17+ Experts Suggest “3 Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Always Make & How to Fix Them”

I always notice that many bloggers make a lot of mistakes, especially in the beginning. But it becomes more crucial when they don’t identify what are the mistakes and how to avoid those blogging mistakes.

So, I thought to make it possible to identify,  I’ve approached some expert bloggers and asked them to list common blogging mistakes that beginner bloggers make.

So, Here in this post, 17+ expert bloggers have shared top blogging mistakes that bloggers usually make, and also they have suggested how to fix those loopholes.

At the end of this post, I’ve highlighted some key mistakes that I’ve observed the most, but don’t jump over that as you may miss the invaluable suggestions from these experts.

let’s start our main topic

Are you a blogger who is consistently making mistakes and now frustrated by the ups and downs of blogging?

Or Sometimes you become overwhelmed from seeing the massive success of some bloggers and thinking that blogging is not for you because you’re not reaching that point anywhere.


  • Cheers.!!! it’s not you only, even top bloggers felt the same at the early days of their blogging.

Let me tell you the first experience of blogging where most newbies suck,

one day you’ve come across a post while surfing the internet about how John (a blogger) is making $70k+ from blogging only.

You got impressed and started your blog after reading some posts about “How to start a WordPress blog within 15 minutes”.

After writing some posts, you have noticed that you’re receiving only 5-8 views a day, Then you also stuck about what to write in your next blog posts, then you encountered how to monetize your blog.

Now you’ve got distracted just because having no plan to move further.

Hence, Gradually you begin losing your motivation and you end up quitting blogging. Fuss…!

But trust me there are lots of ups and downs in blogging that had also encountered by every successful blogger.

But the smart one is, who keeps on learning from other’s experience

That’s how you can save lots of time and this is the only shortcut to success in blogging that to avoid those blogging mistakes that have already been proven as “mistakes”.

Remember if you want to get success, you must have to follow the footsteps of successful ones.

Here in this post, I just want to convey the message with the help of blogging experts to every blogger especially to newbies that making mistakes is part of success.

  • This is an extremely awesome post just because every single expert has put here the best of their experience in blogging, So, I also suggest you follow these bloggers and their blogs.

So, let’s get into it,

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Common Blogging Mistakes Beginner Bloggers make

17 Experts suggests “How To Avoid Blogging Mistakes”

Here’s the quick list of Experts who have contributed their best learning from blogging-

Adam Connell, Jason Acidre, Ryan Biddulph, Anil Aggarwal, Zac Jhonson, Brian Liang, Anna Bennette, Dan Ray, Harsh Aggarwal, Nadalie Bardo, Janice Wald, Raelyn Tan, Janine, Akshay Kumar Hallur, Sue Danlieve, Pradeep Kumar, Kulwant Negi, Barakat Minhaj.

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up


Adam Connell

Bio: Adam is a passionate blogger helping new and intermediate bloggers. His blog “bloggingwizard.com” has become the go-to resource for many bloggers.


1) Focusing so much on the details that you don’t take action

I’m a perfectionist at heart, but over the years I’ve come to realize that done is better than perfect.

Because the reality is that perfect, may never be done. As we learn and grow, our idea of perfect changes. And we usually move the goalposts.

So get your blog as close as you can and go for it. You can always improve things later.

2) Waiting too long to start your email list

Most people who visit your blog will never return. You need a way to encourage them to come back. Social media can help here but there are far too many distractions there.

Building an email list is great because it’s immediate, it’s personal, and it’s a marketing channel that you have some degree of control over.

3) Choosing the wrong niche

This is such an easy mistake. But it’s one that most bloggers discover only after putting a lot of time and effort into it.

The perfect niche for your blog will sit somewhere between:

  1. What you’re passionate about
  2. What you can make money at
  3. What you know

Keys Take-Away From Adam-

'Choose a well-Performing #niche, Stay focused, taking action is far better than thinking to take action@adamjaycClick To Tweet
  • For more blogging knowledge you can check out Adam’s Blogging Wizard. Follow Adam on Twitter @adamjayc

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up

Jason Acidre

Bio: Jason Acidre is the publisher of Grit and Three best, Also He has an extraordinary knowledge of SEO and link building.

According to Jason the following Top 3 mistakes that bloggers make

1) Biggest fear when starting as a blogger

There’s a lot that I can think of, especially if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

But I guess the biggest one is the “fear of failing“.

Many new bloggers start blogging either to make money from it (which takes a lot of hard work to genuinely accomplish) or build readership and eventually become an influencer in a certain space (which is also very hard to earn).

And assessing both objectives from the get-go can surely be intimidating, and often sway a lot of new bloggers to quit along the process when the task gets tougher.

  • I think the key here is to find the things you know you’d be really happy to write and share about – even without expecting anyone to read your content.

2) Biggest learning from my early days of blogging

How important it is to focus on topics I know a lot about, and areas that I didn’t see get written a lot by other bloggers in my industry.

It can help you mold and shape your own identity and brand in your space. That’s why it’s so important to read and stalk your potential competitors’ content efforts.

3) How I improved my traffic and ranking

I focused on creating thorough guides that my target audience actually search for (and making sure that they’ll actually be useful), and spent more time on promoting them through outreach (for link building).

Key Take-aways from Jason

@jasonacidreReading, writing, and putting the things you learn along the process into action can make anyone the best version of themselves.@selfhostedlifeClick To Tweet


Jason Acidre is the publisher of “Grit and ThreeBest”. Follow Jason on Twitter @jasonacidre

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up

 Ryan Biddulph

Bio: Ryan is an awesome blogger and world traveler. He regularly publishes blogging tips for beginners through his blog “blogging from paradise”. There also you can read his travel stories that are full of adventures. 

Ryan has outlined some blogging mistakes that are common for beginner bloggers

1) Blogging mainly for money

If you blog mainly for the money you lose creativity, inspiration, and all successful energies because you are addicted to outcomes. Focus instead on following your passion, this is where your success unfolds.

2) Blogging lone wolf

If you try to do it all by yourself you will slam into obstacles endlessly. Blogging is a team game. Comment genuinely on blogs, Promote other bloggers and get Succeed.

3) Obsessing over list building

Your email list is a group of numbers or inanimate objects.

Focus on serving and befriending human beings. The money is in the value you share, bonds you build, and in the skills, you develop, not in your email list.

Key Take-Aways from Ryan

Writing authority content and building relationships with fellow bloggers are the keys to success in blogging.@RyanBiddulphClick To Tweet

For better Blogging and travel stories you can check out Blogging From Paradise. Follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanBiddulph

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Anil Aggarwal

Bio: Anil is one of the top Indian bloggers. His many articles rank on the first page of Google just because of his awesome skills in keyword research.

Anil has pointed out some blogging mistakes that new bloggers often make. Also, read his invaluable suggestion Search engine traffic.


We all know traffic is the lifeblood of any profitable website that makes money. But not all traffic sources are equal. Search engine traffic is the king of all traffic sources, so if you want to make more money from your blogs, make sure to attract more organic traffic.

1) Analyse your competitors

By carefully analyzing your competitor’s websites, you get a ton of ideas on what type of content to create, what keywords to target and how to promote your website, and so on.

Use tools like SEMrush for doing competitor analysis. Just make sure to provide better stuff and content than your competitors to get some edge over them.

2) Write detailed blog posts

Since 2015, we’re publishing blog posts with over 2000+ words.

That helped us a lot in bringing more search traffic to our site. If you want more search traffic, write detailed content which is most informative to your target audience.

3) Last but not least: be consistent

If you want to increase your traffic and rankings, you should create a blog posting schedule and stick to it for a few months in order to see better results.

Consistency is the key to building a better blog.

Key Take-Aways from Anil

key factors are you should stick with blogging, Be consistent and write a detailed blog post, Also keep an eye on your competitors.@bloggerpassionClick To Tweet

Here’s the case study by Anil at “Blogger Passion” about how long it takes to rank on Google. Follow Anil on Twitter @bloggerpassion

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Zac Johnson

Bio: Zac Johnson is one of the oldest online marketers having experience of more than 20 years of online marketing. He is currently helping new bloggers getting success by avoiding blogging mistakes through his blogs blogging.org and zacjohnson.com

Here is Zac revealed his top blogging tips for beginners.

1) Biggest fear when starting as a blogger

Not having any readers or traffic coming to your site.

This is something all site owners and bloggers have to worry about when first starting out, however, we all start off with a blank slate and look at where some of the top bloggers are today.

It’s all about taking action and putting your time and effort towards something amazing.

2) Biggest learning from my early days of blogging

I first started blogging back in 2007, and since then it’s completely changed my life and business in process.

Something I probably would have done differently is focused more on course building and launching membership sites to build a recurring income stream from students.

With more than ten years of blogging behind me, this could have been quite a large source of passive income.

3) How I improved my traffic and ranking

Blogging has made me a better writer, speaker, and marketer, all of which have helped with content creation, SEO, and building my brand, and following in the process.

I’ve been creating sites and focusing on SEO since the mid-90s so this was an area I already had some decent experience with before launching my blog at zacjohnson.com.

Key Take-Aways From Zac

The life lesson I learn from #blogging is to just do it. The #opportunities are limitless and it's one of the best #business and life decisions I've made over the years @zacjohnsonClick To Tweet

Check out Zac Johnson’s blogging zone at Blogging.org and Zac Johnson. Follow Zac on Twitter @zacjohnson

Brain Liang Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up

Bio: Brian Liang is the founder of Small Business Ideas Blog and Web Developers Etc, which offers website, hosting, and design services. Sign up for his newsletter for more articles and ideas on business, marketing, and achieving success.


  • The biggest mistake of new bloggers is they think that it is an easy business with quick returns.

Blogging is one of the hardest businesses and it takes time to build up an audience. It’s a long-term commitment and results accelerate over time.

Key take Aways from Brian

@sbizideasblog Don't expect huge results from little efforts. #Blogging is not about an overnight #success, Be consistent and you'll see great results @selfhostedlifeClick To Tweet

Check out Brian Liang’s blog “Small Business Ideas Blog and Web Developers Etc”, Follow Brain on Twitter @sbizideasblog

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Anna Benett


Bio: As a B2B service Anna consistently ranks on the first page of Google’s organic search with the keywords; “Pinterest Expert”, “Pinterest Marketing Expert” and “Pinterest Consultant” with the help of Pinterest. 

Here Anna has suggested some key point to fix mistakes that new bloggers often make, let’s check it out,

1) Clueless Blogger: Take a course

I was a somewhat clueless blogger in the beginning. I didn’t even know where to look for help – I kid you not. So I figured it out on my own through self-study. When I look back at my work it’s an embarrassing look. I’ve left it there for all to see so you know what NOT to do – LOL.

Knowing what I know now I wish I would have taken a course from an expert which would have saved me countless hours of frustration. Time is money.

Therefore the first tip for newbies I’ll pass on to you is, do NOT try to figure this out on your own. I know for a fact that you’ll be tempted to do it on your own, read every blog out there, and that’s okay. It’s okay to do some research and you’ll get an idea of what others are doing to be successful.

Blogging requires strategy, time, consistency, dedication, education, money and more.

That means to learn from others who have had done what you want to. Take a course on how to blog. It’s the fastest way to accomplish your goals without banging your head against the wall and wasting time!

2) Learn from Experts

Many Beginners think that they will do it on their own, this is the top mistake beginner bloggers do. Yes, you can do it, but it cost you a lot, in terms of time and money.

If you want to have massive success as a blogger (making at least 6 – 7 digits per year) do whatever it takes to be amazing and strive for greatness. That includes learning from experts.

Why experts? Experts save you time & money because they’ve already made all the mistakes and have created a blueprint for success.

They know what works and what doesn’t work.

Sure you’ll make mistakes along the way, we all do.

But you want to minimize them as much as possible.

3) Leverage the potential of Pinterest

One of the beautiful things about leveraging Pinterest for your blogs is that there are very likely Pinterest users looking for the topics you want to write about.

In addition, your blog will continue to live on and potentially go viral over time because that’s the nature of the platform. That doesn’t happen on other social networks.

  • Why do bloggers do so well on Pinterest and not the other socials?
    Pinterest is not just for businesses who want to sell stuff.

Over 14 million articles are being pinned on Pinterest every day. Publishers like BuzzFeed claim that Pinterest is their 2nd source of social traffic.

Blogging is a lot of work. Bloggers are continuously finding the latest tactics to boost their blog traffic. What if I told you that on Pinterest your blog content continues to work for you long after you’ve pinned? This does not happen on Facebook and Twitter. You see your content has a shelf life.

  • Pinterest helps you win in another big way too! Pinterest can help you get found on the first page of Google!

I wish you boatloads of new traffic.

Key Take-Aways from Anna

Blogging isn’t an easy business, and there are a lot of potential snags that can undermine your success. @selfhostedlife Click To Tweet

You can check out Anna’s best Pinterest strategies at whiteglovesocalmedia and follow Anna on Pinterest.

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up

Dan Ray

Bio: Dan Ray is an outstanding link builder. His skills in link building amuse every internet marketer. His articles and tips are purely based on evidence and real statistics. 

Many new bloggers make mistakes in building links either with less knowledge or opt for black hat SEO. Here Dan is suggesting to replace those wrong ways with these strategies

1) Don’t write for the sake of writing

Everything you produce should be the best version of that thing is available anywhere on the internet.

So make it unique/detailed/controversial/data-driven, whatever you have to make it the best.

Otherwise, what’s the point in creating it?

You want links to it, it has to be the best.

2) Don’t withhold links

I see a lot of people trying to preserve “link juice” by not linking out from their pages, if a link makes your article better, either to an external site or an internal page, just link to it.

The internet wouldn’t exist without links, so don’t be shy about linking to deserving pieces of content.

3) Not having focused content

Write about a subject that you are an expert in, grow a community, focus on 1 thing in particular. Once you’ve done this, it’s much easier to expand into something further field.

4) And because I don’t play by the rules Not funneling your visitors into another community, Facebook group/youtube/forum whatever you decide, it’s really useful to have people gather on a platform that they visit for long periods of time throughout the day.

  • Most of you know that I have chosen a Facebook group for this, it allows people to consume my content on their feed throughout their day and communicate with me way more directly, have a laugh, and generally be inappropriate.

Key Take-Aways from Dan

If the content is available on the internet to try to find out a different angle to write about it. This way you can attract other bloggers to link to your content.Click To Tweet

Check out Dan’s blog www.danray.me as well as join Dan’s Facebook group.

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Harsh Aggarwal

Bio: Harsh Aggarwal is one of the most famous and successful bloggers from India. He is continuously sharing his blogging knowledge for the last 10 years. He has guided many new bloggers and stopped them from making silly blogging mistakes.

Here is Harsh is talking about blogging mistakes that he made,

1) Fear of starting

The biggest fear when starting as a blogger is the fear of writing, fear of time devotion, and fear of investment in some cases. I would recommend you reading this guide of mine, this will give you a great idea, how things worked for me.

2) Number of mistakes

There are a lot of mistakes that we bloggers do and we learn a lot from them. Here are the blogging mistakes that I did and learned a lot from.

3) The problem in Driving traffic

Driving traffic is not that easy as we think. But there are a lot of ways to drive traffic. I’ve outlined 101 ways of driving traffic to my blog, which I learned from my blogging life.

Key Take-Aways From Harsh

Avoid fear of starting your blog, you will learn a lot from your mistakes, and also don't depend on a single source for traffic.@denharshClick To Tweet

You can check out his favorite dish Shout Me Loud. Follow harsh on Twitter @denharsh

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up

Nadalie Bardo

Bio: Nadalie is a famous blogger who talks about Goal settings and Motivation on her blog “itsallyouboo.com”. How to be Goal centric and how to slay Goals are the main topic she often talks upon.

Here Nadalie have shared the Top 3 blogging mistakes that bloggers make, check them out

1) Trying to Master all Social Media Platforms

The first year or so of blogging is all about learning from your mistakes. You come to a point where you realize that not everyone has great advice and that you can’t possibly do everything. Learn this lesson fast, focus on doing just one or two things well.

For example, if you’re trying to grow your social media presence, master one platform like Pinterest first before trying to “be everywhere”.

  • There are so many blogging Facebook groups and daily threads but know you do not need to post in every single one, every day. This is actually not a great way to drive traffic to your site.

2) Not taking SEO seriously

A second blogging mistake is failing to take SEO seriously from the beginning.

I know there’s a lot of things to work out when you first start but learning how to get organic search traffic early on will serve you in the long run with a consistent, stress-free, flow of traffic.

At the very least, pick a competitive keyword for all of your blog posts and use it in your title, link URL, image file names, and throughout your post.

3) Waiting too long to create any product

A personal blogging mistake and probably my #1 regret was waiting to create and launch my first product. I wish I’d done it sooner, that I was confident and focused enough to realize that it would be the best possible move for me.

Figure out what your readers need, create it and sell it to them.

It doesn’t have to be big or complicated either, start by making it printable or an eBook for $39 or less. Get used to making an offer, I know it’s awkward at first but it can help cover the costs of your blog.

Key Take-Aways from Nadalie

@nadaliebardo many new bloggers not putting effort into making sure your site is navigable, #readable and loveable. First impressions mattersClick To Tweet

Nadalie Bardo talks about Goal setting and slaying at itsallyouboo.com. Follow her on Twitter @Nadaliebardo

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Janice Wald

Bio: Janice Wald is a famous blogger. She is continuously helping other bloggers to improve their blogs by sharing practical solutions and established strategies. She’s also featured in many top publications on the internet. 

Here, learn from Janice how she has started her blog and avoided blogging mistakes, and become one of the most successful bloggers.

Avoid your fears and get started

when starting as a blogger My biggest fear was no one would read my posts due to the competition on the internet.

Three biggest learnings from my early days of blogging I learned quickly:

1) I needed a niche

I started reading about blogging tricks that worked. I read and wrote about Google Analytics. I received so much traffic from that article, I learned that blogging about blogging tips was going to be my niche.

2. Have Patience

The second thing I learned was that blogging is a marathon and not a sprint. I am not normally a patient person. I might have abandoned my blog if I hadn’t heard this. Learning that this expression is true gave me the patience I needed to wait out the times of disappointing blog stats.

3)  How I improved my traffic and ranking

I improved my traffic in the following ways: I learned what works. For example, I learned how to optimize my posts for search engines so I am able to get search engine traffic.

Writing about “unusual tips and tricks” resonates with my readers. When I write about social media sites, I get traffic from those social media sites. This post will tell the methods I take to boost my blog traffic.

In addition to following these methods, you need to promote everywhere. See which websites have users that respond to your content. This list will tell you where you can promote your blog posts for free.

As far as my ranking: I can not stress the importance of your Domain Authority Ranking enough. The higher my DA score gets, the easier I am able to monetize since people write me with financial offers.

  • How did I boost my DA?

I make a concerted effort to have links pointing to my articles.

  • How?

I guest post, I leave my link at sites with high DA rankings that allow me to promote and I create content that people link to. People will link to in-depth content that solves problems.

The life lesson I learn from blogging Has patience! The shotgun effect works. This means you should try various methods. Continue what works for you.

Key Take-Aways from Janice

Have patience, blogging is all trial and error process, stay consistent with a proper planning and keep on learning@MrsPaznanskiClick To Tweet

Check out Janice’s blog Mostly Blogging. Follow Janice on Twitter @janice

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Raelyn Tan

Bio: Raelyn is a successful blogger and digital marketer who helps new bloggers and intermediate bloggers launch successful blog and online businesses. 

Raelyn shared the number one blogging mistake that she often notices often from new bloggers make.


1) Biggest Mistake – only thinking of starting

“The biggest mistake I made would be not starting earlier.

I love this saying that goes, “The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time to start is today.”

There are always many excuses for people not to start – but trial and error and improving on your business as you go will always beat being paralyzed by fear.”

Key Take-Aways from Raelyn

@raelyntan The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time to start is today.Click To Tweet

Check out Raelyn blog for blogging resources Raelyntan.com, Follow Raelyn on Twitter @Raelyntan

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Janine

Bio: Janine is a beauty blogger. She talks about luxury makeup and skincare but has a great knowledge of blogging too.

She is also sharing the blogging mistakes of many bloggers that have approached her for guest posting.


1) Publishing Content with Grammatical errors

If you publish a post with grammatical errors, your credibility will be in the toilet. Carefully edit your posts to ensure grammar is spot on!

2) Don’t be vague

A post full of vague content doesn’t provide value to the reader.  Do the research and share what you’ve learned with others.  Use facts to back up your statements.

3) Watch out for guest bloggers

Exchanging posts is a great way to get more exposure but I found most posts from guest bloggers were poorly written.  I either rewrote them or rejected them.  Don’t be afraid to decline to publish a poorly written guest post.

Key Take-Aways from Janine

@beautyfulwhims Be prompt in writing content. Do proper research on the topic, write informative content with no grammatical error. Click To Tweet

Janine is a Beauty Blogger sharing her knowledge from A beautiful Whim. Follow Janine on Twitter @beautyfulwhims

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Akshay Hallur

Bio: Akshay is another top Indian Blogger, Have started his blogging journey in 2013. From then he learns a lot of thing about blogging and sharing his knowledge from his blog GoBloggingTips.com


Check out what Akshay is saying about His Blogging mistakes and how he fixed them.

1) Blogging on multi-niche

The biggest mistake I did early in my blogging career to go with a multi-niche blog, later I abandoned it and started GoBloggingTips.
Starting a blog in the multi-niche or generic tech field. Niche blogging is the way to go and really important to build trust in the eyes of Google and also build a loyal blog following.

2) Treating blogging as a hobby

You don’t know when a hobby turns into a profession. Never settle for mediocre. The mediocre is no longer allowed to fly.

3) Not having a long-term vision

Have a plan of where your blog will be in the next 5 years down the lane. Planning and the power of anticipation are really important. Rather, than starting 100’s of blogs as some gurus suggest, start with 1-2 blogs and grow them as an authority in your niche.

Key Take-Aways from Akshay

@akshayhallur Choos single niche and build credibility upon your topic by producing relevant and informative content that solves problems of your readers.Click To Tweet

Check out Akshay’s Bloggingx Follow Akshay on Twitter @akshayhallur

Sue Dunlevie

Bio: Sue Dunlevie Helps bloggers identifying the hidden potential of their blogs. Her strategies and suggestions for new bloggers are tremendously good and result-oriented.

The 3 main problems/mistakes that I see newer bloggers making (in their own words) are:

1) I’m afraid to publish my first post

Everyone is scared the first couple of times they post. It’s hard to put yourself out there and every single influential blogger started the same way with that first post.

Just realize that the feeling will disappear over time and, as Nike says, Just Do It!

2) I’m not getting any readers to my blog

So, are you doing anything to get traffic?

On the free side, I recommend guest blogging, sharing on social media, and asking other bloggers you know to share on their social media accounts.

And start to network with influential bloggers – for example, do a roundup, like this post. Or send a complimentary email. Just start networking as you do in regular work life.

3) I’m not getting any email subscribers

  • How many opt-in boxes do you have on your blog?

3-7 is a good range.

  • And do you have a freebie Lead Magnet gift for when they subscribe?

No one nowadays wants to just join a newsletter. So make a quick cheat sheet or checklist to give away and add some more opt-in boxes and you’ll have 3x the amount of subscribers you have now.

Key Take-Aways From Sue

start writing content, start promoting it, eventually, you'll have traffic and subscribers both.Click To Tweet

Sue Dunlevie is doing great at Successful Blogging check out her blog. Follow her on Pinterest @SuccesfulBlogging

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Pradeep Kumar

Bio: Pradeep Kumar is another successful blogger and founder and editor of Hellboundbloggers.com which is a part of a blog network slashsquare.org

Pradeep has an awesome knowledge of blogging and here he is suggesting some blogging mistakes of bloggers that must avoid.

1) Build your team (relationship)

They should have a team if they want to cover ‘News’ related articles on their blog.

Breaking news or any Foreign news can happen anytime; it’ll be around 2 AM or 7 PM or maybe 12:00 AM, so you should be ready to cover them as soon as possible.

If you start to sleep around 10:00 PM, you’ll probably wake up around 5:00 AM, get ready around 7:00 AM, by that time, it’ll be all over the web, and it might not be “news” anymore.

2) Underrating mobile uses

Focus on your mobile theme as much as you focus on your web theme.

Open your website link on all the possible platforms like Android, IOS, etc. Check the same on popular mobile browsers as well.

See if it loads, and your visitors/readers have a comfortable experience.

3) Not Monetizing Perfectly

Select a perfect time to monetize your blog. You should make your visitors into readers/members before you start to monetize your blog.

They should see more content than ads you should focus on that before making plans for monetization.

Key Take-Aways from Pradeep

Do proper planning before starting a blog and try to convert visitors into subscribersClick To Tweet

Pradeep Kumar is a Founder/Editor of HellBound Bloggers (HBB) Follow Pradeep on Twitter @SPradeepkr

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Kulwant Nagi

Bio: Kulwant is one of the successful bloggers from India. He is constantly producing invaluable content, which is proven helpful for many new bloggers. He shares his blogging tips for beginners to launch and grow their blog.


See here what Kulwant is suggesting to avoid blogging mistakes,

1) Selecting many Niche

The first blogging mistake I see most of the newbies are making is, selecting many niches under one blog. According to my, if you really want to become an awesome blogger, you must focus on one niche rather than trying 100 different niches under one roof.

2) Avoid collecting emails

The second blogging mistake I see most of the bloggers make is, they don’t start collecting emails on their blogs. They just write the content and make money by AdSense, Affiliate marketing, or whatever.

They are not putting any effort to create any lead magnet which they can give to their use to collect their emails.

3) Hesitate to invest money in blogs

The third mistake (which is very common) I have seen is, newbies are not willing to invest money on their blogs.

They don’t buy premium plugins, themes, or any best hosting plan and dream to make huge money with blogging. Investment should be the first priority if anyone really wants to become an outstanding blogger.

Key Take-Aways from Kulwant

@kulwantnagi Treat blogging as a business And to run your business you need to invest money occasionallyClick To Tweet

Check out Kulwant Nagi and his awesome content at Blogging Cage. Follow Kulwant on Twitter @kulwantnagi

Blogging Mistakes bloggers make | Expert Round Up Barakat Minhaj 

Bio: Barakat Minhaj is an online professional and Google Adsense Publisher from Bangladesh/SYLHET. He has proven himself as one of the best bloggers from Bangladesh. He has exceptional knowledge of Google Adsense, SEO, and Internet Marketing.

Here is some blogging mistakes that he himself made and learned from them and now he is helping other bloggers to avoid such blogging mistakes.

1) Creating plagiarized content

Most of the newbie bloggers make this mistake at their early stage. They copy the content from other websites or sources and paste it into their website directly.

  You shouldn’t do that. It’s a very bad practice and it can lead to dangerous harm to your website.

2) Not paying much attention to technical Issues

Website is your empire. You build that and live here. But you do not take care of your empire properly. If you have lots of technical issues on your site then this is not fair at all.

Try to fix all technical errors if you have. Head over to Google Search Console and see if there any errors like- robots.txt error, sitemap error, URL Canonicalization, Indexing issues, broken link, and other on-site SEO errors.  Try to fix all that and keep your website healthy and fresh.

3) Not creating a proper content marketing plan

Try to spend at least 80 percent of your time on content promotion and keep 20 percent for content creation. I do not know why lots of people say this exact 80/20 ratio, but it sounds familiar and makes sense.

If you don’t have that much time on content marketing then try to promote your content to a specific audience at least. And that’s why you need to create a better content marketing plan.

Key Take-Aways from Minhaj

Create original content and promote it, so that people know about you and your work. Click To Tweet

Check out Minhaj’s work at Barakat Minhaj.

Dione San Sui

DIone Sui-San from Hempire SEO

Dione San Sui is a founder of Hempire SEO that help brands and business to grow more rapidly through online marketing, content creation, SEO and social media efforts.

1) biggest fear when starting as a blogger

Blogging can always be scary in the beginning.
Once you put something out there, you can’t take it back.
This is something that holds many people back before starting a blog, but like anything else, if you aren’t outside of your comfort zone how are you supposed to get better at something.
This is kind of how you have to look at a blogger.
It’s also important to not look at the most popular blogs and bloggers in the world and think their success and fame happened overnight. Blogging is a long process, and if you want to make money with a blog, you need to treat it like a real business.

2) biggest learning from my early days of blogging

The most important thing I can suggest to others from my own experience is to just get started and learn from your own experiences.
This is especially true with blogging, as it can definitely be overanalyzed and if this is something you continually stress on, you may find that you will never actually get started.
Take some time to pick a great domain, set up hosting and WordPress, and then get started with your blog niche. You will figure everything else out along the way.

3) How I improved my traffic and ranking

Analyzing my competitors and going after long-tail keywords has worked really well for us.
Since I am writing content for different brands and niche markets, sometimes it’s impossible to compete with a site or brand that has already been out for five or ten years.
They already have the authority and so many links in place, it’s just not possible. Instead, go for the long tail and target the most specific niche possible.
You will get less traffic, but the quality and focus will be much higher.

4) The life lesson I learned from blogging

Blogging is here to stay, and so is the demand for content creation.
When you hear the word ‘blogging’, it can mean many different things.
I like to consolidate it as the many different ways to create a site, content, and also its promotion.
Focus on these key areas and you shouldn’t have any problems with growing a blog or brand of your own.
Dione Sui-San of https://hempireseo.com. You can follow him on Twitter at Dione Sui-San

Srish Agrawal from a1future.com

Srish Agrawal

 Srish Agrawal run a digital agency A1 Future that fulfills the branding and marketing needs of various brands and organizations with the help of creatives and digital artists.

1) biggest fear when starting as a blogger

If you aren’t familiar with the process of having a website or starting a blog, this whole process can be quite confusing.
I think this is one of the scariest parts of the process. At the same time, the thought of paying for a domain name and hosting is something that isn’t familiar to most people as well.
I also think that way too many people are looking for free solutions like Blogspot/WordPress and then find themselves simply wasting their time, by not being on a professional domain name and owning all of their content.
The biggest fear in blogging when first starting out is not understanding all of the components in place.
This is why it’s important to get basic knowledge and understanding of how it all works before launching your first blog.

2) biggest learnings from my early days of blogging

When I first started my blog, I was super excited about the process.
However, this feeling soon went away after I wrote a few posts to my site and found that no one was reading my content nor was I getting traffic from Google.
This was very upsetting at the time, but after I spent some time studying how SEO works and that it’s all about timing and putting in the work to promote your content, it all started to make more sense.
This eventually led to not only getting a lot more traffic to my site but also improving my expertise and professional career in the process.

3) How I improved my traffic and ranking

As mentioned in the previous point, I didn’t know much about SEO or search rankings when I started my first blog.
I then realized how many websites and blogs are creating new content on a daily basis.
The only way for me to compete against these big players was to focus more on the content promotion aspect and not trying to push out as much content as possible.
It’s also important to write longer content articles versus shorter ones. This helps with search rankings, and also your time management and effort.
It’s a lot easier to promote four or five really great posts that can be referred to time and time again, versus trying to promote a handful of new articles every week.
Guest blogging has also helped with this process as well.

4) the life lesson I learned from blogging

Blogging can truly be life-changing if you are willing to put in the work and stick it out during the first few weeks and months of your site.
Everyone has to start from zero with their site, but those who find success are the ones who put the work in and understand the importance of content promotion.
Srish Agrawal of a1future  you can follow Srish Agrawal on Twitter at @srishagrawal

My Take-Aways from these experts

I personally learn a lot and tied some key points with my laptop bag 😉 so, that I can avoid those blogging mistakes on my way.

  1. First of all, set a goal for your blog and a roadmap to follow it.
  2. Choose a single niche for your blog
  3. Produce high-quality content, that attracts readers, shares, and lastly links too.
  4. Start building an email list from day one
  5. Make relationship and networks with fellow bloggers
  6. Keep on learning and experimenting
  7. The blog is your business, so be ready to invest some amount in your business.
  8. Learn from experts and if necessary take E-courses.
  9. Be consistent and have patience.
  10. Try new things constantly.

So, what a monster post it is.

Hope you have also found these suggestions very helpful and I feel that you have also learned what to do and what no to in blogging.

I’m heartily thankful to each and every expert blogger who has contributed here and shared their best learnings from blogging. You people have taken the time and tried to help other bloggers in some ways.

That’s what the blogging profession and the bloggers are known for.

Thank you all.

Now it’s for you, my readers-

Now it’s your time,

  • Hey.! learner and blogger and entrepreneur and marketer, I’m super excited to have your comments and compliments for this post. Feel free to comment, what you like, what was your mistakes as a new blogger, what key points you’re taking away, and how this post is proven helpful to you

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