7+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes for blogs

Undoubtedly the WordPress Themes directory is flooded with hundreds of thousands of free themes, But choosing among those a right one for your blog, could be panic.

To lessen your headache, Here I’ve listed Some of the best WordPress themes (Chosen by thousands of bloggers) that are SEO optimized, Responsive and of course they are FREE too.  

The Best Part of this guide is I’ve also revealed the name of the theme that I’m using for Self Hosted Life.

ESpecially when it comes to free themes everyone tries more and more, and at the last they settle with none, they keeps on changing their WordPress Themes.

People used to stick with free themes but I with every other successful blogger never suggest you use any of the free themes.

Because Free theme has always limitations with respect to customization, designing and many other options. None the less, most of the free themes are not SEO optimized also.

Instead of limitations there still some free themes available in the market you can use for your blog, that are fully SEO optimized and have all the customization options, which you can find in premium themes.

So let’s check out the list of free WordPress themes which are giving tough competition to premium themes.

But before this, I must recommend you to Install necessary Plugins first for your blog and modify your WordPress back end settings.

Free + Responsive WordPress Themes

1. Optimistic Blog lite (Minimalist best for bloggers)

I have chosen this theme to place on top of other WordPress themes because the design of the theme is so simple and modern.

For a long time, bloggers tend to settle with clean and simple themes so that their readers enjoy their content distraction free.

WordPress Themes blog Lite

The theme is suitable to set up websites for blogs of different genre like travel, fashion, music, sport, technology etc.

Optimistic Blog Lite theme mixes between modern, classic and minimal styles and will help you create a simple and clean blog.

Additionally, I must say readers Are coming to your blog to read content not to see Ads, links and banners, So it is more likely for readers to stick with such kind of designs which don’t distract them.

Optimistic blog Lite: Demo / Download

2. Sydney (perfect for Freelancers)

Sydney is the powerful business oriented theme. If you are a service provider or running an agency or you are freelancer then this theme is the perfect solution for you.

WordPress Themes sydney

This theme comes with a lot of customization like Google fonts, layout control, colour control, logo upload, header image and much more.

Additionally, With Construction block, you can create an engaging front page in no time that makes it stand out from others.

Sydney: Demo / Download

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3. ColorMag (Good choice for magazine type or review blog)

ColorMag is a magazine style theme. With responsive designs, it is worth to install.

The best solution for news blogs and review websites or Amazon niche sites.

Wordpress Themes color mag

ColorMag: Demo / Download

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4. Storefront (Best for e-commerce solution)

If you are going to set up an e-commerce store then look no further then Storefront. As this theme is lightweight and easy to load.

One more thing that makes it worth to choose that the theme is developed by Woocommerce’s core team.

WordPress Themes storefront

I personally used this theme to create my online store also.

Storefront: Demo / Download

5. Shapely (best for any niche)

It is better to call one page WordPress theme, as it is loaded with tons of homepage customization.

If you want to make your homepage as a landing page this could be your best choice. This theme also supports a number of free and premium plugins.

WordPress Themes shapely

This theme is fully SEO optimized and mobile friendly that makes the theme is the first choice of bloggers.

Shapely: Demo / Download

6. kale (perfect for Food blog)

If you are intended to start a food blog then this theme should be your first and last choice. The design is clean and modern.

I personally, like it’s grid style homepage which gives a good navigation to visitors.

WordPress Themes kale

It is completely optimised for search engine and it comes with Woocomerce integration.

So you can set up a Store along with your Blog. Isn’t it cool..!

Kale: Demo / Download

7. Tography Lite (perfect for travel and photography niche)

From thousand of other themes in WordPress themes directory I’ve got this theme perfect for Photography or Travel niche Blogs.

And also this theme is recommended by successful blogger Harsh Aggarwal also.

WordPress Themes tography lite

Simple yet appealing design, easy to load and compatible to search engines makes it worth to install.

Tography Lite: Demo / Download

WordPress Theme That powers Self Hosted Life

Want to know which theme is powering your favourite blog Self Hosted life.

Well, I must tell you it was very brainstorming to choose a theme which makes my blog stand out from others.

Before choosing a theme that satisfied me, I have changed my blog’s theme for almost 4-5 times.

To be honest, From the beginning, I wanted to have a very clear and minimalistic theme with more white space on my blog.

That means I wanted to have a lightweight theme which gets load faster and also should be fully SEO optimize.

So that Readers get engaged with my content, love my content and also enjoy reading my blog.

And One day I have got a solution in the form of Generate Press.

WordPress Themes generate press

Thanks to the developers who have developed this theme which is fulfilling all of my criteria for a better theme.

  • The theme is available for Free to download, but its premium version gives you limitless customization. And also the theme costs less than Genesis (the alternate of Generate Press)

Generate Press:  Demo / Download


So far I have mentioned all of the best themes from WordPress Themes Directory.

From a  random survey, I conclude that most popular and successful blogs have a very clean design and also have more white space on their blogs. So it seems distraction free for readers to read.

My suggestion is to choose a theme that comes with proper customization so you can customize your blog’s design. Hence by customizing your design, you can provide your readers with a better navigation of your blog.

That’s all for themes from my side, Now I would like to  hear from you,

What criteria you think a good theme should have. From above mentioned WordPress themes which one convinced you for your blog.

If you’re using any other theme, Then please let me know that why you have installed that theme..?

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  1. Nice collection of responsive themes. Thanks for sharing! We get to see a whole lot of themes around. Choosing a specific one is really a tough job. Anyways, you have simplified the task by handpicking few popular ones. Colormag is my favourite magazine style theme.

  2. Thanks Harry,
    it is nice that you have found your favourite WordPress theme in the list.
    These WordPress themes are the one of the best themes suited for almost every ctegories and Blogging Niches.

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