An honest comparison for the best LMS, MemberPress vs Teachable.

If you’re into or want to start selling courses online then you probably have heard of some LMS software available in the market such as Teachable, and MemberPress which can make your course selling business easier.

But if you don’t have prior experience with such software, how do they work, and searching for the best one then you’re at the right place.

In this article, we will going to compare two leading giants Teachable and MemberPress and will figure out which software provides the best bang for your bucks.

Not limited to these two, every software in the market that has easy to use interface, brief tutorials, top-notch support, and affordable pricing proved to be successful.

Hence we will compare Teachable and MemberPress also on the basis of user experience, support, and pricing.

So let’s get started,

MemberPress vs Teachable

Let’s have a brief overview of each aspect of MemberPress and Teachable.


Teachable is a dedicated course selling software that is built to sell courses online. This is fully-fledged Learning management software (LMS) that enables the coaches and instructors to host their lessons and workshops in various formats.

Meaning you can create courses in a form of videos, text documents, and audio recording, etc. If you want you can also connect your custom domain to your Teachable account that gives your courses a branding essence.

When it comes to selling courses online, MemberPress offers a lot more features including tools to create a membership site.

Basically, when you’re selling courses it means you’re acquiring new members and seriously you never want to lose them as you can offer them more courses or personal mentorship in near future and can earn more money from the same customer.

This is where MemberPress can help you by building a membership site where you can host your courses and members. Your members will have their accounts where they can access their purchased courses and can find more content that you offer only to your members.

Moreover creating MemberPress courses is far easier as it uses the WordPress CMS to create your curriculum and lessons. You can also customize your courses page and enable classroom mode.

User Experience:

With tons of great features (class scheduling and sales tracking) and a smoother user experience makes Teachable is a go-to software., You can easily integrate forms in order to collect feedback from your students. Or you can take surveys from different survey tools.

With lots of options, you can easily create a curriculum structure and create lessons inside the dashboard.

When it comes to user experience MemberPress takes a leap on Teachable as it uses WordPress CMS hence you can create courses using WordPress’s default editor.

Additionally, you can restrict your content and provide access to the user’s membership level which can be an extra income source.

Undoubtedly MemberPress has tons of features including custom rules that help you automate most of the tasks.


Teachable provides support for multiple members and instructors via email, it also provides live chat support but that comes with higher tier subscriptions.

MemberPress offers email support and also you can create your support tickets to get your concern resolved quickly. There is an option to hire a MemberPress expert that can help you and fulfill your needs.

Both the software has a comprehensive knowledge base that provides solutions to most of the queries.


Teachable plans start from $29/month and go up to $249/month. With the starter plan, you get everything you need to host your courses and manage them the only thing that may pinch you is the 5% transactional fees.

While paying the 5% fees you may never know that you may start paying $100+ per month.

With higher-tier plans, you get more admin seats, extra features, and no transactional fees.

MemberPress plans start from $149/ year, and this plan is more than enough if you’re considering Teachable at this point.

Let me tell you why in $149 you’ll get a license of MemberPress plugin itself along with courses Addon and 9 more different addon and integrations that make your life easier and smoother while running a Membership site.

You also get 1 year of full support from the MemberPress team.

The higher plans of MemberPress allow you to enable it on more than 1 site and with some cool extra features and addons.

Wrapping Up

Selling courses online has just picked up and increased exponentially. The COVID era has just fired the online learning trend.

If you’re into teaching people and offer workshops and classes then I highly recommend you offer your teaching in a professional way by using LMS software like Teachable or MemberPress.

From the above comparison, you’ll get to know that MemberPress is a feature-rich plugin to create membership sites and selling courses online. With nominal pricing you can create a membership site and create custom rules, and also membership levels to release your content to your members accordingly as they pay.

Teachable is also a good option but it is just to host your courses and members but you cant create custom rules, restricted content on membership level.

Also, you have to pay $29/month + 5% transactional fee which could go up to $300-$400 per year, which is way costlier than MemberPress which only costs you $149/year with lots of extra features.

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