How to Create An Online NonProfit Donation Forms

Do you accept donations through your website? Are you looking for an easier solution for accepting donations form your potential sponsors?

If yes! then this post is completely dedicated to you.

Let me tell you if you have a simpler and easy to follow steps for donation then your sponsors are more likely to donate your organization.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how you can create a donation form using WpForms, integrate with a payment gateway, and how you can streamline the whole process.

So let’s get started,

How to Create a Donation form

It’s really easy to create a donation form if you follow the steps.

Step 1: Donation Form Creation

The first thing is to have a WpForms plugin installed. If you have installed it previously then it’s okay or you can install it here.

Now, head over to Add New section, name your form and click on Donation Form.

Step 2: Customizing the form

Your form is created now on the next screen you’ll have tons of options to edit and design your form with required fields.

On the basic form, you’ll have Name, Email, Donation Amount, and Message field. But you can customize and edit more options by dragging and dropping more fields from the left panel.

Moreover, there is only one option where a sponsor will have to put the amount that he wants to donate but you can also use pre desired amount or dropdown choice for sponsors to choose from.

For this, drag the Multiple Items field from the left panel and place it above the Donation amount field.

Step 3: Configure the Donation Form Settings

In this section, you’ll have tons of options to configure the settings of your Donation form.

Head over to Settings>> General

Here you can set all your general settings like form name, description, button text, GDPR enhancements, etc.

Now move onto Notifications

Here you can enable notifications for you i.e. you’ll receive a notification every time when someone makes a donation using WpForms.

Moreover, If you use Smart Tags, you can also send a notification to the sponsors letting them know that their amount is donated successfully and you have received the amount.

Now Configure Confirmation settings,

To Set up this, click on Confirmation tab and select the Confirmation type from the drop-down menu, (as shown in image we have selected “message”)

After that you can customize the confirmation message and click the save button.

That’s it.

Now Integrate the Payment Gateway,

With WpForms, you can integrate either Paypal/Stripe or both for accepting donations.

To configure the payment settings you’ll have to install and activate the right payment add on.

Check out how to install Paypal add on and activate it. (The Process remains pretty similar for Stripe also)

I assume you have integrated the payment gateway of your choice. It’s time to connect your donation form to your website.

Step 4: Add your Donation form to your website

Now after creating a donation form, you need to add it to your website. With WpForms you have multiple choice to add this form on your website.

You can add it to your blog posts, pages, or in the sidebar. If you are looking to add a form on your blog post or page then you’ll have the option to add a new form inside the editor.

Step 5: Sink your donation form with your email list

Connect your donation with an email marketing service provider like Mailchimp or GetResponse etc.

This way you’ll have an option to keep your donors updated with your organization’s events.

Wrapping up

So I hope you’ve got to know how to create and add a donation form to your website and give an easy way to your sponsors to donate for your organization.

 WpForms made forms creation really easy for the non-techie persons also. With the plugin, you also have tons of options to create different types of forms.

If you’re not using the Plugin I recommend you give this form builder a try, you’ll thank me for this.

Signup for WpForms here

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