Bluehost Basic vs Plus | Which Bluehost Plan is Best in May 2021

In this Best Bluehost Plan review guide, we will discover which Bluehost plan is best for you? And also compare the Bluehost Basic vs Plus and other plans to figure out which Bluehost plan to choose in 2021.

So, you’ll be going to get a lot of knowledge through this Bluehost review guide.

First thing first, if you are new and don’t know what is Bluehost and why choose Bluehost over other web hosting companies? let me explain this,

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting providers in the world which is offering some of the cheapest and the best web hosting plans.

Here is a quick table explaining the features of the Best Bluehost plans to choose in 2021.

Bluehost Basic vs Plus vs Choice Plus vs Pro plan comparison table:

Bluehost Features Basic Plan Plus Plan Choice Plus Pro Plan
Websites   Single Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage    50 GB  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
Themes   Customizable Customizable  Customizable  Customizable 
24/7 Support  ✔️  ✔️ ✔️   ✔️
Website Analytics    ✔️  ✔️  ✔️
Domain Privacy +      ✔️  ✔️
Automatic Backup     ✔️  ✔️ 
Dedicated IP address        ✔️
Price $3.95 $5.95 $5.95 $13.95

Now get to know why Bluehost is the first priority of bloggers and webmasters,

Why Choose Bluehost?

Bluehost is currently hosting over 2M websites worldwide that reflects how trusted the Bluehost web hosting company is.

Which Bluehost Plan to choose-Web Hosting

Apart from this, there are several reasons marketers and bloggers lean towards Bluehost as their first choice.

4 Reasons why to choose Bluehost:

1. A wide range of best Bluehost Plan

At the time of starting a blog or business, most newbies have limited resources and money in the back to support their dreams. It is easy to run out of cash at that time.

This is what Bluehost understands, and designed their plans that suit each type of customer.

Bluehost Pricing Plans Shared Hosting, Does Bluehost Charge Monthly

If you are looking for the cheapest web hosting solution then Bluehost Basic plan is the best one which costs you $3.95/month only plus a free domain with 30 days money-back guarantee.

This is the cheapest Bluehost plan, I mean not even $50 for a year!

Bluehost has a wide range of hosting plans to cater to the customer of all segments from beginner to enterprise level.

2. Best in class Bluehost customer support

As a blogger or website owner you have to deal with the technical issues now and then, at that time having a helping hand is really what all want.

The Bluehost support team is very serious about providing after-sale service to its customer. No matter if you are on the cheapest plan, you’ll get prompt support from the Bluehost team.

Bluehost support stands back at you 24 hours and 7 days, So whenever you need them they are there to help you out.

3. Bluehost is Reliable and Secure

Web hosting is the foundation of any blog or business so this needs to be reliable and secure.

Bluehost’s reliability and security reflect by,

  • Bluehost is recommended web hosting by WordPress itself
  • Bluehost is hosting 2M+ sites worldwide

4. Bluehost FREE SSL and FREE Domain

Bluehost offers a Free domain with all its plans. So that with purchasing a hosting plan you also have a domain to get started your website in no time.

And a Free SSL certificate is all needed to reflect your site secure in Google’s eye.

You’ll also get a Free SSL certificate when you buy any Bluehost hosting plan, click here to get the best Bluehost plan and get 63% discounts.

Let’s compare Bluehost Basic vs Plus plan first,

Best Bluehost Plan | Bluehost Basic vs Plus Review 2021

Best Bluehost Plans Pricing Comparison

  1. Bluehost Basic Plan Review-Starts from $3.95/month
  2. Bluehost Plus Review -Starts from $5.95/month
  3. Bluehost Choice Plan Review-Starts from $5.95/month
  4. Bluehost Pro Plan Review-Starts from $13.95/month

Let’s find out what you are getting with each Bluehost plan: Bluehost Basic vs Plus

Bluehost Basic Plan Review

Bluehost Basic hosting Plan is the cheapest plan among the Bluehost packages that comes with almost all the feature which is sufficient to start a blog or website.

With the basic Bluehost plan, one can easily start, run, and grow a website. Below are some of the great features you will have with a basic hosting package of Bluehost:

  1. Can Host 1 website
  2. Free Domain -1
  3. Free SSL certificate-1
  4. Can Park Domain – 5
  5. can create subdomain-25
  6. SSD storage- 50 GB
  7. Unmetered Bandwidth
  8. 30 days money-back Guarantee

Let’s come to the Bluehost pricing,

How much is Bluehost Basic Plan?

If you use our exclusive discount link then the Bluehost Basic web hosting plan costs you $3.95/month instead of $7.99/month (regular price). You also get 1 free domain and a free SSL certificate and you can host 1 website easily.

The cost of Bluehost basic shared hosting plan using our special discount link will be as follows:

Bluehost Basic Plan – Months duration Bluehost Basic Plan-Pricing
36 months $3.95/month ($7.99/month)
24 months $4.95/month
12 months $5.95/month

Basically, if you are looking to invest as little as then Bluehost Basic hosting plan is the best to go with.

You can learn the ins and outs of hosting and running a website then you can easily upgrade from starter to plus or any higher Bluehost plan.

So click here to activate the Bluehost Coupon and start your blog or website in 10 minutes with the Basic package.

Bluehost Plus Plan Review

Bluehost Plus package is one of the best hosting plans which is packed with full of features that you will need to start and grow multiple sites.

Lets’ have a look at what Bluehost is offering in the Plus hosting plan:

  1. Can Host – Multiple websites
  2. Free Domain -1
  3. Free SSL certificate-1
  4. Can Park Domain – Unlimited
  5. Can create subdomain-Unlimited
  6. SSD storage- Unlimited
  7. Unmetered Bandwidth
  8. Hosting Domains: Unlimited
  9. 30 days money-back Guarantee

Let’s come to the Bluehost pricing,

How much does Bluehost Plus Plan Cost?

Bluehost Plus plan costs you $5.95/month if you use this discount link rather than the regular price which is $10.99/month.

Here are the Bluehost Plus plan pricing details for 12, 24, and 36 months.

Bluehost Plus Plan –
Months duration
Bluehost Plus Plan-Pricing
36 months $5.95/month ($10.99/month)
24 months $6.95/month
12 months $7.95/month

Bluehost Plus plan is really the best plan for those looking to test and run different websites and blogs.

Bluehost Plus plan will cost you around $70 for a year, which is really a good bargain price where you can host multiple sites easily.

Click here to get the Bluehost Plus plan and start your website within 5 minutes.

Now let’s check out more for Bluehost Basic vs Plus,

Which Bluehost Plan is best for you? Bluehost Basic vs Plus

When it comes to choosing any Bluehost plan there is something you have to figure out as per your needs.

Most of the decisions made after analyzing the two basic factors i.e.

  1. How many websites are you planning to host?

Decide first how many websites you are planning to host on the same hosting plan.

Bluehost Basic plan lets you host a single website and the Plus plan allows you to host multiple sites.

2. How much do you want to invest?

When it comes to buying a hosting plan everyone is trying to hunt the cheapest hosting plans.

This is why Bluehost brings the cheapest web hosting plans also. So, which plan is best for you depends upon how much you want to invest.

Bluehost’s Basic plan starts from $3.95/month and if you choose the Plus plan it will cost you $5.95/month. In Bluehost Basic Plan you can host 1 website and with the Plus plan, you are allowed to host multiple sites.

So, If you have a goal to host multiple sites then you must choose Bluehost Plus Plan because with a plus plan not only you can host multiple sites but also you will have unlimited storage and bandwidth with a Free Domain and a Free SSL certificate.

Before proceeding, let’s have a look at

Bluehost Basic vs Plus Comparison

Now you have got to know about what you are getting with Basic vs Plus Bluehost packages.

let’s compare both of the Bluehost basic vs Plus plan combine and find out the best Bluehost plan for 2021.

Bluehost Basic Plan Bluehost Plus Plan
1 website Unlimited hosting websites
1 Free Domain Free Domain -1
1 Free SSL Free SSL certificate-1
5 Parked Domain Unlimited Parked Domain
25 subdomain Unlimited subdomain
50 GB SSD Storage Unlimited SSD Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
No Spam Experts 1 Spam Experts
$3.95/month ($7.99/month) $5.95/month ($10.99/month)
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Overall Bluehost Plus Plan comes to be the best one as you can host unlimited sites also you are getting almost all the features set to unlimited.

Get the Best Bluehost Plus plan with this discount link to activate the Bluehost coupon and start multiple websites on a single plan.

Best Bluehost Plan Alternative-Choice Plus Plan

Bluehost Choice Plan is the best for those who want to host multiple websites with unlimited features. You’ll also get a Free Domain privacy + Protection and a Free Site backup + 30 days money back Guarantee.

With almost all the features that are similar to Bluehost Plus hosting package, you’ll get a free Domain Privacy and site backup in the Choice Plus hosting plan.

Choice Plus Plan costs you $5.95/month (similar to Bluehost plus Plan) but the renewal costs of Choice Plus Plan are higher than Plus plan.

Yes! I like and have signed up for Bluehost Choice Plus Plan, but if you are just starting out then you can sign up for Bluehost Basic plan and then upgrade from starter to Plus or Choice Plus plan.

If Choice Plus Plan is what you’re looking for then click here to use this Bluehost coupon and get up to 63% OFF on your entire billing.

Conclusion – Best Bluehost Plan-Basic vs Plus

Hope you have got your answer for which Bluehost plan is best?

Bluehost Plus plan is the best hosting plan which comes with all the Bluehost shared hosting features with unlimited websites, a Free Domain, and a Free SSL certificate.

Click here to activate the Bluehost coupon to get the exclusive discount price ( $5.95/month instead of paying $7.99/month) for the Bluehost Plus plan.

I hope this best Bluehost plan to choose a guide or Bluehost Basic vs Plus plan has helped you in finding the right hosting plan.

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