6 Best Books for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs | Not to Avoid

I’m in love with books, because Books are the cheapest resource for tons of invaluable knowledge. Being a blogger or an entrepreneur you probably always in hunt of finding useful books for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

As a blogger you definitely know that you have to deliver the best content to your readers. But content creation is not sufficient, I mean you have to let the rest of the world know about your content. That’s where marketing, relationship and growth comes into the picture.

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To achieve those goals you need to have proper knowledge and strategies, that’s what you can find out from the blogging books I have listed here. The books here not only covering Blogging part but also entrepreneurship, startups, business growth, marketing,funnels, social media and various other parts also.

So, look at your position what book you need to have right now and pick your one.


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Being a Blogger I have read a number of books written by top bloggers be it about their success roadmap or about their blogging mistakes. I read on an average 5-10 articles a day related to my blog niche, it helps me to gain in-depth knowledge of certain topics.

I also like to read success stories because through those stories I get to know the exact roadmap of their success, that can be applied further for my blogging business.

It was a tiny demonstration of my life as a blogger. Reading and writing is an undeniable part of a blogger’s life.

According to study,  Most of CEO’ s of top companies read on an average of 80 books of a year. Being CEO they are consuming knowledge through books reflects that there is some knowledge which you can’t find anywhere on the internet for free. If it would have found, then online bookstores would never be so successful, Nor the bookstores of your city.

  • Without further ado, Here is the list of best books for bloggers and entrepreneurs,

Best Books for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Here you go,

The Lead Machine- (Rich Brook)

The book has got many awesome 5 star reviews, this shows the success of the content of the book.

The book has focused on four main pillars of online success of a blog i.e.

  1. Build: how to build an authority blog that turns visitors into subscribers
  2. Attract: How to attract targeted audience
  3. Retain: the book teaches you how to stay connected with your visitors for long
  4. Evaluate: How to improve marketing and analytics

If you’re looking to get more visitors and subscribers to your blog and want to learn social media tactics from scratch to advance level, then this book could be the best investment you can do for your blog.

  • What I like about the book:

I like the demonstration given in the book to generate leads from Easy to apply strategies and actionable steps that anyone can perform to get success. Another thing is the social media strategies given in the book is itself the worth of the book.

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Breakthrough- (Adeline Ganley)

If you want to generate the full-time income from your blog then you must not miss reading this book. There in the book, you can have easy to follow steps to make the full-time income from your blog.

This is the complete guide to build your blog and transform your blog into an authority.

  • What I like about the book

The book content is diversified in such a manner that you can use the chapters as a checklist.

You can go through the chapters and apply that into actions and come back for the next chapter thus repeat the process, you can find the book as a blueprint for generating the full-time income from your blog.

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256 Blog Hacks- (Yegor Bugayenko)

Nothing is better than self-experience. Learn from other’s experience is the shortcut to success.

Hence the book is worth to read because this book comprises the author’s experience in blogging for more than two and half years.

The book doesn’t drive the reader through the usual approach of blogging i.e. how to start a blog and make money within some days. Instead, the book teaches how to transform any normal blog into a brand and authority and how to gain trust of your readers.

This book takes you through all aspects of blogging: how to write valuable content, how to communicate with readers (not only with lovers but haters too!), how to promote your blog on the Internet and, sure, how to make money from this.

  • What I like about the book

I must say the book really consists of 256 blog hacks to find longterm success. Remember I often say Blogging is not a short-term game, you are looking for a long time earning from this so you should have long-term strategies with short-term goals, That’s what this book teaches you in easy manners.

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SEO 2018- (Adam Clarke)

The book has tons of useful information about SEO and Google.

How Google algorithm works, what it takes to rank any article on the first page, What are the black hat SEO and White hat SEO, how to choose keywords and many other SEO aspects covered in this book.

To be honest you can find limited information on the internet for free about SEO or if you can find that knowledge then you might be able to apply that information strategically.

That’s where this book takes you up and teaches you how to apply those SEO techniques so that you never get penalized by search engines also.

The other feature of the book is that the author has gone so deep and explained the topics so well.

Beyond the basic knowledge regarding SEO, link building and ranking on Google are the things that every blogger must know about And this book fills all that blanks.

  • What I like about the Book

I like the content throughout and its representation that engages the reader. While reading the book it never feels like you alone are reading instead you feel that someone is explaining you SEO step by step and how to optimize your blog for search engines.

I can find tons of information about SEO on the internet but how to apply those SEO techniques, what should be my strategies for SEO with my domain authority, and how to find profitable keywords and how much time it takes to rank my page are some questions I can find the answer in the book.

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ProBlogger- (Darren Rowse & Chris Garrett)

(Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income)

The book was written by a very successful blogger Darren Rowse itself. He is spreading his knowledge about blogging at probloggers.com. Hence you can expect to have a great treasure of blogging knowledge inside the book.

  • What I like about the books

First, it is written by Darren Rowse & Chris Garrett, two well-known bloggers in the industry make this book already worth to read.

Apart from praising the book authors, I must clap for the content also. The content they have summarized in the book is outstanding.

To be honest you can become 6 figure blogger but it takes time and proper strategy, that’s what you will learn in this books step by step.

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Welcome to Funnel – (Jason A Miller)

Jason is helping marketers to learn social media to achieve their marketing goals.

The book contains outstanding knowledge about content marketing and leverages the potential of social media in the best manner.

The book teaches how to pair the power of your content with social media t


o get brand awareness and to build credibility. Ultimately how to turn your credibility into trust and revenue.

  • What I like about the book

there is no fluff, just practical knowledge about social media and content marketing. The chapters that explain the repurpose of content are tremendous truly.

If you want to focus on driving traffic from social media you must go for this book.

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Wrapping it up

So, I have given you the list of 6 top books for bloggers and entrepreneurs. I have chosen these books after a brief research and personal experience. Every book is itself focusing on different aspects of blogging.


Here’s the quick recap of well-performing books for bloggers

  1. Lead Machine – Teaches you to generate high-quality leads.
  2. Breakthrough – teaches you building your blog into a full-time income generation machine.
  3. 256 Blog Hacks– teaches you how to retain your visitors and turn them into customers.
  4. SEO 2018 – the book is well jam-packed for SEO. You will expect to have some beyond the basic knowledge of                         SEO and how to imply SEO techniques strategically to rank on the first page of Google.
  5. Problogger – The book will walk you through how to create engaging content, that attracts the traffic.
  6. Welcome to Funnel – teaches you how to take benefit of social media for content marketing.

So you have a great list of blogging books that surely help you on your blogging journey.

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Now it’s over to you, use the comment section and tell me what book impressed you so much and if any other book you want me to add here do let me know.

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“A tiny request, please share the list of 6 books for bloggers, that may be helpful for many other bloggers in your circle”

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  1. Totally trustworthy information given by the author. Really hope that i get and buy one day these all books for my sister. She loves and do lot of blogging. Thanks a lot to author for giving all detailed and honest opinions

  2. Thank you Dipak, I really like these books and see many people taking benefit from the knowledge shared in these books.

  3. Well, Mr. Faizan Ali, I must say I was pleasantly surprised with your well-rounded and interesting articles. I do not mean that in a rude way by any means. I just thought it might be a bit like torture to get through this information. I have run up against articles that just repeat the same information in different ways that were hyped, by the authors, as “expert” “experienced”, I am sure you understand what I mean and have run into these articles yourself. So, thank you for giving us some actual well thought out and delivered information! And leading us to where even more comprehensive information can be found and WHY it is important and going to be useful. I work full-time, I am an RN and hold a management position so I really value the little bit of time I have to building up to launching my blog. That’s why I really wanted to thank you very much. I had only given myself 30 minutes to just hit the highlights of your article that caught my attention, which was about your picks for the 7 best webhosting Websites, and found myself all the way here 2 hours later and about 4 pages of notes, small writing and lots crammed into those 4 pages, and looking forward to reading more. Thank you again, of course half-way through my day today when I am yawning and fighting to stay awake and alert, I might be thinking other not so grateful thoughts, lolol, just joking. One little suggestion, and please just take this in the best way as I am trying to give a tiny bit of help, you would benefit from having your articles proofread. I am not sure if your blogs are being translated or you are writing in English but the flow is off at times and word choices in the wrong order. Not horribly so but enough to detract a little from the content. I think you have a lot of great things to say and wouldn’t want to think you miss readers for this reason. By no means change everything to perfection because we need to feel the writer is you. So I got that off my chest and hope you take it as I meant, to be helpful! Have a wonderful day! I am going to go check out the your book at the end and then get to my job. Sincerely, Julie. Jewel’s Jewels…..the__jewelfire, jewelfiree, etc..lol

  4. Hello Julie,

    Firstly I’m very great full that you have took time to go through some of my articles.
    You have prepared some notes from those articles so it is a great reflection of my efforts paying me in some way. I’m very happy that I could help you in starting your own blog.
    That’s why I write.
    Thank you for your kind suggestion I’ll look over it.
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