Bluehost Pricing Plans & Cost For May 2021 | A complete Price list

Bluehost Pricing Plans are available in a variety that’s what because Bluehost knows the need of every customer.

No two customers have the same needs when choosing a hosting plan from Bluehost or from any other hosting provider.

Each and every Bluehost plan are equipped with the three most essential features i.e. Bluehost is secure, reliable web hosting, and their customer support is just extraordinary.

So if you’re getting these three features from a web host then you have won the half battle. Now the half depends upon your needs and pricing plans.

In this post, we’ll discuss Bluehost plans, pricing, Bluehost renewal price, domain cost, SSL certificates, and add-on features that are offered with various Bluehost hosting packages.

So, to help you figure out I have to bring the whole Bluehost pricing structure here and compared them, so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Let’s check out,

Bluehost Pricing Plans  & Costs

Bluehost offers six (6) different types of web hosting plans for each kind of business.

  1. Bluehost shared hosting plans
  2. Bluehost WordPress hosting plans
  3. Bluehost Woocomerce hosting
  4. Bluehost VPS Hosting Pricing
  5. Managed WordPress Hosting
  6. Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost hosting prices start from $3.95/month for shared hosting and the renewal price is $7.95/month.

Bluehost renewal price applies once your first tenure completed.

That’s why most of the marketers suggest (including me) that if you’re going to purchase a hosting plan then try to go for a longer period like 2-5 years. Hence on a monthly basis, you’ll save a lot of money.

Now let’s check out the Bluehost Pricing Plans for different web hosting types.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Well, Choosing Bluehost Plans completely depends on your needs and budget. And nobody can give you the right answer as you can give yourself.

Just analyze what are your goals for online business, whether you are just starting out or you have your website up and want to move for a better web host or want some upgrade.

However, I have made thorough research about the Bluehost Plans and pricing and categorized them for some different levels of needs.

Check out the following table and figure out where or close to your needs lies.

Bluehost Plans Good For Not For
Shared Hosting Plans Best for newbies,
just started learning WordPress,
Sites with low traffic.
Not for hosting multiple sites
WordPress Hosting Plans Specifically for WordPress websites, Not for Wix or non WordPress type users
Managed WordPress Plans Large WordPress Websites, complex sites Non-WordPress websites
Bluehost VPS hosting users who want better security and performance users with tight budgets, beginners
Woo Commerce Hosting Online sellers, store owners non eCommerce sites, blogs
Dedicated web hosting Professional websites with high traffic, who needs ultimate performance with dedicated IPs Not for budget tight customers, low traffic sites

Let’s figure out for you the best Bluehost plan:

  • Bluehost shared hosting plans – (Almost 90% of newbies or Bloggers goes with these plans) For completely newbies and for seasoned bloggers. This Plan starts from $3.95/month.
  • Bluehost WordPress Hosting pricing– This Bluehost plan is more likely a Shared Hosting plan but specifically designed for WordPress website builders. Pricing starts from $3.95/month
  • Bluehost Woocomerce Hosting – Best for an eCommerce solution. Store creation and for those who want to sell their products with ease. Plans start from $6.95/month
  • Bluehost VPS Hosting Pricing– For a growing website with a regular stream of traffic, and want better performance with an extra layer of security. Starts from $19.99/month
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – Best for large WordPress websites with complex designs and features. Plans start from $19.95/month
  • Dedicated Hosting – For an established website that has great traffic volume and for those who want tremendous performance with ultimate security. Plans start from $79.99/month

I hope, now you’ve got a good idea about the Bluehost Pricing and Plans and selected the hosting category of Bluehost Plans according to your needs.

Which Bluehost Plan to choose

From the above explanation, you would have got a clear idea about which Bluehost Plan is best for you.

For instance, let’s assume that you have chosen Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan. Now for your convenience check out the below Bluehost pricing for this plan,

Bluehost Shared Hosting Pricing has four types of Plans to choose from

  1. Bluehost Basic Plan
  2. Bluehost Plus Plan
  3. Bluehost Choice Plus Plan
  4. Bluehost Pro Plan
Bluehost Plans
monthly price
Bluehost Basic Plan Bluehost
Plus Plan
Bluehost Choice
Plus Plan
Pro Plan
36 month  $3.95  $5.95  $5.95  $13.95
24 month  $4.95  $6.95  $7.45  $12.95
12 month  $5.95  $7.95  $7.95  $16.95
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How much does web hosting cost per year

To calculate the Bluehost cost for a year you first need to choose the Bluehost Plan categorized above.

Let’s say you’re going with the Basic Shared Hosting plan then you will be paying $71.4 for a year. But if you choose to go for a longer like 3 years period you will be paying around $42. (addons not included)

You can calculate on your end also for different year periods. For your convenience check out the following table about Bluehost pricing year wise-

Bluehost Basic vs Plus vs Choice Plus vs Pro Plan pricing:

Bluehost Basic plan Plus Plan Choice Plus Pro Plan
1 year  $71.4  $95.4 $95.4   $203.4
3 year  $126 (huge saving)  $214.2  $214.2  $502.2
So if you go for 3 years it will save you a lot of money

Here I just want to mention that Bluehost charges on yearly basis and Bluehost does not charge on a monthly basis.

Here is more to check out: Does Bluehost charge monthly?

Bluehost Package Features Pricing Comparison

Now you know about the Bluehost pricing and Plans and how much you have to pay per year.

Let’s check out what you will get with each Bluehost shared hosting plan.

I feel it’s better to emphasize the Bluehost package details about each Bluehost plan mentioned in the above table.

Bluehost Features Basic Plan Plus Plan Choice Plus Pro Plan
Websites   Single Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage    50 GB  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
Themes   Customizable Customizable  Customizable  Customizable 
Automatic Backup     ✔️   ✔️
24/7 Support  ✔️  ✔️  ✔️  ✔️
Domain Privacy +      ✔️  ✔️
Website Analytics   ✔️  ✔️  ✔️ 
Dedicated IP address        ✔️
Price $3.95 $5.95 $5.95 $13.95
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Bluehost Renewal Price

Bluehost Renewal Price depends upon your hosting plan selection and the Renewal cost varies from $7.99 for a basic plan to $23.99 for a pro plan on a monthly basis.

Bluehost’s cost after the first year also depends upon the market price of Bluehost at that time and how long you’re going to renew your web hosting plan.

Bluehost Domain Cost

Well, Purchasing web hosting from Bluehost can be your great decision. Because with all the top-level features included in each Bluehost plan, Bluehost also offers a FREE domain and a Free SSL to its new users for a year.

So, that you can kickstart your website asap.

How much does a domain name cost per year?

Bluehost charges $11.99 for top level domain like “.com, .org, .biz etc.

Bluehost Pricing Plans Domain renewal price

Bluehost Domain name renewal cost- Having a FREE domain can save you up to almost $12, And the year after the cost of renewal of your domain will be $15.99.

Hence, let’s say if you’re transferring your domain or you are just looking to renew your domain then you’ll be charged $15.99 for TLD’s

.Com – $11.99

.net – $12.99

.biz – $11.99

.info – $11.99

Put your loving domain in the following box and Check-Out your domain availability

Bluehost domain privacy Price

Domain privacy is a feature that protects the personal information you have given while registering your domain.

Otherwise, your information will be public and anybody can have access to your information from website.

Bluehost offers Domain privacy + Whois Protection for an extra $11.88 per domain for a year and it’s worth having.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Pricing and Plans

This is for the most popular web Hosting Bluehost Plans because with the lowest cost possible you can get tons of hosting features.

With each of the Bluehost Plans, you can have your website up and running within moments.

Bluehost Pricing Plans Shared Hosting

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Pricing and Plans

Bluehost WordPress web hosting is similar to shared hosting to some extent. But this Bluehost plan is specifically designed for creating WordPress websites.

Without any hassle, you can have your WordPress website running in moments. Check out the Bluehost WordPress Hosting Pricing and Plans.

Bluehost Pricing Plans WordPress hosting

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing and Plans

Managed WordPress web hosting usually needed for larger websites with complex site structures build over WordPress.

Managed WordPress hosting simply means you are handing over all the technical tasks to the hosting provider, so you better focus on growing your website.

For those WordPress Sites that have a heavy load of traffic and have plenty of content and looking for a great web hosting plan then Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting plans could be a great solution.

Check out the Bluehost pricing and Plans for Managed WordPress Hosting-

Bluehost Pricing Plans managed WordPress

Bluehost Woo Commerce Pricing and Plans

Bluehost Offers three types of Woo Commerce Plans for those who are looking to sell their products online.

With each of the plans, you will get Woo Commerce and storefront theme installed with an online payment gateway to receive payments on your store.

  • Free domain and privacy protection by Bluehost is a great perk. There are more features with larger plans.

Here is the breakdown of Bluehost WooCommerce Plans pricing-

Bluehost Pricing Plans Woo Commerce

Bluehost VPS Hosting Pricing and Plans

Bluehost offers VPS web hosting plans and the features are really competitive with great pricing bundles.

Websites that get a good amount of traffic and need to encounter the spammers should go with VPS hosting Plans. Check out the Bluehost Plans and Pricing for VPS web Hosting-

Bluehost Pricing Plans VPS

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Pricing and Plans

Looking for outstanding everything?

Everything means security, performance, control, tools, and features.

Then Bluehost Dedicated Web hosting could be the right one you should go with.

Yes! Dedicated web hosting simply means dedicated everything to a particular customer.

If Dedicated hosting is something that interests you then check out the Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Pricing Plans:

Bluehost Pricing Plans Dedicated hosting

Bluehost SSL certificate cost

As right after Google’s algorithm updates that rolled out recently, only those websites get higher ranking that is secure.

In 2014 Google announced on their blog that “SSL/HTTPS as a ranking signal” because HTTPS provides strong encryption by default to the website.

Bluehost SSL certificate pricing and cost
This is the essential feature for trustworthy sites, get it from Bluehost for FREE.

Secure means your website must be opened with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://, and to enforce your site to open with HTTPS:// your site must be using an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s/website’s details. So, it is a must to have for security and for ranking purposes.

Happy to say you that Bluehost offers a FREE SSL certificate to their customers.

So, the Bluehost SSL certificate cost is FREE.

Bluehost Sitelock Pricing

Sitelock protects your website from malware and malicious attacks.

SiteLock offers services that monitor and protect your website with an effective approach to find, fix, and prevent attacks.

  • Sitelock costs you an additional $3.99/month.

Do I need Sitelock Security on Bluehost?

Yes, if you really want to protect your site from downtime because of malware and malicious attacks you will really need it.

Sitelock Guards your site from search engine blacklists. Sitelock downloads data from your website and remove any malware and upload cleaned files regularly.

With having Sitelock Security on Bluehost you have a highly responsive support team at the back to keep your site up every time.

You can more read at: Is Sitelock worth it?

Bluehost Pricing vs competitor price

Yet Bluehost offers a wide variety of features with each Bluehost Plans it also offers very competitive pricing.

Honestly, there are tons of hosting service providers in the market but there are only a few of them that offer great pricing with awesome customer support.

The Top web hosting provider is Bluehost, Siteground and HostGator.

Here are the pricing details of each of these web hosting providers for their shared web hosting plan

Web Hosting Provider Bluehost SiteGround HostGator
Offer Price $3.95/month $3.95/month $5.95/month
Renewal Price $7.99/month $11.95/month $8.95/month

Accepted Forms of payment at Bluehost

Bluehost accepts payments via all the major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express) and via Paypal.

How to cancel Bluehost and Get Refund

As Bluehost offers a 30 days money-back guarantee, you may receive a full refund you paid for hosting, if you cancel your plan in the first 30 days of your purchasing.

Get your Bluehost web hosting plan from here and save 63% on your entire billing.

However, if you have obtained a Free domain while signing up and if you ask for a refund then Bluehost will deduct $10 from the final refund amount to cover their costs for registering the domain name for you.

But in this condition even after canceling the Bluehost Plan you still have that domain to use further.

If you ask for a refund within the first 3 days you can expect to have a full refund amount and you will not be paying $10 (domain registration fee). And in this situation, you don’t own that domain name further.

How To Upgrade Bluehost Plan

On Bluehost, it’s no worry.

You can anytime upgrade from starter to plus plan or any Bluehost plan and also downgrade your web hosting plan accordingly.

Follow the steps to upgrade your Bluehost web hosting plan

  1. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  2. Select the ‘account’ icon in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Click the Products option from the drop-down that appears.
  4. If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your Hosting plan, switch to Manual Renewal, then click the Upgrade button. Available upgrades, downgrades, and renewal options will be listed.

So, you know how easy it is to upgrade Bluehost plans.

If you’re ready to take action then I highly recommend you sign up at Bluehost with this Special link (For Self Hosted Life readers) and start your online business for as low as $3.95/month.


Undoubtedly Bluehost offers a wide range of plans and pricing with tons of hosting features loaded meaning there is something for everyone.

From shared to dedicated plans Bluehost has plenty of features and each Bluehost web hosting type has at least three hosting plans to choose from according to newbies to pro-level customers.

So, have you figured out the right plan for yourself? Then click here and get your web hosting with a free domain and a FREE SSL today and save up to 63%.

I hope this Bluehost Plans and Pricing Post have helped you in choosing the right plan for your online blog or business.

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