Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to make money online.

The real question that is searched over millions of time per day on Google is “How to Make Money Online

And Google also doesn’t let searcher down and does its work very perfectly by giving millions of answers in form of videos, articles, guides and tutorials from millions of websites featuring “make money online” content.

But the real problem is how to figure out the right path from that stuff to make some handsome amount online that can replace your 9-5 day job.

Let me outline these, If you are online for a while and have searched the same question on Google you might have got some basic idea that is

  1. Start your blog
  2. Start Promoting Clickbank Products
  3. Start doing Affiliate marketing (most successful and lucrative method to make money online even as a beginner)
  4. Open your E-store
  5. Sell on Amazon
  6. Sell your courses etc…

I don’t say these methods don’t work, in fact, except some odds all those methods are legit and you can make money through every single method.

But the magic starts with a right path that is also called by some online GURU’s as “Blueprint or Roadmap”.

first thing first,

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let’s get into it,

If you are familiar with my blog and have read my articles then you know that “I always emphasize on learning from experts and really this is the shortest method of success“.

In this article, you will come to know

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How to Start Affiliate marketing With ClickBank

Following Experts and being in their contact is the funda of online success I have found earlier in my blogging journey, but the thing is you can follow only but if you want to get into the circle you will have to take one step more than other newbies. That could be making them friends (which is really hard, as they might notice you or you might come in their radar).

  • Or you can take the shortcut to be visible in their notice board by taking some course or e-book from them, look if they are selling something.

Remember, I’m not suggesting you buy everything that is not of your interest. Look for the product whether it fits for you also or not, whether the product will benefit you in your blogging or not.

Only, if you find that the products are worthy, then go for the product. Hence you will be killing two birds from a single stone, you are getting a valuable product and some invaluable friends.

SO, the same I have purchased a Traffic Driving training course i.e.”Pinterest Traffic avalanche” worth of $197 from Alex and Lauren as I wanted to learn “how to drive bot loads of traffic from Pinterest” as well as I wanted to be in their private FB group so I can make more relationship.

Hence now I have both.

Don’t panic, this is not the course I have titled this post for.

I have titled this post for an Affiliate marketing course From ClickBank itself of under $50 only. The real price of the course is only $47 monthly (because I don’t want to keep you in suspense about the price of the course as traditional marketing tactics) Just because I just want to be clearer and straight forward to you.

(If I tell you about me, As a beginner blogger it was the hardest part of purchasing that Pinterest course is to manage the amount and invest in this course for my business)

But Through this course, I have learned a lot about the Pinterest algorithm, how to design pins that go viral and a lot more about Group boards and Tailwind Tribes. So all these combined made me drive traffic towards my blog.

So after applying the tactics from that course, You can see the results of my traffic (see the last week spikes of the traffic is a proof increased in traffic of my blog)

traffic stats of my blog clickbsnk affiliate marketing ecourse

And see the image of my earning of last day of last week of July (though it is negligible, it is the proof that you can also make money with Clickbank ) And today is the second August and till yesterday I was on vacation.

Affiliate marketing income proof-

traffic stats of my blog clickbsnk affiliate marketing ecourse

Know more About ClickBank University 2.0

Let’s talk about the ClickBank University 2.0 Affiliate Marketing course

The name of the Clickbank course is “Clickbank University 2.0 and it is run by Clickbank itself.

(Note for you:- Like other programs online this one is also having upsells of higher prices, but those are completely optional, and you will not be bounded to buy anything)

If you don’t Prefer to read my own thoughts for this course and want to see the video then click the image below


If you still don’t know What Clickbank is?

then I tell you Clickbank is the one of the most popular and amazing Marketplace to start affiliate Marketing where individual affiliate marketer and blogger choose some product and promote them to make commissions. (Many Affiliate marketers are making well over $10k/month)

  • But many of the affiliate marketers are making not more than a price of coffee per month.

So, What’s the main difference?

There Could be many answers. Have  a look at some of those

  1. Not choosing a right product.
  2. Don’t know what is trending and evergreen markets around the world.
  3. What are people looking for?
  4. Don’t know how to promote any product (because each product wants different strategies to gain sells)
  5. Stuck by not getting real results in a few days of starting affiliate marketing and at the end, they give up affiliate marketing.

So all these questions will be answered in Clickbank affiliate Marketing training Course that is “Clickbank University 2.0” as well as you will learn the advanced affiliate marketing that is to create your own product and selling them.

  • As a Beginner I know you might think why should I invest in learning about affiliate marketing when I can learn affiliate marketing on the internet for free. The same thought I was having when I was about to purchase “Pinterest traffic avalanche” Course.

Then What Made me Purchase that course

  1. Every search on Google landed me towards the articles and videos that have tons of repeated information about Pinterest with no fruitful end.
  2. Every article/video on the internet just showing me results with no exact blueprint or roadmap.
  3. If luckily any article guided me with some useful information and tactics then that article/video failed to guide me ‘how to apply those tactics to drive traffic to my blog”.
  4. Lastly, The awesome thing about the Free material is only “that the thing is FREE

Hidden Benefits of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing course that Even ClickBank Don’t reveal

Let say if you want to know what is going on in my life then, to whom you’ll approach to ? and who can give you the best answer ????


Yes, Either me (Myself) or someone who is close to me i.e. My Family members, or my friends.

Isn’t it ..!

The same rule applies here, if you want to know what is trending on Clickbank and what people are searching and how to make money with Clickbank then,

Who can give you the best answer ????

Yes, Clickbank Itself…!!!

Because you want to know more about Clickbank and how to find profitable products from Clickbank. Clickbank itself has the more precise Data, analytics and statistics about what is trending on Clickbank.

Know more About ClickBank University 2.0


And how affiliate marketer is making good commissions on Clickbank and what strategies they are using for promotion.

Additionally You don't require to have any website to promote affiliate marketing. You will learn how to make money with Clickbank without a website.Click To Tweet

Other Benefits Include

In Clickbank University 2.0 training program you will be able to figure out What products are trending and how and where to promote such products. That means a clear ROADMAP to get success on affiliate marketing.

And the best thing is you will also learn to create your own product based on market demand and how to become ClickBank vendor instead of affiliate where people will promote your products to gain commission from you.

Here is the weekly break down about what you will be learning through this course

  1. 8 Week Affiliate Classes + 4 week Training bonus as to become a vendor
  2. Biweekly Expert Classes
  3. CBU toolkit and Traffic Center (I believe only this feature is worth of what you pay for the entire course)
  4. Weekly Webinars (You can ask your questions from expert affiliate marketers)
  5. You will learn how to write compelling content that convince your readers to go for your recommendations.
  6. You will also get access to supportive Forum where like-minded affiliate marketers are ready to support you.

But If you want to sell your own product then Clickbank have put a great resource for you as a vendor in a form of this course.

That means in a single subscription fee you will get two benefits as you will learn how to lift your affiliate marketing game by promoting other’s product and the same time you will be learning how to launch your own product on Clickbank and make 1000s of dollars as a vendor.

Price and Plans

  • $47/monthly with some upsells (completely optional). That’s it…!

Yes, this thousand dollar worth course will charge you only $47 per month. But don’t worry you don’t have to pay this amount lifelong, as the course duration is 12 week (3 months) hence you will be paying $141 in 3 instalments.

Yes.! the program have some upsells also in which you will get some done for you page builders and sales pages, copywriting materials etc, but I suggest you that the training program is enough for you if you are getting started with affiliate marketing and want to learn from the scratch.

Know more About ClickBank University 2.0



What more should I tell you is not matters actually, but how you take action to turn your life for real success, is matters a lot.

I have invested 4 times more to learn only about driving traffic from Pinterest towards my blog and I have found success in that because I have followed the path explained by Alex and Lauren.Click To Tweet

So if you don’t have any blog set up already (if you then it is good) or you will feel shy on camera to promote the products on YouTube then Clickbank University 2.0 Course will teach you how to make money with Clickbank without a website or a blog.

Lastly, I can say only you can change your life with proper strategy and a clear roadmap and of course with your hard work and patience.

I also recommend you to watch the video and visit the page where you will get to know better about the course content.

As a Disclaimer, I must reveal that ClickBank University does not own or operate my blog and is not responsible for my contents. As you know It is owned by Faizan Ali your Blogging Coach 🙂 and an independent marketing affiliate. But I recommend Clickbank University 2.0 for bloggers and affiliate marketers to become 5, 6 or even 7 figure earner with proper strategies and right roadmap.

I use Clickbank to promote some products that are helpful to my readers.

Know more About ClickBank University 2.0


Lastly, If you want to start a blog then, I must recommend you to download the free copy of my Ebook “Blogging in A Right Way” by using any subscription Box on this page.

As a bonus, you will get 10 days of blogging training free through emails.

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