Get Your First 500 Email Subscribers in 15 Days | Top 10 Tricks

Email subscribers play a vital role in the existence of any online business. It is one of the best ways of maintaining direct connections and getting feedback from your customers for your services. And also your subscribers are the most likely to convert into your customers.

Here In this guide, I’ve listed the top 10 strategies to gain subscribers rapidly. And also I have added resources that would be helpful to convert your readers into your subscribers.

You’ll need some tools to grab your subscribers and to send emails. There are tons of tools available but I recommend the following tools

  1. Getresponse: Complete Email Marketing Solution.
  2. Opt-in Monster
  3. WPForms: for attractive sign-up forms
  4. Pop Up domination: For pop-ups
  5. Thrive leads
  6. LeadPages: for landing pages

Don’t panic, those all are not needed at the same time. Especially if you’re a new blogger how stressful it is I know.

So, Among these only Getresponse is enough to cover all the needs be it landing pages, be it sign-up forms, or pop-ups.

Additionally, you can use the SumoMe plugin to collect subscribers.

Yes.! it is undeniable that offering some kind of freebies like e-book, training, or email courses can increase the rate of subscription. But to keep your email subscribers stick with you is also a hard task therefore you have to feed your subscribers with the actual material they are expecting from you.

Look at the stats:

Email Marketing is one of the top-notch ways of marketing because the conversion rate of emails is about 4.16% which is much more than social media conversions (0.48%) and other search conversions (2.64%). Which makes email marketing is the most effective way to market your services.

Look at these stats of Email Marketing which emphasize how building an email list is must think for,

email subscribers stats
Image Credit: Healthy News

Apart from this, I must suggest to, Instead of focusing to increase the number of subscribers, you must be focused on interested subscribers.

I mean, the one who subscribed for you and your content is actually valuable, than those who subscribed just for some freebies.

Additionally, you have to decide what kind of subscribers you are going to target and after subscription, treat them as your friends, don’t spam them by shooting over & over emails with boring content or promotional offers, try to add some value in your emails by adding some tips and story as well. (trust me that works)

Before start earning email subscribers there you need to have some email marketing service for your blog.

Instead of email marketing services (like Mailchimp or GetResponse), you’ll need some other plugins to convert your readers into subscribers (In a more effective way).

There are some plugins that really help to increase the number of subscribers. Such as,

  1. Thrive leads
  2. Sumo Me (I’m Using)
  3. Optin Monster
  4. LeadPages
  5. Opt-in Panda

Tips To Get Email Subscribers

Convincing people for giving their email addresses is not that easy task, you must have some strategies and planning to attract visitors to your subscription box.

Just follow the steps given in this post, you will end with the best tips about growing your email list, Surely.!

1. Make It easier to sign up

Make your subscription box as visible as possible. You should use Red color to attract the reader’s attention and Green color when they are about to submit their email address.

  • You can use WPForms to create attractive sign-up forms

Studies say, by changing red to green color gives the reader’s mind some signals to go for a certain action, and thus you may increase the subscription rate by 7%.

Use your subscription box at top of the page, in the sidebar, and at the end of the page/post. These three are suggested to be the most converting places for readers into subscribers.

2. Exchange value-added freebies

Needless to say, people are more interested in getting some e-book or free course in lieu of their email address.

There is a lot of option to offer free in exchange for the reader’s email address such that You can offer ebooks, e-courses, some document, video course an anything you can think of.

If you don’t have an e-book, you can approach some PLR websites and purchase an e-book with the authority to resell it with your name. Just make a search on Google about “PLR websites” there are thousands of pre-written ebooks available at a very low cost. A copy of which you can offer to your reader.

3. A Landing page is must have

“Having a landing page adds 8% (says a survey report) more Email subscribers to your email list. So you must give it a try”

A landing page is where you can showcase all your services or popular articles and pages along with a call to action button.

email subscribers and landing pages


Most email marketing services like MailChimp ( with limited options) and Getresponse give this extra functionality at no extra cost.

4. Guest Blogging can be your gold mine

It is admitted by most of the bloggers that by guest posting on other blogs, they have secured hundreds of subscribers.

Here is how Jon Morrow has collected 13000 more subscribers by guest blogging, isn’t it incredible. But it is only possible if you can identify the high authority blogs within your niche and Yes, Of course.! they should accept guest posting too (it is hard to get the job)

But if you can find some medium authority blogs (with DA 30-45) for guest posting that can also drive you hundreds of subscribers every month.

You can take the help of Google by making a search with ” Blogs that accept guest post” or “guest posting” or some other keywords. You can use some strings like,

“Your keyword” Accept Guest Post

“Your keyword” submit your Post

“Your keyword” Write for us

You can ask them if they accept guest posting or not, if even 2-4 of them do, you would be great doing.

5. Pop-Ups

Well, every blogger has a different perspective on Pop-Ups.

Some consider that users get annoyed with pop-ups and they hit the close button immediately, which increases the bounce rate.

The rest of the others apply pop-ups, even I personally experience that 75% of blogs and websites that I visit daily have applied pop-ups.

That shows somehow it works. Yes, GetRepsonse again brings the solution for creating attractive pop-ups.

You can also try PopUp Domination (I personally not tried yet but have good repo) can be helpful for designing appealing pop-ups to secure more email subscribers.

6. Use Paid Advertising

The World is changing rapidly, on a daily basis around 2 million articles posted from every corner of the world. To stand out from others you must promote your content.

Like a famous proverb says,

“The things sell more if showcased better”

Using paid advertising have the potential to bring more and more subscriber to your list.

Paid advertising pays a good return. But the way could be more expensive also it becomes the cause of stress for new bloggers (I also don’t recommend this method to newbies).

Though nowadays digital advertising has become much easier and cheaper.

A normal Facebook user can also set up an ad for his content at an incredible price of $5. It is always wise to use the Facebook ad, as you can target the audience of your choice as well.

  • For designing the most attractive Ads you can hire Freelancers from Freelancer or Fiverr.

7. Time and day to shoot emails for better conversions

In nutshell, It totally varies from blog to blog and audience to audience. Most bloggers think it is Sunday or Monday is a better day to send emails to their subscribers.

But it is analyzed from various studies that Tuesday is the most conversational day of the week, then Wednesday and Thursday come. (Source: Coschedule)

It is 11 am is peak time that shows the most open rate of emails, see data provided by Opt-in Monster

8. Use social media Bio

It is one of the best ways to use your landing page link in your profile data or in Bio.

This is the second thing after your profile picture that observed by the visitors. So try to put your link there with a call-to-action text.

And also randomly you can share your old blog posts with a link to your landing page.

9. Grab your subscribers from Forums

Forums are the best platform for active conversations.

So try to engage where the top conversation takes place. You can drive traffic to your landing page by using that link as your signature.

You can choose any of the forums from below (remember these forums are very active):

Take participate in a number of conversations so you can attract a good amount of traffic to your blog.

10. Test what works and what does not

Nevertheless, Opportunity differs from person to person.

What works for others might not work for you. So try to implement the tips given in this post, then observe which are working well for you and which are not.

A quick tip: If placing a subscription box at the end of the post isn’t working for you try to place it in the sidebar with aggressive colors like red or orange.

If your landing page is not working well to convince subscribers then point out the loopholes and redesign it professionally.

What Next: GetResponse: A complete Solution of Email Marketing


So, you have a whole new bundle of tips to get your new email subscribers. If you have applied these things then you never be far from getting 500 email subscribers in just 15 days.

So, It’s over to you, I would like to hear from you so, share what tactics you would like to imply for your next list building or if you applying any other effective method for list building.

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