Step By Step Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Money Making Guide)

If you are one of those who has ever searched for “Online money-making method” Affiliate Marketing is probably not the unheard term for you.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the top-notch money-making methods out there. Thousands of people are making millions every month with affiliate marketing business.

So to make it more brief and clear to you, I have compiled this Affiliate marketing tutorial under some steps as below. Additionally, I have added resources from where you can start your affiliate marketing business just after finishing this post. I’ve also added my secret money-making ways below in this tutorial.

Now let’s get into Affiliate Marketing step by step,

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing actually?
  2. Is Affiliate marketing is best among all the Online money-making methods?
  3. Can it make me money too and how much?
  4. How to start the game?
  5. What are the best programs to join?
  6. How to expertise in affiliate marketing?

Before starting the topic I just want you to stick with this till the end, you may have so many questions in your mind in between, but I’m sure in the last you will get all the answers. Along with you will find that affiliate marketing could be the best way to live your dream life.

Affiliate Marketing: rags to riches

1. What is Affiliate Marketing actually?

Have you ever experience in past days when a salesman comes to your home rings the doorbell, you come and he explains the feature of the product he carrying, to make you convince to purchase that product.

So, the same is Affiliate marketing.

With time, selling methods are also changing. In this internet era, almost every product is being selling / buying online. You have seen some of the industry giants like Wal-Mart, Amazon, eBay, and many others.

where the salesmen are? have a question…!!! Answer:

YOU.! Yes, you could be the salesman for those companies. But you have to promote those products online. Here you choose a product and promote it on your level and if somebody purchases that product from your specific link (to reach the product ) you will earn a piece of the profit. That called affiliate marketing. It is that simple..!

2. Is Affiliate marketing best among all the Online money-making methods?

YES.!!! undoubtedly. Because This method has much potential to earn more than you can think even if you are sleeping or on vacation.

Isn’t it lucrative…:P

In most business models, you will earn until you work. And if whenever you stop working gradually you will start losing the whole well-settled business.

But in Affiliate Marketing you will keep on earning that’s how because in this business model you are in the process of sharing the links and those links will live forever on the internet, whenever somebody purchases the product from your link you will get your profit.

That’s Make this business more interesting and the best.

3. Can it make me money too and how much?

Again my answer is YES.!! cheers.!

Yes, you also can make money from affiliate marketing.

But How much, depends on various factors like product choice, visitors, traffic source, the price of a product, etc.

You may wonder if I tell you there are a number of marketers making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. Most of them have achieved this within a short span of time and now they are able to live their dream life. Now see this poll result showing the yearly affiliate income of bloggers.

earning Affiliate marketing
[Image source: Finch sells]
Now set a goal for you that how much do you want to make per year.

Yes of course.! it is possible.

4. How to start Affiliate Marketing and get success?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing consist of a number of steps. Before diving into Affiliate Marketing you first need to decide what product you should promote and then how to partner with companies and the last how to promote those products.

  • Choose profitable products / Niche –

The definition of a profitable product is not you will get a big commission for each sale. Instead for me, the definition is a product that is searched by thousands of people every day.

There are certain types of products which remain in high demand every time.

For beginners, some most profitable Products/Niche I can Recommend are Finance and insurance, health and diet, advertising, travel niche products, etc.

  • Choose Affiliate Marketplace

 It is always best to join some affiliate programs (Marketplace) Because you can have plenty of choices to choose products.

But you may join any company individually also (if they offer) with the best niche products.

Some most popular and industry leaders are Rakuten marketing, amazon associates, Clickbank, Shareasale, Commission junction, JVzoo.

  • Promote the Product’s links

This is the most important step of your Affiliate Marketing business that how and where to promote those products.

My personal Tip: affiliate marketing is “Work in a way, that generates income while you sleep“.


The best practice is to start a blog and write some posts about your product, like features of the product, review, and comparison of the product. And try visitors to convince for the products.

  • You can start your blog with Bluehost in just 15 minutes or less with only $2.95 /mo.

I recommend starting a blog just because whatever you write will remain with your blog’s age. So, If you write today, this can generate sales next year also (if you don’t change the inks and posts).

  • You can also promote on social media and you can use direct advertising by AdWords or being Ads.

Affiliate Marketing: Extra Tips

To get success in Affiliate marketing there are several factors works which are mentioned above. But how to expertise in affiliate marketing for a long race depends upon your product and network choice.

5. What is the best Affiliate marketplace/network to join?

Rakuten Marketing, Clickbank, Shareasale, Commission junction, JVzoo are the Popular marketplace where you can find almost every kind of product, listed by thousands of Companies. Joining these marketplaces is hassle-free and also a safe way to start your Affiliate Marketing Journey.

Almost every marketplace gives you free access to the widest product range, choose your best product and start promoting.

6. How to expertise with Affiliate Marketing?

To be honest, there is not a secret code or theory for this. (my personal experience) You have to work hard for success as you would have to do in your real-life business. But trust me if you do it properly, you will start seeing results comparatively more fruitful than any other business.

Doing properly means Choose your niche wisely, observe the trends and find what people are looking for. For researching your product or the sustainability of the product you can use Google trends.

After this, you just need to join some marketplace, as marketplaces are the best resources to find profitable offers for related products.

  • At the time of joining any marketplace read about their terms and conditions of releasing your payment also what are their payment thresholds and how will you get paid?

Now you’ve joined some marketplace its time to promote your product

The best of the best promotional tool is to start a blog. It is not compulsory to have a blog for Affiliate Marketing but as I said above, the more your link will remain visible the more you will be in profit.

And your blog will stay for longer. Apart from this, you can run Ads for quick success. For running relevant Ads you must join Google Adwords or Bing ads as both services are provided by the most popular and trusted search engines.

So, the possibilities of good results can be expected.

Pro Tips:- Choose a money-making blogging Niche so you can find Affiliate programs easily.

you can use social media as the best and free resource to drive traffic to your product link. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular social channels where millions of people with different interests interact with each other. But you can have great results with Pinterest in comparison to FB and Twitter.

Over to You

So you have got to know about Affiliate marketing and resources.

I think you are going to take action for this. isn’t it?

I hope this guide helped you to get started with Affiliate marketing.

However, if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment section below. I would like to answer those questions. See you there.

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affiliate marketing for beginners

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