How to Use Email Autoresponders effectively to Accelerate Your Growth

Email Autoresponders.! the life saviour for email marketers, bloggers and affiliate marketers.

In your blogging journey, there are millions of things you could be busy with. So, to remain connected with your subscribers “email autoresponders” is one of the best solutions.

So, here in this post, I have attached a great Infographic that’ll show you how to use autoresponders and what things you should avoid when setting up an autoresponder.

Blogging is a one-man show.

As a blogger, you have to perform various tasks yourself like writing articles, promotion, social media interactions and sending emails to your subscribers etc.

Here is how email autoresponders can save you from being overloaded with other blogging tasks.

What is an Email Autoresponder

If you don’t know or you have some doubts uncleared about autoresponders, then here I have tried to make it clear in some simple words.


You are in internet marketing field, I assume that you have heard about social media scheduler like Tailwind (tailwind is Pinterest/Instagram Scheduler).

So you probably know about how tailwind is reducing the headache of Pinterest marketers from manually pinning.

So what Tailwind does,

Tailwind pin your images on Pinterest at the pre scheduled time without pinning yourself manually, so the whole day you can complete other tasks as well. (While writing this article, I’m sure that tailwind have pinned some pins to my Pinterest profile).

Grab it before this ends tailwind is giving away a free trial for a month plus an additional $15 credit when you upgrade your plan 

Email Autoresponders also does the same job.

Let You have a 5-day email series to send it to your subscribers for next 5 days then what you have to do is craft your emails and set them up as an autoresponder.

Then Autoresponders will send those emails to your subscribers daily for 5 days in a sequential form. Without worrying anything about.

This is how email marketing works.

What is the best Email Autoresponder

GetResponse, Undoubtedly.

GetResponse is my number 1 recommendation when it comes to setting up an email marketing campaigns and autoresponders. Because Getresponse delivers my emails to the recipients when they are available to open my emails so it gives me a better output of my email marketing efforts.

Let me tell you, I also use MailChimp for some of my other affiliate marketing campaigns(as it is free). But MailChimp does not allow auto scheduling in the free plan. That Means you can not send emails on the specific time of your subscribers.

Moreover, the Getresponse price plans is cheaper than MailChimp and also far affordable than any of its other competitor.

Go here to read more about Getresponse features and Prices & Plans and how to choose a cheaper plan (A  detailed comparison)

How do I create an Autoresponder

First thing first, You have to integrate and connect your blog with GetResponse account, It’s no brainer thing because GetResponse tutorials will show you how to do this.

Now to set up an email autoresponder click on “Workflow” then click on “create a new workflow” there you can set up your email workflow that’s known as an autoresponder.

Or you can create any campaigns and schedule that for a specific time. So when that specific time comes your email campaign will be sent automatically.

Email Autoresponder Template (examples)

  • There is no specific template of autoresponders for all sorts of occasions.

Let, if you are going for holidays and you want to remain engaged with your subscribers by sending them relevant stuff daily then your email templates will be different from an email series where you teach your subscribers some marketing stuff.

To make it easy,

Let’s have a look at below example of an email autoresponder about your vacation

Out of Office message sample

[box] Hello,

I’m out of the office for [number of days] as I’m going to [your reason].

I have received your email, but I’m unable to reply at this moment and until [date when you will be available].

If you are in urgency and finding no solution except me then reach out to my assistant at [ email of your assistant].

Thanks for reaching out to me.

[your name],[/box]

  • Now here is a great infographic showing “how to use email autoresponders to make your email marketing effective”


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Wrapping It Up

So, I think you are taking away some great tips about how to use email autoresponders to make your email marketing work effectively.

Setting up autoresponders and moving forward in your internet marketing business is the key to grow your business.

I highly recommend you to grab this free trial for a month-long and set an autoresponder for 5 days to a certain number of your email subscribers. You will start seeing that your subscribers are getting engaged with you.

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Over to you

let me know what struggles you are facing with your email marketing and if you have some shareable experience in email marketing, do share that (via commenting) with me and fellow readers.

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  1. API key is required to connect the WPForms addon on your site to your GetResponse account, and so must be in place for this to work. The API key is sort of like the password + link to ensure that you”re connecting to the right account and have permission to do so, so that extra setup step helps to keep your GetResponse more secure. I hope that helps! ?

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