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I think you just have published an awesome article and now you are in search of readers. On the way to help you, I have some creative marketing ideas to market your article to get featured in front of a targeted audience.

Here I have collected 15 different and proven marketing ideas that are enough to drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog.

Regular publishing of quality content is a good thing but to market, your content in a right way will pay you for your effort. Thus you found yourself in a winning situation and encouraged also, isn’t it.?

It’s not the matter of how many marketing ways are there on the internet and in this article, I suggest you pick only 3-5 ways in the beginning to work upon, that can keep your audience busy. That’s my personal experience to gain some valuable audience.

Before starting the topic just ask some question to yourself

If you have answered Yes.! for all the above question then let’s get started.

Creative Marketing Ideas to Promote My Blog

So before wasting your time I’m going to list some innovative promotional ideas that I used to follow to market my blog too.

Read them and choose what best fits for you.

1. Be Helpful don’t be a seller

Firstly you should convince yourself to help people, Don’t every time try to sell your products.

If you can help people you can build trust. And If you have built trust that means you are gaining loyal readers, and eventually they can convert into your customers too.

“If you are able to build trust, you can make a deal”

Faizan Ali.

I’m not becoming superlative but it’s my personal experience.

Search over Google and Social Media about problems people are facing and looking for a solution. Provide them with a genuine solution or resources that can solve their problems.

Thus you can gain the trust of your readers.

2. Use Social Media

Social media has become a negligible aspect of our life. But using Social connections wisely can bring a huge difference in your life.

There are lots of social media channels available on the internet but Facebook, Twitter, Google+Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Flickers are the most popular ones.

Use these channels in the following manner

  • Facebook

Create an Fb page with your blog’s name which can increase your branding as well. Apart from posting your own content, you can post Post relevant images, videos, tutorials and other fb page’s post for relationship purpose which makes your reader engaged. Through this, you can drive huge traffic to your blog.

  • Twitter

Twitter is a well-managed platform for making a short and appealing post with a link. use it wisely and make connections with other like-minded people. Retweet, follow and likes can increase conversion rate.

  • Instagram

Users are more active on Instagram than any other social network. Using Instagram by posting,  following, create stories can drive a lot of traffic.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest has potential to drive a lot of traffic which you can not imagine in beginning. Just make 3-5 pins (images) for each post and pin them on various boards. You can embed your post’s link to each image.

When somebody clicks over that pins he or she will redirect to your post. Hence you have to create awesome pins to drive traffic. Again by following, commenting you can build connections here.

Pinterest Scheduler like tailwind can be used to schedule pins in advance. At the same time when you have tons of other work using Pinterest scheduler is a wise idea.

Watch video for more social media marketing tips-

3. Find and list relevant blogs of your niche

I personally consider this idea works best.

Go to Google search 10 popular blogs of your niche and list them. Do some research by browsing each of the blogs about what they are posting and how. What resources they are using and in what manners they are promoting their content.

“If you are looking for success path, you will have to follow the footprints of successful ones”

Faizan Ali.

4. Commenting cannot be Ignored

For this, you have already done half of your work in point 2. Hold your list of top 10 blogs and start commenting on their post, But don’t be spammy.

Don’t comment like “nice post, keep up doing great work” these type of comments only add a number of comments but not the value in other reader’s eyes.

Try to give useful and attractive comments. That’s how you can grab the interest of other readers also, out of those, probably some reader will take interest to visit your blog.

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5. Build relationships by Contacting bloggers

Being successful as a blogger you must build the relationship with other bloggers. To maintain relations, you may approach your list of 10 blogs.

This relationship could be of any type. Like you can ask for help or suggestion for your own blog, you can write some guest post for them or frequently commenting on each post can draw the attention of that blogger towards you.

Thus you can build some good relations and also if someday you ask those bloggers to share your content then You can’t expect that all will reply but if even 2 would have replied out of 10 then,

Congratulations.! you have built a good relationship.

6. Use platform that mutual share your content

Join Triberr and share your content easily in front of more eyes. Triberr could be a hidden treasure for plenty of social shares.

You can also use Medium (Content curation site) to republish your post. Medium is a gold mine of more than 6 million readers.

Give it a shot…you will be thankful to me.

 “I respect your gratitude, Just share this article :p”

7. Actively participate in the forum

There are lots of Forums available on the internet, where like-minded people come and participate in the discussion. These discussions could be of any type and also some enthusiast comes and post their problems other will try to resolve those problems.

Try to find discussions regarding your blog topics, participate there and with a reasonable feedback post your link politely.

Apart from these, one of the best advantage of Forum is you will get a quick response from many people. Some Forum you can join and create backlinks,

8. Publish extra content for others blogs

Yes.! I’m talking about guest posting. This is one of the best among all content marketing ideas. I know it is typical to craft extra post and also for others though you have your own editorial schedule. But guest post works as a mine of interested readers.

To make it easy, again remember that list of 10 blogs, now it’s time to utilize that relationship. Ask those bloggers if they accept guest posting. If they do, then craft a brand new quality content of more than 800 words and submit it to them. This would give hundreds or even thousands of new readers.

But remember don’t submit any content to more than one blog.

9. Use Headlines with quality content that catches the attention

Instead of ranking on the first page of Google, if you are not writing a catchy headline you may lose potential readers.

Your headline should be appealing that reflects the solution of certain problem of the searcher.

Making it little controversial have potential to give your post extra attention.

Don’t keep your headline so simple like “Top 10 luxury cars” choose something like “10 dream cars your haters never wants you to have”

Now tell me which one is appealing.

You can take the help of Raelyn Tan’s superb collection of 220 headline templates.

10. Cover Events and meet-ups

If you came to know about some events and meetup related to your niche are taking place nearby you, just don’t miss it. As there you may find some experts and successful bloggers.

These are the wonderful occasions for building a true relationship.

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11. Collaboration

If you are having an opportunity to collaborate with other bloggers you must go for it. As being collaborator you can give exposure to your own content too. You may ask for being an author/contributor to some bloggers for their blog.

  • If you’re good at writing in-depth articles, Just try to approach high engagement blogs.

12. Add resources to your content that build the trust of readers

Writing content is a good thing, but to solve the problems of people with your content is the best thing.

Most of the people are reading your content for some extra resource. By providing relevant resources to your topic in your content would be an extra feature for your reader.

Just like I’ve added some links to other blogs in this post, so you may get proper solutions for every tips.

In future whenever if your audience found any relevant problem they will go nowhere except you.

That’s called real trust.

13. Infographic, interviews and Case study

These three methods can give your blog a unique exposure go for it

  • Using Infographic adds some spice to your content and through which people also get influenced soon. Readers are more likely to share such content and Infographics.
  • Try to approach those 10 bloggers for interviews. Just shoot an email and ask for the same. If they agree, write down some questions about their journey and email them and wait for their answers. Now craft a post with their answers and again email that post to that blogger and ask for approval. If they approved, Hit the Publish button.
  • Choose a topic of your niche and make brief research over it try to find some case studies about the topic.

14. Podcasts and live broadcasting will give you extra reach

Podcasts are getting more popular these days.

People are having less time to read a long written article. So you must go for it. Create podcasts of your popular posts and make them live for listeners.

Live broadcasting is one of the best features of social media, where you can hold a live webinar for your followers. broadcasting may be for a launch of a new article, new products, new ebooks or course.

Broadcasting has potential to reach to the wider audience.

15. If possible collect testimonials

If you have ebooks and courses or membership on your blogs then, You can ask for testimonials for such products from your customers. Having testimonials on your site is another good option to build credibility.


 Here I have shared all the creative marketing ideas I’m using to promote my blog. All these content marketing ideas are proven best to drive targeted traffic. Hence you can gain loyal readers as well.

Instead of all these if you are using some other tactics to drive traffic and if you have some marketing ideas, then please share with me and others. It would be glad to see you in the comment section.

“A tiny request, I hope you have found some good info and ideas in this post, please share these creative marketing ideas with your friends”

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  3. Hey Faizan,

    Certainly, one could have bad time if the promotional strategy goes wrong. Social Media is a big help in plenty of ways…

    I do agree, collaborating with fellow bloggers writing guest posts, commenting, shares could let them grow together and opens a lot of door have a fruitful blogging life.

    That’s what I do too.

    I love the article. Thanks and have a great day ahead!

  4. Yes, collaborating is must if someone want to succeed in the online world.
    Thanks, Navin for taking time to share your thought about promotional strategies.

  5. Hi Faizan.
    Came across this post and found it to be very helpful. I’m a new blogger and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all there is to learn, and getting traffic is one of those things. Your article gave me a few more ideas to try. Thanks for taking the time to help out us newbies. 🙂

  6. There are all very helpful ways to increase traffic. I think number 11 is the one that can be most helpful but I need to get over my fear of rejection.

  7. Amazing post. Very informative and useful for all the bloggers and for those who want to start their own blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I really need to spend more time reading the blogs and attempting to collaborate with others in my niche. Like the poster above said, I need to get over my fear of rejection.

  9. I’ve never heard of fiverr(?) before! I’ll have to try it out. I recently started using blogpostvoteup to test its usefulness. Even after after a few years in still learning 🙂 thanks for sharing these tips!

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