How to Use Email Marketing to Skyrocket Your Sales

Doubtlessly, email marketing is the most effective way of marketing where you can expect a huge return of around 3200%.

So your whole effort would be to capture as many email subscribers as you can.

So you can add them to your email marketing list and later on you can send them emails regarding your business and products.

It’s no brainer that if you treat your subscribers genuinely they could be the potential buyers of your products or services.

So collecting email subscribers is an art and mostly depends upon your opt-in forms and what benefit you are offering.

With a good mixture of the benefit and awesome designed opt-in forms, you can collect an enormous amount of new email subscribers.

How WpForms and Active Campaign integration help your business grow

Active Campaign is a world-class email marketing software that offers a wide range of email marketing services including marketing and automation features.

If you are already using Active Campaign to manage and market your email list then here is good news for you.

WpForms has recently added an Active Campaign addon to help small businesses grow and manage their email list easily.

WpForms is the best WordPress form builder plugin that is recommended by industry leaders.

With the help of WpForms, you can easily create outstanding signup forms, contact forms, donation forms, and billing forms with tons of add-on features.

And Now onwards you can integrate these forms into your Active Campaign email lists.

With such integration, though you are getting unlimited benefits yet there are a handful of advantages I must list down to help you gauge the value of this Active Campaign WpForms integration.

  • Create unlimited Active Campaign Sign up forms
  • You can better segment your email subscribers in your Active Campaign account.
  • You can get better conversions with targeted marketing emails when you have robust segmentation already.
  • Add form fields for different campaign lists.
  • Add or remove tags to segment subscribers.
  • Let your subscriber easily update their contact information.
  • You can apply “Conditional logic” segmentation for better ROI.
  • And a lot more.

Create Active Campaign Forms

Let me tell you, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the Active Campaign Add-on then you must be on the WpForms Elite plan.

1. Activate Active Campaign

Sign up for WpForms Elite Plan and take your email marketing over the moon.

So, I assume that you have the WpForms Elite plan now, head over to the Addons section inside the WpForms dashboard, and navigate to Active Campaign.

Now here install and then activate Active Campaign for your account.

2. Create Forms

To create a new form head over to the Wpforms Setup section.

Here select the template you want your form to be.

3. Connect Active Campaign

When you finish creating a form then navigate to the marketing section to connect your Active Campaign account.

When you click on Active Campaign you’ll see a popup asking about your Active Campaign account details.

When you fill out the account details and connect your Active Campaign account in WordPress you’re all set to assign a WpForms to collect emails.

4. Set up your Active Campaign form

To sync your WpForms contact forms to the Active Campaign email list you need to head over to the Marketing section inside the WpForms plugin.

Now here you’ll have to select an Active Campaign account you have connected to earlier.

When you have selected what “Action to Perform” you’re all set with Active Campaign set up. Now click on the Save button.

5. Place your Active Campaign form on your Site

So as of now you have integrated your Active Campaign account and created a form.

It’s time to place your form on your site.

You can place your form anywhere on your site, in your posts, pages, and on the sidebar and begin collecting emails into your Active Campaign list.

This is how you can leverage the benefits of Active Campaign integration with WpForms.

Wrapping Up

Using WpForms to collect and sink your email subscribers into your Active campaign email lists works as a great funnel.

You can create various email lists, segment subscribers, and target them specifically for better conversions.

With the right mindset of email marketing, you can take your business to a new level.

Sign up for a WpForms Elite plan here and start building your email list like a pro.

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