How to Become A Freelancer and top 5 Freelance business Ideas

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I would like you to dive into the article but before that, I just want to give you some insights freelance industry. A Freelancer can also be referred as a remote worker.

The fourth annual study (by Up work and freelancers union) estimates that 57.3 million Americans are freelancing (36 percent of the U.S. workforce) and contribute approximately $1.4 trillion annually to the economy, an increase of almost 30% since last year. At this growth rate, it is expected that the majority of the American workforce will be freelancing by 2027.

It’s not only the matter of US, people are diverting towards freelancing business from all over the world.

Let me reveal it to you that helps me grow my business financially,

  • If you are thinking to start your Freelancing career then you probably know that you have to deal with various clients and you have to create their persona, you have to send them invoices and also you have to keep your finances on the track. So doing all these manually can consume tons of your valuable time.
  • So, here I have got you something really helpful accounting software i.e. FreshBooks
  • FreshBooks can easily create invoices in less than 30 seconds and can manage your expenses on autopilot.
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While the Guide is about becoming a Freelancer, but I want to add here that millions of business owners also tend to find a freelancer on various platforms.

Like, Say I’m a blogger and I’m not finding enough time to write posts then I can hire freelancers to write at a very nominal cost of $5/post on fiverr.

So it is quite affordable too.

Being A freelancer( what Wikipedia is saying about Freelancer) you can have the flexibility of time and earnings, you can work from anywhere and yes of course.! you can choose your work according to your interest.

like if you are good at writing you can become a freelance writer and you can charge more than $100 per article, if you are good at design you can set your portfolio as a designer, you can be a virtual assistant, programmer and anything you have potential to be.

To be honest: As freelancing has become illustrative income source, instead of this it has some negative points also like the inconsistency of work, tons of competitors, not considered as a passive income source.

Well, the fact is,

“Barriers are the foundation of success”

In spite of these barriers, some freelancers are making $100k+ a year.

Being Freelancer is equal to freedom in life, travelling, and hanging out with familyClick To Tweet

Hence I can say there are tons of possibilities of being successful in this market.

Become a Freelancer

Well, Who does not want to have work which can give him/her perfect flexibility with extra income.

Most of the people are tend towards freelancing for part-time to pay their Bills and for extra expenses, and the rest are freelancing as their full-time income source.

Infograohic of freelancer work

It is much easier to become a freelancer, in fact, you only need to sign up as a freelancer to any of the website among freelancer, truelancer, up work, content mart, constant-content or Craigslist.

Before Signing up as a freelancer what you should do:

  • Set Your Goal: (Why are you here?): 

First of all, you have to decide why you are going to set yourself as a freelancer. It might be because of extra income for your dreams, or you are tired from 9-5 jobs or any other. And what are your Goals and expectations from Freelancing.

And now if you’ve found your why then proceed for How much? it is always good to set a monthly goal with respect to earning, that’s fair if you are working you must get paid. So set your goals.

  • What service can you offer:

The next thing is what you are going to offer like you are offering writing services, programming, social media manager, VA or designing.

For best practice, I recommend trying to figure out yourself in what skills you are good. And how much time you can reserve for these freelancing business per day.

  • Showcase your skills (Portfolio):

Now its time to reflect your skills before your clients. You can design your portfolio by showcasing your skills and past experience.

Try to maintain professionalism here. You can pick ideas from your competitors within Such platforms (so make a search for it).

  • Get paying clients:

Now move on the highway. Reach out to the clients. The more you reach out to the clients the more chances are there to get the contract.

For Beginners

If you are still struggling for, from where to start or if you are not finding yourself a good fit for anything, Don’t worry I’m documenting some of the most trending freelancing services for getting started easily.

Where to start as a Freelancer : Business Ideas

There are millions of freelancers offering hundreds of thousands of services on daily basis via various platforms. Just choose one and stick to that service and settle yourself as a brand. (Don’t forget to Check my secret of Freelance Services at the last).

Become a freelance writer:

 This is the most demanded freelance service all over the world.

Just because hiring freelance writers are cost-effective for companies. And they don’t have to accommodate writers in their offices hence they save a lot of money also.

 As the world is becoming more digital and visual the need of writers are exploded. You can be a content writer, copyright writer, book review writers, blog writer etc.

Social Media Manager:

Today almost every person is using social media.

As Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. Also with the rising of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest there are a lot of possibilities for gaining valuable customers.

To leverage the potential of social media every company trying to manage their official accounts on social media. So they used to hire some social media marketers for the growth of their social marketing.

Have a look at these Social Media Manager, that are doing great via offering their Freelance services

Become a Virtual Assistant:

The main task for VA is managing corporate calendar, email, customer support etc. Sometimes VA seems to coincide as Social Media Manager.

Apart from this, you can be a designer, programmer, translator just make a search for any skill you think of.

I think now you have finalised that what service you are going to offer, the next step comes to pitch clients for this purpose read below.

Join Marketplace

There are some marketplaces, where you can offer your services direct to your client having no mediators. Also one of the major benefits is, as your client have choices to pick any of your competitors, you also have choices to pick your client with no stress.

Isn’t it interesting?

Here I’m going to list some most recommended marketplace by freelancers.

  1. Freelancer: this website is considered to be the most popular among freelancers. With over
  2. Upwork: Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.
  3. ContentMart: Is the best suit for content writers
  4. Constant content: Is also the best place for writers but their editorial rules are strict. So the client also pays a good amount here.

Set your Freelancing Service Wages

So till now, I assume that you are all set about what you are going to offer to your prospects.

Now its time to let you know how much you should charge for your services so you can ask for the same without hesitation. (I recommend if you are new in the field then offer your services reasonably, so you can set yourself in the market)
To help you on the way here is an Infographic about hourly wages of Freelancers in the US created by FreshBooks.

FreshBooks is a number 1 accounting and BookKeeping software that takes away all accounting, expenses & billing hurdles, So you can focus on your business.

Let’s check out the data

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Over to you

Now I’m handing this over to you. I want to ask you what makes you convinced going for becoming a Freelancer?  And what service you are going to offer to your clients. Among the mentioned platform which platform you choose to be the best fit for you.

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Now it’s over to you, I would like to know How you find this guide resourceful, share your views in the comment section.

I will be happy to reply you

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