How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website | $500/month Examples

Creating an Affiliate Marketing website is one of the best ways to make money online. Because once you get traction and started receiving traffic then your affiliate website would transform into a money-making machine.

In this case, you only have to focus on generating more and more traffic to bring in more sales. Then the best option would be to join more affiliate programs to promote.

In this guide you will learn how to create an affiliate marketing website that brings in at least $500/month, it can be more but we aimed to generate at least $500/month.

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Let’s start step by step,

What is an affiliate marketing website?

The websites that promote other’s products and generate commissions by sending buyers to the merchant’s website/products are called affiliate websites.

Nowadays, creating affiliate marketing websites has got the attention of many affiliate marketers. Because there are two major factors

  1. The start-up cost and risk are very low (usually you can create a website under $100) in compare to start a traditional business that demands $10,000 to $100,000 investment.
  2. The potential profit is quite high.

And the good news is nowadays Creating such websites is a no-brainer, but to make money from these sites requires a lot of hard work and patience.

But if you have these two things then your site can easily achieve our threshold of  $500/month in 3-4 months.

A Roadmap to create an Affiliate Marketing Website

Creating an affiliate marketing website requires a number of steps. You can’t choose a random product and start writing articles in hope of getting sales.

Unfortunately, this old technique does not work nowadays because there is a number of affiliates promoting the same product that makes the competition very high. So how you will make money depends upon how you will present your product.

To make it easier to achieve our threshold of $500, here is a clear roadmap or you can say a blueprint for creating an affiliate niche site.

Creating an Affiliate Website that Makes $500/month

1 Brainstorming Ideas (Choose your Niche)

This would be the foundation of your affiliate website that what would be your niche. This includes what niche and category you would like to write upon, what product you would like to promote.

There are tons of niches you can start with but this is sure that you can not generate money from all those niches. Odds are there, but there is some proven profitable blogging niche you can write upon and promote relevant products blindly.

Find out your profitable niche check out this massive post about blogging niches

How to find relevant products

ClickBank is one of the best marketplaces to find profitable and trending products to promote. Promoting Clickbank products is one of the best methods to make money from Clickbank affiliate marketing websites.

Most Clickbank Merchants offer their affiliates a 75% commission on a single sale.

So, let you are promoting a product of $100 with 75% commission you will be making $75 per sale, so in this situation, you have to generate only 7 sales in a whole month. That’s it you will take home your $500 on that month.

2. What Problem your website will be going to solve?

It is a vital factor in your site’s success that how your site can be helpful to your readers and what problems your site and products will solve.

So, till now I assume that you might have selected your niche. To make it realistic I assume that your niche is going to be “Travelling Europe”.

Hence you can promote various products from air tickets to hotel booking coupons.

Now it’s time to think over the problems that normally arise when you yourself traveling somewhere. You may be searching for something cheap or something best of its category.

It may be about Cheap air tickets or best hotels, or the top 10 restaurants near a beach.

Affiliate mareting website bainstorming ideas
Image credit to Personal excellence blog

If still you are not getting the idea what to write upon and can’t brainstorming the problems I suggest you check out the 25 brainstorming techniques by Personal excellence blog.

I’m sure you will end with tons of great ideas about your niche and product.

3. Choose A domain name that is relevant to your niche + Web Hosting

If your niche is “Travel” then you should choose a domain name like “” or “”

Choosing a domain name that is relevant to your niche is not compulsory but if you choose a domain name like that it will give you three invaluable benefits that are

  1. Your site can rank high as Google will notice your site most relevant to the category.
  2. You will leave a great stamp on your reader’s mind also, as it is easy to remember the name which is relevant.
  3. It is great for branding an authority as well.

I highly suggest you build your affiliate marketing website on the self-hosted platform instead of going with a free blogger or platform.

Undoubtedly, it is preferred by Google and other search engines to give higher rank to self-hosted blogs and websites.

And I’m sure that you might have seen some results with “” or “” on the first page of Google.

So, if you are looking for web hosting then I highly recommend you to purchase a web hosting from Bluehost for as low as $2.95/month + you will get a free domain name with your web hosting plan. So, it’s a win-win situation.

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4. Content strategy

So, up to this step you are all set with your affiliate niche Website.

Now you have to fill your website with awesome content that solves your reader’s problems.

You have to write content to build authority and gaining the trust of your reader’s, so when you offer a product they can’t resist themselves to buy from you.

Content Strategy consists of various factors such as

  1. Your Content should be well optimized for keywords and SEO, so it begins ranking on Google.
  2. Well-written content, it means you should use data, charts, and results to make your content realistic and appealing.
  3. You must write a pillar content and 5-6 supportive content that link back to your pillar content.
  4. Pillar content should be 3k-5k words detailed lengthy where you can show your readers how your affiliate products are helping other people and how your product can be the best fit to resolve their problems.

Read here for more content marketing strategies from Niel Patel.

5. Promotional strategy

Till this step, I assume that you have created your affiliate marketing website and also you have written some content, now it’s time to bring readers and visitors to your site.

Bring traffic to your site is the most important aspect of your success in affiliate marketing. But if you opt for some great and proven strategies to promote your content then you can attract readers to your site.

The most lucrative ways to promote your content are

  1. Organic Traffic from the search engine– this is quite hard to get organic traffic but not impossible. By selecting high volume and low competition keywords and little SEO techniques you can hope to rank on Google.
  2. You can use a free keyword research tool Ubersuggest to research great keywords for your blog article.
  3. Social Media Undoubtedly, social media can boost your traffic and can send you thousands of page views monthly even when you are not ranking on Google. But you can not attract traffic by just posting, liking, and commenting. Social Media is all about proper strategy.
  4. Pinterest alone can send hundreds of thousands of page views monthly, but constant changes of the Pinterest algorithm can break your heart and discourage you to try Pinterest.
  5. But I assure you if you crack the Pinterest formula, you will be generating hundreds of affiliate sales monthly.
  6. If you are using social media to drive traffic I highly suggest you choose one or two platforms rather than going with all. Because you can not be the jack of all trade, as you have to write content you have to promote and you have to monetize your affiliate website alone unless you master one platform don’t go for all social media platforms.

6. Long-Term Strategy to make more Affiliate Income

You must have a long-term strategy to make more affiliate sales that result in more money.

Once you started making money from your affiliate website then you can try the following method to generate more affiliate income

  1. Create more affiliate niche websites.
  2. Drive extra traffic to your blog by building links.
  3. Write more content that increases engagement.
  4. Build your email list, so you can offer your subscribers more products.
  5. You can use these 6 SureFire ways to Double your Affiliate Income and Get more Affiliate Sales

7. Make Money like a Top affiliate Marketer without selling your soul

Do you know how top marketers making money in a short time period?

Let me tell you that, they usually purchase a prebuilt affiliate website where content, reviews, and tutorials are already written, products are already promoted, and affiliate links are already placed.

So their job is to only drive traffic to those sites. Hence they start making money in a short period.

If you don’t believe on this funda then check out here How Spencer has made $6,500 by purchasing an affiliate website for $2,100.

So, if Spencer can do it, you can also do it.

Just cut out all the above-mentioned steps and own a prebuilt affiliate marketing website.

Wrapping it up

So, if you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will be no far from making at least $500/month from your affiliate marketing website.

But, following all these steps will surely bring you success.

Making money online is a process of stress, pain, hard work, patience, and time.

Yes.! it is a process of trial and error method too. But if you want to make affiliate website from scratch then go and follow all the steps mentioned above.

Well, today I have a good resource for you that will create your website with pre-written content you only have to promote the website content.

Don’t worry the content are comply with GDPR rules and you will be promoting the content of popular products available in the market.

So, if you want to own a prebuilt Affiliate Marketing Website then I highly recommend you to check it out here

you can buy a highly converting prebuilt affiliate marketing website for under $40, 

This underground team of profiteers has developed a Software which
can build a done-for-you Website in under 5 Minutes.

Still curious go here and see yourself (it doesn’t cost you) 

It’s actually designed for complete beginners so don’t be daunted.

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These websites come with multiple niches like health and fitness, blogging, internet marketing, weight loss, and any niche you can think of.

Yes, you Can Make money from these websites also, in fact, you will save your time in writing content and formatting. Hence you can give extra time to promote that content.

Over to you

Do let me know how you find this money-making method with pre-built affiliate marketing websites in the comment section. I will be more than happy to reply to you.

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  1. Nice affiliate breakdown Faizan. Seems to me that promoting offers your readers dig, along with creating helpful content regularly helps boost passive sales persistently. Folks just give up or mail it in before making things easier on themselves. I get it; I panicked in the past too when stuff seemed to grow slowly but now I know making money gets easier if you have the right energy, creating and connecting regularly.


  2. Nice to see your comment, Michelle.
    Yes, this is the complete blueprint for creating a profitable affiliate marketing website and many have used this information and created their affiliate sites.

  3. Well, step by step organised post to understand the affiliate marketing concept. Do you think, is it ok to sell own products as well as promote affiliate products on the same site is a good idea?

  4. Yes, it is one of the best ideas to sell your own products with the affiliate ones.
    But I must suggest you keep a similarity with the products.
    I’m sure that you don’t want to sell handmade gift boxes and gym equipment on the same site.

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