-6 pins daily to post to maintain the pinning frequency also to stay compliant with the Pinterest Best Practices.

Tailwind SmartGuide

Now I’ve left it for up to 31st of May 2021. Then I came back and checked the Pinterest Analytics and here are the results,

Pinterest stats upto 31 st may

You can see that even with a new profile I was able to reach almost 121% more audience on Pinterest within 10-12 days.

I also have an increased impressions rate (by 121%), it is just because Tailwind machine learning gradually figures out the best pinning time for a given profile.

The number of repins are also increasing day by day, see the data from Tailwind insights below

14 days Pinterest Insights Tailwind

Overall it’s all going as planned. My new profile is doing good, but now for the next 15 days, I’m planning to increase the number of pins and also heading towards joining Group Boards. Which will give my profile another boost.

As the results may vary so please check out the typical results by Tailwind also.

The Strategy that I use to follow for my Pinterest profiles:

1. Though with the Tailwind you can schedule a month-long content or even more but I don’t go with that for a new profile. (Yes, I schedule month-long content too but for established profiles)

2. For this profile I only schedule 10-12 days of pins because I want to see what kind of pins and titles are getting engagement and resonating the most.

3. I also look at what boards are bringing more repins (from boards insights by Tailwind) then I schedule comparatively more pins to those boards.

4. As sometimes I also go to Pinterest and manually pins from the notification section because here Pinterest curates pins for us (and I think it is important to please Pinterest for its efforts :)).

5. Tailwind Communities is my go-to place if I have a set of new pins that I would like more repins and engagement for.

6. I strictly follow Tailwind SmartGuide’s suggestions to stay compliant with the Pinterest best practices.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and noted down the important points out of my pinning strategies and will apply them on your profile too.

So, over the years Tailwind is proven to be a magical tool for me as well as thousands of Pinterest & Instagram marketers.

If you have a new profile or an established one and still not taking advantage of the tool then I think you must give it a try.

Now onwards Tailwind started offering a forever FREE ACCOUNT for its users instead of a free trial.

In a free account, you’ll have a chance to explore the tools and its features along you’re allowed 20 posts per month to publish on Pinterest and Instagram profiles.

You can also use 20 posts designed through Tailwind Create. SO, there is nothing you’re losing now.

If you have any questions, doubts, or suggestions please let me know in the comment section. Stay tuned for the new  Tailwind features and strategies.

Tailwind Results for Pinterest profile